7 Recreational Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

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One of the easiest and most effective ways you can lose weight fast and easy is through fun. You doubt that? Then you have  to read on as we show you how to lose weight through recreation.

This article shows you how to lose weight in a fun way, doing the things you enjoy. Isn’t that great? Losing weight shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be as easy as eating your favorite cookie. This guide shows you proven tips solely based on scientific research that will help you lose weight while having fun.


So these are 7 recreational ways to lose weight fast and easy


1.   What is your passion?


It is important that you find a passion or hobby you enjoy. Is it playing soccer, hunting, skateboarding, hiking, tennis, fishing or salsa dancing, etc.? To be able to lose weight fast and easy, you need to choose a hobby that is less sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle is linked to obesity while active hobbies help you burn calories fast and easy.


2.   Try stretching or foam roll


Being flexible is an intricate part of losing weight. Flexibility improves your muscle functionality, boost your metabolism and help your body burn calories. Foam rolling can help you attain this fit. It can help to burn more calories than just sitting on the couch. Keep a foam roller in your room so that you can easily stretch out and roll while watching your favorite TV show. With this method, you will eat your cake and still lose weight


3.   Yoga is good


Adding yoga to your schedule once a week can work wonders in your body. Whether you follow a yoga class online or DVD, it is a sure way to lose weight and minimize stress. Yoga helps your mind to relax hence better food choices and great sleep session. With only 10- 20-minutes yoga flow, you will be on your way to shedding a reasonable amount of pounds.


4.   Fitness class


Do you like competition? Are you motivated to work harder when others are around? Group fitness classes are a great way to get your motivation on. These classes allow you to challenge yourself and meet more active people. Try kickboxing group, fitness boot camps or salsa dancing. If you live in bigger cities, you can try out circus classes or train to become the next American Ninja. The hint is for you to find a class you like and participate actively in it.


5.   Try outdoor activities

There are a lot of outdoor activities and tons of benefit that comes from it- stress reduction, self-confidence, adherence, improved mood to mention a few. If you live near the beach, you can try out kayaking, paddleboard or surfing. If you live near mountains, then you can try hiking or rock climbing. For those that live in cities, recreational sports league would be something cool to try out.


6.   Rest at least one day weekly

After working out, try and get a day off to rest. Your body recovers and gets stronger during rest. Rest helps to improve your body metabolism and help you to lose weight. I don’t mean sitting in the living room with popcorn in your mouth while watching TV all day. No that is not my definition of rest. Think of rest as a recovery time and try to be mobile a little. Walking and foam-rolling great ideas.


7.   Turn house chores into a recreation


You need to increase your NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), a nice way of recounting any activity instead of eating and sleeping. Do the garden, Vacuum the floor, re-organize your bedroom and clean the kitchen. Increasing your daily movement around the house is a great way to lose weight fast and easy and still be having fun doing it.

All these little things add up to giving you a fitting body weight.



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