10 Quick Ways to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

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Giving birth is one of the best thing that can happen to a couple (especially the woman). After your baby is born, you may still have a round protruding midsection that looks as if you are 6 months pregnant. It is time you regain that bikini-flat tummy shape you once had.

Here are 10 ways to lose belly fat after pregnancy:


1.   Keep it simple and slow

You just gave birth, now is not the time to push yourself too hard. There are many tummy workout out there that calls for rigorous exercise and cardio workout that you shouldn’t participate in. They will cause more harm than good. Start with the basics (pelvic tilts and abscontractions). Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Slowly squeeze and tilt your pelvic towards your head. Repeat this process several times in a day and try not to push yourself too hard. The aim is to lose belly fat not build muscle.


2.   Lose some calories

You probably gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, now will be the best time to lose some of it. Sticking to a low calorie diet plan can help you lose belly fat after pregnancy. Wait for at least 6 weeks before cutting down calories especially during breastfeeding. After pregnancy, you need between 1,600 to 2,400 calories a day to maintain a great healthy weight.With that in mind, you need to lose at least one pound a week (500 calories a day)so as to lose the extra calories causing belly fat. Try to calculate your body weight in relation to your calorie intake. Extreme weight lose can put your body in starvation mode and cause you to produce little or no milk for breastfeeding.


3.   Try out ball crunches

An exercise ball is a great tool for belly exercise. With ball crunches, you have the option to control movement and balance unlike other types of regular crunches. In case crunches are not your thing, you can try out some Pilates and yoga session both of which helps to lose belly fat after pregnancy.


4.   Cardio work-outs

Burn belly fat with cardio workout on the treadmill or with no equipment at all. Do the speed burst on a normal pace and gradually increase the duration and speed. During your exercise, if you run out of energy, you can replace the sprints with a peppy space.


5.   Breastfeeding

Research has shown that breastfeeding helps burn calories and fat. You burn calories to produce milk so women who nurse their baby is likely to lose belly fat than women who don’t. Breast-feeding also triggers contraction in the belly making it a good work out.


6.   Drink water and lose fat

Water is one of the abundant substances in our body, making up 67% of our total body mass. Water helps your liver to metabolize body fat. The more water in your body the more efficient your muscle will work. Water acts as an anabolic factor in your muscle. Drink water (at least 7 glasses) per day for better digestion and metabolic energy.


7.   Eat right

Say no to fat diets and sodas. Fill your meal plan with foods rich in nutrients and lean protein, vegetable and low fat dairy products. Try to spread your eating pattern during the day. Eating small frequent meals will help stabilize your blood sugar level. Do not forget your juice. All the vitamin C you need for a day is in a glass of fresh orange juice. When you crave for soda and sport drinks, substitute that with a glass of fresh orange juice.


8.   Rest, rest and rest

According to SheahRarback (M. D., University of Miami School of Medicine), ‘Getting enough quality sleep has been proven to reduce belly weight fast because you are not binge on high calorie and sugar for energy’. Frequent nap during the day reduces the chance of poor quality sleep or long term sleep deficit.


9.   Join an Exercise club

Motivation is a great way to achieve your goal. Losing belly fat after pregnancy is a goal and joining an exercise club will help you achieve that. Seeing other people with the same goal will keep the challenge stiff and intention to succeed high.


10.   Eat healthy snacks

Snacks filled with milk and yogurt can benefit the body by blocking the hormone that permits the body to store fat. Eat high fiber snacks or whole-wheat crackers topped with veggies. This can aid digestion.


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