17 Effective Tips to Help You Deal with Morning Sickness

17 Effective Tips to Help You Deal with Morning Sickness

Morning sickness (also called Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy NVP) occurs due to increased estrogen level in the body. Nausea can be mild in some cases and severe in other cases. Symptoms of severe cases include dehydration, high blood pH or a low level of potassium in the blood. Though Nausea and vomiting are the first signs of morning sickness, poor management can increase the chance of it becoming severe.


In this article, you will learn 17 effective tips to help you deal with morning sickness


1.   Skip Morning Chores: The thought of work in the morning can compound Whenever you feel nausea in the morning, it is recommended that you take a sick day and give yourself a break from house chores. It helps a lot.


2.   Sniff a Fresh Fruit: Research has shown that sniffing fresh fruit enables your brain to relax. Morning sickness is mostly smell induced. According to Miriam Erick (Author of Managing Morning Sickness: A Survival Guide for Pregnant Women), ugly smells will make you nauseous but sniffing fresh scent is a quick remedy for morning sickness.


3.   Speak up: You are not alone. Research has shown that more than 59% of Americans experience morning sickness. Speak up. Being vocal about your situation might help alleviate it effectively. Talking to a friend or an elderly person will help you deal with morning sickness. As the popular saying goes, ‘a problem shared is half solved’.


4.  Drink Water: Taking at least 7-8 glass of water daily is a quick remedy for morning sickness. It is important you take a glass of water first thing in the morning. The more dehydrated you are, the more nauseated you will become. You’d be doing yourself a lot of good if you diligently practice this.


5.   Clear Your Thought: You may think that running your mind will distract you from morning sickness but having an un-relaxed mind can make you sick. You need to be calm and relaxed.


6.   Watch out for Eye Strainers: Is the font size of your computer tiny? Why not make the font size bigger and dim the brightness of the screen to reduce eye strain. If you work on the computer regularly, you should take an occasional break to relieve your eye.


7.   Get a Good Night Sleep: You need at least 7 hours of sleep during the night. Anything shorter than that can cause morning sickness. The quality of your sleep affects your body in the morning. Adjust your room temperature and reduce the brightness of light in the bedroom to get a good sleep.


8.   Distract Yourself: Nausea might not be easy to ignore, but find something to distract yourself from the feeling. A little jogging around the neighborhood can make a huge difference. Make sure you talk to your doctor before embarking on any form of morning exercise.


9.   Take Your Vitamins: Vitamins increase your body metabolism. Take a fresh orange juice in the morning. According to Dr. Robert Atlas (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mercy Medical Center), the combination of Vitamin B and quality sleep has been proven to alleviate morning sickness.


10.   Consider Visiting a Doctor: Most times, what you regard as morning sickness could be something serious. Endeavor to visit your doctor for test and check-up if the symptoms of morning sickness become Signs such as irregular vomiting, dark urine, frequently feeling dizzy, or vomiting blood are symptoms of severe morning sickness.


11.   Meds: Prescription such as Reglan may also bring relief. It is important that you don’t allow morning sickness become severe before taking medications. Frequent vomiting, dehydration, and calorie deprivation are unhealthy for you. Before taking any medication, you should check with your doctor.


12.   Eat Small Portion at Regular Intervals: When the stomach acid cannot find anything to feed on, it will resort to your stomach linen. Keeping your stomach a little bit full during the day and in the night is one of the best defenses against morning sickness. Be careful not to eat too much as this can rupture your digestive system.


13.   Eat the Right Foods: Fatty and spicy foods may upset your stomach. Foods like cereal, carb-rich snacks, pretzels, and vegetables have helped many people through morning sickness. Be sure you have a healthy feeding timetable. Eat the right foods at the right time.


14.   Track Your Nausea: At what time do you get nauseated? Most times, morning sickness can be monitored. Once you have identified sickness triggers, you can take the necessary steps to avoid them.


15.   Eat Plain Biscuit: Many women find that eating biscuit or crackers in the morning before getting up helps to prevent morning sickness. This is due to the glucose level in the snacks.


16.   Try ginger: Ginger is a stomach soother. Adding a slice of ginger to hot water or tea before drinking it helps deal with morning sickness. Ginger helps with the queasiness. You can get ginger supplement from a reputable source if you can’t find raw ginger.


17.   Massage: Applying pressure to certain parts of the body can help prevent morning sickness. You can try Acupressure by wearing a special brand band on the forearm in the morning.



Morning sickness is a common phenomenon among pregnant women. Many find it unpleasant as it hinders them from functioning at an optimal level. If you implement the tips outlined in this article, you can effectively deal with morning sickness and live a healthier and happier life. If you are experiencing serious complications, consult your doctor for better diagnose and prescription.

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