20 easy to digest foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

easy to digest foods

If you are having issues with metabolism, then it’s best to embrace these 20 easy to digest foods as they will make things easier for you when it comes to breaking down food components. The digestive system is very important for one’s health and total well-being, therefore it is necessary to eat foods that will not damage or impair it. Foods that digest easily are stomach friendly. They rarely cause constipation and are readily absorbed after digestion. If you are battling with digestive problems like constipation, gas, diarrhea or bloating, you need to start eating foods that will digest easily and not compound your already existing health issues.


The following are easy to digest foods

The are suitable for those who have problems with food digestion and slow metabolism:


1.  Rice: Rice is a common carbohydrate with two common varieties: brown and white rice. Though brown rice is more nutritious, it digests slower than the regular white rice. The hotter the rice taken, the more digestible it is. Once your rice cools down, the starch becomes difficult to digest as they are transformed to resistant starch.


2.   Lean meat: Lean meats are high-protein foods, they keeps you full for long hours. They include chicken and turkey and are easy on the stomach. Lean meats without skin digest more readily than those with skin, therefore remove skin from lean meat if you want to experience fast and easy digestion. Avoid deep fried meats as they may upset your stomach or complicate digestion. Make sure to cook your meat properly, to reduce the chances of foodborne bacteria which may lead to vomiting and diarrhoea.


3.   Egg white: Eggs are very nutritious, no doubt. Packed with quality protein and various vitamins, they are definitely good for the body. One large boiled egg contains about 5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. While most of the nutrients are contained in the yolk, egg white contains more of the available protein. Egg white digests easily and is usually recommended for those with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), having symptoms like constipation, gas and blotting.


4.   Ripe bananas: Bananas are nutritious and contain starch or sugar as carbohydrates, depending on how ripe they are. The ripe ones contain starch which is less resistant to digestion unlike the green, unripe ones. This is because the starch in bananas breaks down to simple sugars as they ripen. The starch in ripe bananas is very little compared to that in unripe ones. Pectin in bananas break down as they ripen, making ripe bananas more digestible.


5.    Boiled potatoes: Potatoes are carbohydrate, mostly made up of starch and beneficial nutrients. The raw ones have a high concentration of resistant starch. When cooked, the starch becomes less resistant to digestion. Baked, smoked or fried potatoes still contain a good amount of this resistant starch while the boiled ones have little resistant starch and are generally more digestible.


6.   Yogurt: Yogurt is a probiotic rich food. Probiotics are bacteria friendly and great for good digestion. Yogurt may prevent the occurrence of antibiotic-related diarrhoea (mostly in children)and may clear up symptoms of IBS. Individuals who are lactose intolerant can take yogurt in moderate amounts without experiencing stomach upset. Make sure to check if your yogurt has active and live-cultures as such types are easy to digest.


7.   Quick oatmeal: Quick or instant oats are more refined than rolled oats. They are quick to cook and easy to digest. When oats are processed into thin flakes (by rolling them), their starch is broken down, making it more accessible for digestion. Studies have confirmed that thin rolled oats digest more than the thick rolled ones. Go for gluten free oats if you are gluten sensitive.


8.    Lean fish: They are essentially made up of quality protein, no carb and negligible fat. Haddock, cod and tilapia are common examples of lean fish. Animal proteins are easier to digest than plant proteins therefore lean meat protein does not pose digestion problems.


9.   Gelatin: This contains no fat, carbs or oil. It is stomach-friendly. Gelatin slides easily through the stomach and soothes it in the process. It is easily digested and usually recommended by doctors for sick patients.


10.   Saltine crackers: Filled with potassium, this simple carb soothes the stomach and digests easily. The potassium contained in it is good for the body therefore crackers is health friendly.


11.   Toast with butter: Toast is made up of simple carbohydrates good for the stomach and is easily digested when taken in. If combined with low fat butter or margarine it becomes even easier to digest.



12.   Nuts: Nuts contain many omega 3 fatty acids and natural oils. As a result of these essential substances, they boost the digestive system and also provide the body with appropriate nutrients.


13.   Apple sauce: When eaten as whole fruit, apple takes time to digest. This is because of its high fibre content. However, when turned to sauce it becomes easier to digest.


14.   Sauerkraut: As a fermented cabbage, this food is easy to digest. It also provides the stomach with suitable environment for the growth of good bacteria which helps digestion.


15.   Avocado: Avocados are not only delicious but healthy. They are loaded with vitamins and good fats which help digestion. When mashed up, they are easier to digest than whole ones.


16.   Vegetables: Though raw vegetables may not digest easily, cooked ones are definitely fine. However some vegetables like carrot, green beans, spinach, beet and asparagus digest better than other fruits.


17.   Fruits: Fruits keep you hydrated and aid digestion. Examples of fruits that are easy to digest include melon, apricots, mangoes, cranberries, peaches, etc. They are packed with enzymes that boost digestion.


18.   Crab meat: It is appreciated all over the world for its soft and delicate taste. They must be cooked immediately after capture to retain the fresh taste. Apart from its savor, crab meat is ranked among the easiest foods to digest.


19.   Soya bean: It is made up of vegetable fat that is very essential for the body’s metabolism. It is easy to digest especially when turned into a drink. Soya bean is a favorite for most vegetarians.


20.   Oyster: Oyster is one of the most delicious seafood packed with easily digestible protein. Though very beneficial to health, it contains high percentage of natrium. As a result it is not recommended for people suffering from certain medical conditions like hypertension.


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