There are innumerable ways to eat healthy, and perhaps the most important thing to recognize about nutrition, a vital health priority for sustenance is that no one diet works best.

What works in the long run is to find a style of healthy eating that gives your body what it needs and keep you satisfied without feeling like you’re sacrificing too many things you like.

It can take time, and sometimes it involves blending aspects of different diet plans – but it’s the most sustainable way to do it.

Along the way to figuring out the diet that works for you, you’ll undoubtedly come across some myths about food. These can influence you and sometimes keep you away from healthy and delicious additions to your nutritional plan. So we’re devoting this piece to dispelling a few of those myths.

1. Egg Yolks Raise Your Cholesterol

]3 Food Myths To Dispel For Your Diet 1 food myth 300x213 1 When you hear about healthy recipes that incorporate eggs, it’s usually just egg whites. That’s because the yolk is known to be high in dietary cholesterol, and that’s a word that scares a lot of us off. However, while it’s true that egg yolks have cholesterol, it’s not necessarily true that they raise cholesterol in the sense we think of. The main culprit in raising LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) is usually a high content of saturated fats. And egg yolks, while containing their own dietary cholesterol, are actually low in saturated fats, meaning there’s not much risk of unhealthy side effects. You can safely eat eggs as sources of protein and delicious additions to your diet, so long as you don’t go nuts.

  2.  Fruit Is Silly

3 Food Myths To Dispel For Your Diet 2 fruit bowl

This is a myth you don’t necessarily hear about, but something you may have in your mind, even if it’s somewhat subconsciously. You can thank numerous factors for the perception. One is that we tend to give fruit to children as an alternative to less healthy desserts. Another is that fruit is used as flavoring in juices and syrups that all feel like sweets. One more may even be that fruit has long been a (somewhat random) theme in video games and slot reels. Even now the online game Fruit Bonanza, a popular internet slot, introduces itself by referencing a nostalgic fruit-based theme, speaking to the idea that fruity games have been around for decades. Add it all up and some of us feel at least in the back of our minds, that fruit isn’t a particularly serious type of food. The reality is that fruits are some of the most nutrient-rich and efficiently healthy foods in existence.

  3.   Celery Has Negative Calories

3 Food Myths To Dispel For Your Diet 3 Celery

The idea of negative calorie food is a trendy one, and something that people talk about sometimes in diet forums or with friends. What you have to do is approach this based on your health priority and the goals you wish to achieve. Basically it suggests that certain foods are both low in calories and difficult to digest, such that the body actually burns more calories during the digestive process than it takes in from the actual food. Celery is the main food that tends to come up, because a single stalk can contain as few as 10 total calories. However, it only takes a little more than one half of a calorie’s worth of energy to digest a stalk, so even celery isn’t calorie-negative. That said, it’s still a perfectly healthy vegetable and a nice low-calorie snack that can fill you up between meals.

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