Purefit Keto Review: Does It Really Work?

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Purefit Keto is touted as a revolutionary weight loss system that can help you enter ketosis faster. Although that sounds really amazing, the real question is, does this supplement actually work as marketed?

In this article, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the supplement, evaluating its active ingredients, reviewing any available clinical studies and gathering reviews from verified users so we can establish the truths behind this diet supplement.

Ready? Let’s get in straight away!

What Is Purefit Keto?

People looking to drop some extra pounds are daily looking to a ketogenic diet to facilitate their weight loss journey. The truth is, many people find following such a restrictive diet hard, so they are continually looking out for supplements to make things easier. Purefit Keto is regarded as a diet supplement that helps dieters a faster way to attain ketosis.

Purefit Keto is touted as a unique and proprietary formula that can help anyone lose a pound of fat daily. Is this claim true? Nope. It isn’t. Losing a pound of fat per day is near impossible, and even if it were, it isn’t healthy.

How Did Purefit Keto Start?

Purefit Keto’s emergence is shrouded in secrecy. The company doesn’t reveal how it started or state if it is affiliated with other products. However, according to a Better Business Bureau investigation, it is possible that it originated in North Central Texas.

Purefit Keto Claims

The manufacturers of this product make some audacious claims, some of which include:

  • Ability to induce a state of ketosis
  • Improved brain health
  • Quick gains from exercise
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Losing 20 pounds or more a month

Was Purefit Keto on Shark Tank?

Contrary to Purefit Keto’s website and social media pages claim that the diet supplement was featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, this product was never featured on Shark Tank. The information is false and misleading. And to be frank, that’s one huge red flag.

What did the Better Business Bureau uncover?

Purefit Keto first appeared on the Better Business Bureau’s radar when they falsely claimed they were featured on Shark Tank. The BBB report states that Purefit Keto never appeared on Shark Tank and isn’t endorsed or recommended by any Shark Tank judge.

The report also expresses concern over claims made by the company regarding the safety, ingredients, and effectiveness of this product. Purefit Keto received a Better Business Bureau rating of F, the lowest possible rating.

The report also shows concern over other big claims made by the company regarding the safety of the product, its ingredients, and its effectiveness. In fact, Purefit Keto got a Better Business Bureau rating of F, that’s the lowest possible rating.

Purefit Keto Review: Key Ingredients

One of the proven ways to evaluate the effectiveness and risk of side effects of diet pills on the market is by reviewing the ingredients that make up the supplement. Sadly, in the case of Purefit Keto, there’s no complete list of its ingredients available for review.

Although the product’s packaging lists a few ingredients, it doesn’t specify how many of those ingredients are present in the formula, this makes it hard to evaluate its effectiveness or otherwise.

The following ingredients are the only ones listed on the label:

  • BHB
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Rice Flour
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Gelatin

Now, let’s take a look at each:


BHB is naturally produced in the human body and is common among dietary supplements which help to boost muscle gains, according to Sports Medicine.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is a popularly used filler in the pharmaceutical industry. Magnesium stearate does not in any way have an impact on the effectiveness of Purefit Keto.

Rice Flour

While rice flour contains healthy amounts of protein when integrated into a balanced diet. However, it only serves as a filler in Purefit Keto pills.

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide is used by pharmaceutical companies as an anti-caking agent to stop the ingredients in a pill from sticking together.


Purefit Keto capsules are made from gelatin.

And that is it. Nothing is inspiring or reassuring about the effectiveness of Purefit Keto for weight loss.

Does Purefit Keto Work?

From the available information about the product and its ingredients, there is zero evidence to suggest that this is an effective weight loss supplement.

Benefits and Results

If you visit the website, you will find several before and after pictures of success stories of people this product has helped to lose weight. The truth, however, is that these photos are similar to the ones used by other products.

A little digging reveals that the same photos were used by many other companies, including Keto X Factor. I think this tells you what you need to know about the credibility of these supposed before and after photos.

Details on Purefit Keto and Weight Loss

When the body runs out of glucose for energy, it enters what is known as a state of ketosis. A body in ketosis burns fat for energy. Keto diets severely limit the number of carbs you consume, forcing your body into a state of ketosis.

Keto diets have many benefits. While in ketosis, your body will preserve muscle mass while burning fat.

A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that low-carbohydrate diets could reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the body, enhance insulin resistance, and lower triglyceride levels.

What’s the deal with Purefit Keto? The diet supplement promises to activate your body into ketosis immediately, helping you lose 20 pounds of fat or more monthly. Sounds good, right? You bet! But the truth is, there is no magic pill to enter ketosis and the weight loss result promised by Purefit Keto isn’t realistic.

Ketosis can be achieved by consuming less than 50 grams of carbs daily, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. If you go above that amount after entering into a state of ketosis, your body will revert to using the glucose for energy, which means you will need to start all over again. This is why many people struggle to follow through with a keto diet program.

How to Take Purefit Keto

You are required to take 2 capsules daily and consume less than 50 grams of carbs plus moderate exercise.

How Much Does Purefit Keto Cost?

The diet supplement costs $49.99 per bottle. They are advertised as 800 mg Purefit Keto pills. It is important to note that many verified users of the supplement claimed they got 400 mg pills after paying for the 800 mg pills.

Potential Purefit Keto Side Effects

Most ingredients in the supplement are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, so there is little chance of side effects. It also needs to be said that the makers of Purefit Keto do not provide a definitive list of ingredients.

A lot of the ingredients found in the supplement are popular within the pharmaceutical industry, so there’s little chance of severe side effects. It is however important to note that the manufacturers of Purefit Keto don’t provide a comprehensive list of the ingredients contained in the supplement. So, it is actually hard to comment on the type of side effects you can expect since the ingredients are shrouded in secrecy. This is another reason to exercise caution.

Pros and Cons


  • Sadly, there is Zero positive verifiable thing to say about this supplement since we cannot evaluate its ingredients.


  • Incomplete ingredient list
  • False claims
  • False claims about appearance on TV
  • Fake before and after photos
  • Bought/Fake reviews
  • Zero scientific evidence to support claims
  • Costly supplement
  • Under investigated for fraud by the Better Business Bureau
  • No return policy
  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews

Purefit Keto Reviews: What Are Users Saying about this supplement?

Apart from some of the fake positive Purefit Keto reviews out there, the majority of the feedback from verified users are negative. People who have truly used the supplement claim that the supplement didn’t help them lose weight. Now, if a lot of verified users are saying this about a product, what does that tell you about its nature?

Below are a few review verified reviews:

Bottom Line

There are many red flags about Purefit Keto: ranging from false claims, fake before and after photos, and incomplete ingredients list to a lack of evidence of its supposed effectiveness for weight loss. Don’t waste your money on this supplement. This is NOT a product we recommend for weight loss.

Is There An Effective and Safe Alternative Out There?

Yes, there is. Although the weight loss market is flooded by many fake and ineffective products, there are a few that have been proven to help with weight loss.

One of the most effective diet pills on the market today is PhenQ. This diet supplement is a blend of natural ingredients that are clinically backed to be safe and effective for weight loss.

This supplement contains ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper, Vitamin B12, and Green Coffee. These ingredients combine together to make PhenGold work as a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner.

With PhenQ, you can lose weight without following a strict and complicated diet plan as is the case with keto diets. PhenQ boosts your metabolism and helps you control your cravings so you can consume fewer calories and attain your weight loss goal fast.

Why Should You Consider PhenQ Diet Supplement?

It is made with 100% natural ingredients and has no side effects.

The ingredients have been tested and clinically backed to be effective for weight loss.

Works as a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner

PhenQ comes with a solid No-questions asked money-back guarantee

There are verified users who have lost weight with the help of PhenQ

You enjoy a huge discount on bigger packages