6 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

6 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Fast
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If you are looking for a proven way to lose weight fast, this is the answer to your question.

While going through tons of articles, you might have heard that for you to lose weight fast, you need to cut down on the carbs and engage in various exercises daily. The real fact is that when it comes to losing weight, it all boils down to ‘calories’- how many you eat versus how many you burn at a particular time. This is known as the all-time calorie balance equation.

1 pound of fat contains an approximate of 3, 500 calories, so to burn like 1 pounds, you need to eat not more than 3,000 calories.

For example, Linda weighs 200 pounds and desperately wants to lose weight fast. If Linda burns 2, 500 calories per day and consumes a food of 2,000 calories a day, she would have created a 500 calorie discrepancy (i.e., 2,500 calories expelled minus 2,000 calories consumed).  After 7 days, Linda would have a shortage of 3,500 calories meaning she burns 1 pound of fat in a week.

For you to lose weight, you must create a sustainable large amount of calorie shortage. This allows you to lose fat instead of muscle thereby keeping your energy and metabolism in check.

So you might be asking, how much of meal and what types of food should you eat? You are about to find out.


1.   Get 7-9 hours rest every night

Sleep is, for a lack of word, the laziest way to lose weight fast. Contrary to popular assumption, the more QUALITY sleep you have, the easier it is for you to control your hunger and the more energy you conserve to exercise. The absence of sleep can have quite a number of negative effect on you such as; muscle loss, weight gain, cravings, and poor body metabolism.


2.   Plan your food intake into your journal or an app:

Track your eating habit using some of these cool apps online or better still, use the good old way-journal. This little activity can be an eye opener for you. You will be able to calculate your calorie consumption. With proper management, you can control your weight and also lose weight fast.

Once you have an idea as to the quantity of calorie you eat per day, you can then create a calorie deficit. The best practice is to multiply your weight by 10 the subtract 200 calories from the target figure. Here is How to calculate your calorie burn.


3.   Replace canned, processed food with whole food

One of the major cause of Obesity is the high consumption of processed foods. Foods like packaged cereal, donuts, fries to name a few, contains a lot of calories without even filling you up. Eating all these foods won’t quench the hunger still. Replace all processed foods with natural, whole foods like fish, lettuce, yams, and apples.  Eating natural, whole food will stabilize your energy level and help you maintain the calorie deficit. For every meal you take, try to include protein in it. A high protein meal helps you lose weight fast. Lean protein sources will help you quench hunger more, and you will still lose weight.


4.   Drink your water and don’t stop

Drinking at least 8-12 cups of water per day is highly recommended if you want to lose weight. Water keeps your body hydrated and helps upsurge satiety. For the best result, try to drink a cup of water few minutes before eating.


5.   Stick to a nutrition plan

You’ve calculated your calorie and compare it with your body weight, now it’s time to create a nutritional plan suitable for it and stick to it. When creating a nutritional plan, keep your goal in focus; eating foods that will help your body without adding too many calories to it.


6.   Be patient, it takes a while

You can’t lose weight overnight. It takes time. The truth is that losing weight is a gradual process. Though you can lose 10 pounds in a day by dehydrating yourself but that is just losing water weight. On an optimistic note, you can lose 2% of your body weight per week simply following this process

So here you have them, 6 lazy ways to lose weight fast without rigorous exercises and work out routines.



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