8 Tips to Find the Best Cheap Protein Powder for Women

best cheap protein powder for women

I’ll be talking about how to pick the best cheap protein powder for women so you know what to look out for when next you are shopping. Do you see this as priority health concern? Then hang on tight.

As a woman, you may consider taking protein powder as a supplement for diverse reasons. Normally, they are fast ways to ensure proper nourishment and well-being of your body. However, from body building to weight loss protein powder provide lots of benefits to women.  Thus, this article will focus on  top tips to select the best protein powder for women. Since there are different uses of this supplement and a variety of them to choose from, it is best that you choose after careful consideration. For instance, a protein powder efficient for weight loss may not be suitable for body building or even proper body nourishment.


Choosing Best Cheap protein powder for women:

1.   Identify your need 

Protein powders are used for various purposes. To start taking them, you need to ask yourself this question: why do you need protein powder? If you can honestly answer this question, you are on your way to getting the protein powder that best suits your need. As you identify your need for this supplement, you may discover that you need it for more than one reason. For example weight loss may be your original reason but you may also want better body nourishment. At this point, a protein powder will not serve these two needs at the same time. So, if you find yourself needing this supplement for more than one reason, prioritize your needs. Identify your most pressing need and start from there. Tackle one need after the other.


2.   Find out what makes a good protein powder

As a newbie to the world of protein supplements, you may not fully understand what to look out for in a good powder. Don’t feel stupid, you are not alone. Read up on what to look for in a protein powder that best addresses your need. Still, you may not fully understand the scientific terms used to describe the necessary ingredients. You are not the only one trying to figure out their meanings (unless of course you are familiar with scientific terms). After getting familiar with the necessary ingredients, check out their meanings and functions (now you are learning something new). A proper understanding of the function of each ingredient will help you decide which one is best for you.

3.   Go for the one that best targets your specific need

You now know that you have to focus your protein powder intake to tackle one need at a time. Now, go for one that is best work for that need. To lose weight, avoid protein shakes with added sweeteners and branched-chained amino acid, go for ones with low carbs and high protein. For muscle growth use those of high biological value, high in both carbs and protein; whey proteins and whey isolates are better. For nourished and balanced body system, go for the highly nutritional protein powder.

4.   Take complete protein

Complete proteins contain all the nine essential amino acids needed for optimum body function. Though you need less protein as a woman compared to a man, you still have to make sure you are taking complete protein. Since an incomplete protein does not contain all the essential proteins you need, taking it will not provide your body with every essential nutrients. You may feel fatigued, lethargic and not so good if you keep taking incomplete protein. Pea and rice proteins are common sources of incomplete protein powder while egg, animal and whey proteins are perfect sources of complete protein.

5.   Diet plan and health

Since most animal based proteins are complete proteins and plant based ones are mostly incomplete, getting a good protein powder for veggies is not so easy. The best protein powder for women is whey protein. So if you are vegan and take milk, choose whey. Otherwise, take a mixture of pea, rice and hemp based protein powder. This will give you all the essential amino acids you require for a well-nourished body system. It is also important to consider the state of your health while choosing a protein powder. Check product label to know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. It is best to get your doctor’s opinion concerning protein supplements if you have any underlying medical condition.

6.   Say no to soy lecithin

As a woman, protein powders with soy lecithin are a no-no. Additives are usually added to protein supplements to preserve them for longer time. However, these additives are not so good for you. Soy lecithin, a major additive used in protein powder does not only preserve it but greatly ensures a better mix. However, research findings on soy lecithin by Cornell University show that it is a major cause of the growth of women’s milk duct. This is often an indication of the possibility of breast cancer in a woman. Soy lecithin is also suspected as a cause of brain impairment and reproductive problems in women.

7.   Go for organic protein powder: Protein supplements from cow milk may contain harmful hormones and chemicals. Chemical hormones and antibiotics are introduced into cow diet to boost its milk production and help it keep fit. These hormones get into the milk which is used to make protein powders. Though beneficial to cow, such chemicals are not good for you. To reduce the chances of getting a protein powder containing these chemicals, go for organic proteins or those from grass fed cows.

8.   To your taste

If your reason for using protein shakes is for weight loss, you have to be mindful of sweeteners and flavors as most of them give you extra calories. However, if weight loss is not your aim (or not a priority), you sure will love a supplement that taste good. Go for protein powders you can actually swallow. Taking this supplement should be something to look forward to, not cringe at because of its taste. If you can’t find a protein powder to your taste, go for extra sweeteners like banana powder, lemon zest, orange zest, etc.

With these few tips, you can go ahead and choose the protein powder of your choice. Remember that manufacturers always want you to see their product as the best, therefore products are usually over-hyped. Be careful not to fall for the hype.  This video will further enlighten you on how to choose the best protein powder for women.

By now you should be able to confidently decide which protein powder is best for you, instead of the one with the loudest hype.

We hope you found this really helpful and take this as a priority health.

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