14 Weight Loss Tips That Work Fast

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There are a lot of tips about slimming down out there, but the sad truth is that many of them simply don’t work, and that is because the weight-loss industry is full of garbage and BS that won’t help you reach your goals.

Here are some research-backed, proven, and effective weight loss tips to help you drop those extra pounds.

Effective Weight Loss Tips to Burn Excess Body Fat

1. Include more protein in your diet

Protein has been shown to be effective in triggering the body to burn between 80 to 100 more calories in the space of 24 hours, and the people used in the test ate up to 441 fewer calories daily because protein has a high satiation level. (1)

It was also discovered that people experience 60% fewer obsessive craving about food, and the desire for late-night snacking drops by half when 25% of calories get taken from protein sources. (2)

2. Eat more vegetables, fruits and fiber

Research shows that people who consume more fruits and vegetables run lighter. (3)

This is because these foods are low in calories and rich in fiber, containing the essential nutrients you need to enjoy good health. Consuming plenty fiber, especially viscous fiber helps with the feeling of fullness, which controls your appetite thereby helping you lose weight in the long-term. (4)

3. Drink plenty water

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated helps with weight loss.

In a recent study, dieters who drank 17 ounces of water about 30 minutes before their meals consume fewer calories and lost up to 44% weight on average. (5)

After about 1 hour of drinking water, metabolic rates increase from 24% to 30% which helps you burn more calories. (6)

4. Slow down on chewing

Chewing slowly has been shown to be helpful in controlling the number of calories you consume while stimulating the production of hormones associated with weight loss. (7)

5. Cut refined carb consumption

This includes sugar and grains such as white flour that has lost fiber and other nutritious parts of the food during processing.

Why should you stay away from refined carbs? Because they spike blood sugar, increasing cravings which ultimately makes you overeat. The continual consumption of refined carbs raises the risk of obesity. (8)

6. Reduce added sugar and avoid sweet drinks

A lot of people struggling with weight loss eat too much sugar and fructose, which is linked with obesity and other chronic modern diseases. (9)

Research shows drinking liquid sugar is worse because the body doesn’t see liquid calories the same way it does solid food, which increases the overall amount of calories consumed. (10)

7. Lift weights

Lifting weight is an effective way to prevent muscle mass loss as you are knocking off the pounds. In addition, weight training helps to boost your metabolism, making you burn more calories. (11)

In all, weight lifting helps you maintain a lean and firm body frame.

8. Aerobic Exercises

This is another proven way to lose weight fast. Regular cardio workouts while slimming down boost brain function and mood as well as helping you burn more calories. It is also a good way to target belly fat which is one of the most difficult places to get rid of fat. (12)

9. Get plenty of sleep

A lot of people deny themselves sleep because they are trying to act like super-humans. However, short sleep duration and poor quality sleep are two of the strongest risk factors for obesity.

Adults who don’t get sufficient sleep are 55% more likely to become obese, and it is worse among sleep-deprived children at 89%. (13)

10. Watch the portions

Eating less food will help you lose weight. (14)

However, it depends on how you go about it. What you should pay close attention to is the calorie content of the foods you eat.

11. Low-carb diet

It has been shown that cutting the amount of carbohydrates you consume is more effective for weight loss than low-calorie diets, as well as leading to the improvement of other important health markers. (15)

12. Supplement with Diet Pills

One of the proven and effective ways to burn fat and lose weight fast is using diet pills. They are known to help with boosting metabolic rates in the body, improving mood and aiding fat burning process. However, it is important to choose diet pills made with natural ingredients with no adverse side effects.

13. Eat spicy foods

The capsaicin found in foods like cayenne pepper (which is a common ingredient found in many top fat burners and appetite suppressants) has been shown to help with appetite suppression and boosts metabolism to help you burn more calories.

14. Drink coffee and/or green tea

Another proven way to boost metabolism is taking caffeine. Drinking coffee or green tea can help you lose weight.

You should focus more on black coffee for optimum results. Although green tea doesn’t have as much as caffeine as coffee, but the catechins in green tea are known to work in a synergistic manner with the caffeine to rev up metabolism and burn more fat. (16)