7 Top Tips to reduce weight in 7 days

7 Top Tips to reduce weight in 7 days

Updated: 6 August, 2019

We will be looking at the top and effective weight loss tips you can use to lose weight within a week in this post.

Tired of weight loss programs that don’t work? I understand you really cannot wait to have that sexy and gorgeous body of yours back.

You have tried a couple things but you aren’t getting your desired results. You could have a thing or two things to pick from the tips shared in this post.

7 Top Tips to Reduce Weight in 7 Days:

1.   Have a quickie:   

Funny but true. Not that you need an excuse to hook up with your partner every 2am but the fact is, sex keeps you rocking and the more you are active on it, the more calories you’d burn. (up to 150 calories in less than an hour). Apart from the feel good neurotransmitters and endorphins pumped round your body during sex, it helps you rid out incessant food cravings and gives your muscle an extra push.

2.   Sleep 30 minutes more every night. 

 The extra hour can help refresh you and make you make better food choices for breakfast rather than a quick sugar fix breakfast. According to Esther Blum (author of Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous), more restful sleep boosts your metabolism and as you get more sleep (7 – 8 hours daily) you won’t feel lethargic or skip the gym.

3.   Don’t skip breakfast   When you skip breakfast, you increase your craving for quick snacks and chips. 

Have your breakfast before you hit out daily. This will minimize your chance of reaching for snacks and bread. A sandwich with natural pea butter and apple butter can do the trick in the morning. With this single tip for reducing weight, you can shed over 65 pounds.

4.   Quit the odd habits   ‘I quit smoking, and right way joined a gym and started working out with a personal trainer. 

There was no way I could exercise and feel healthy if I kept lighting up. I’ve already dropped 37 pounds.’ Says Leila Fathi, Memphis, TN. If you are serious about losing weight within a week, you need to quit smoking and minimize your alcohol consumption by 70%.

5.   Do more cardio -exercise Any exercise that gets your heart rate running up will help you burn calories and the more calories you burn the more weight you lose. 

Consider spinning, cardio kick boxing or boot camp work outs. This tip can help you reduce significant weight in a week. Doing these touch downs can help burn over 250 calories while giving you a sleeker look. According to Wendy Larkin, personal trainee at crunch’s gym in San Francisco, ‘having an interval of cardio session with slower activity can increase your body chance in fighting extra fat and help you reduce weight in 7 days.

6.   Cut down on the sugars to reduce weight in 7 days. 

Cut the carbs and lower your insulin and you will start to slide low on the calorie index. Sugars and Starches (carbohydrates) are foods that stimulate the secretion of insulin. When you cut down on starch and sugar contents, your kidney sheds more sodium and water which reduces bloat and unnecessary weight in the body. Removing sugars and starches from your meals will reduce your insulin level and make you lose a reasonable amount of pounds without starving yourself.

In place of carbs, go for protein and vegetables. Plenty of protein will help boost metabolism by 100 calories per day. High protein foods can help you tone down at the thought of food by 60%, and help reduce late night snacking. By reducing carbs and lowering your insulin levels, you change the hormonal routine in your body and trick your brain and body to ‘want’ to lose weight.

7.   Drink coffee an hour before working out Just a cup of coffee can make your exercise more productive. 

A pre – exercise cup of coffee with some milk will energize your workout. ‘you will burn more calories without realizing you’re pushing yourself harder’ explains Dr. Klauer of the University of Chicago. This tip is a one tip exception to the ‘drink mainly water rule’. Coffee is a healthy beverage that is quit loaded with antioxidants and other compounds.

On a final note, another effective way to lose weight without much work is using natural diet pills that help you lose weight without exercises. These slimming pills are meant to help you suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and help you burn fat faster.

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Chapter 1 – 7 Top Tips to Reduce Weight in 7 Days:

4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days

4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days

Updated: 6 August, 2019

Contributed by one of our writers at Vital Health.

When was the last time you went to the beach? Do you feel clumsy pulling off your shirt?

If the thought of removing your shirt off fills you with ‘not-so-confident’ aura then you need to pay close attention to this post as I’ll be showing you 4 effective ways to lose weight fast.

If you are serious about shedding those stubborn fat and regaining your confidence then you might to take this post seriously.

5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1.  Lose Weight With Diet Pills

Diet pills are one of the proven and effective ways to lose weight. They contain fat burning properties that can speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite. It is best to go for ones made with natural ingredients such as green tea extract, caffeine, nopal, and cayenne pepper.

2.   Lose Weight By Running

One of the quickest  and effective ways to lose weight fast is by burning those fats. And to do this, you need to run slowly. Regardless of what you might have heard, running fast is great for building strength and some muscle but not always great for losing weight fast. Harder gym routine will stress you out and still not burn out the fats.

Here are some quick tips to kick off:

  • Instead of going full time running, try 50m sprints focusing on your leg speed and pace
  • Run up and down a hill. Try to focus on keeping your back straight and your hips straight
  • Go for a quick run before having breakfast. Doing this will cause your body to use up the fats rather than carbs 

3.   Lose Weight By Swimming

According to Lorcan-Loughrey, getting in the pool often is a quick way to lose weight fast. If you are one of those that haven’t been a bid subscriber to fitness, swimming can be a great start for you. When you hit the pool, go to the lane designated for recreational or ‘slow’ purpose. No matter the amount of weight you are trying to shed, getting in the pool is a sure way to do and still be having fun. Swimming will adjust your cardiovascular and muscular index. These three swimming positions are set to help you lose weight fast.

  • Backstroking: keep one hand above the other and your whole body lying straight against the water. If done precisely, this technique can improve body flexibility in the upper body.
  • Breaststroke: This technique is a bit tough, but it will help pump your heart rate and improve blood flow.
  • Butterfly kick: While on our back and arms stretch out above your head, kick like a dolphin. This technique is a sure abdominal slow burner.

4.   Lose Weight In The Gym

This is one of the effective ways to lose weight fast you need to pay attention to. GYM workout keeps your metabolism working even after your workout. So you will be burning calories even after your workout as long as you eat right. Do a brutal circuit session for fat burning. Do a 30-second shift repeatedly.

  • After the warm up, start with a 5 minutes’ treadmill run at around 16Kmph. Round it up with a thorough stretch.
  • Do a press up by moving along a rope laid on the floor and then step away as you complete each round.
  • The medicine ball: pick and launch a medicine ball over your head to the floor
  • Row standing (TRX) Begin this session only when the rope is tight.
  • Finish up with the plank. Go for a 30-second lap and try to beat your previous time frame. 

5.   Lifting Weight

Barry Stalker talks about the quickest way to lose weight by burning over 500 calories in a 45-minute session. This technique will get your heart pumping in no time hence burning calories.

The rule is for you to make sure you don’t lift too much fast. This could cause an incorrect form. You can ask your trainer before proceeding.

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As a warm up, make sure you stretch out your muscle, arms, hip, and thighs. Get your body mobile and ready.

  • Do six to 10 lifts during work out for belly-burners.
  • Try and get your back length straight and your knees exactly aligned.
  • Bench press: this move is to press your back on the bench and draw your shoulder blades away.

If you implement the tips discussed in this post, you are sure going to lose weight. There are even more effective weight loss tips that can help you burn fat fast.


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Chapter 1 – 4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast

The Best Fast Weight Loss Program: Healthy Way to Lose Weight

The Best Fast Weight Loss Program: Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Updated: 6 August, 2019

This post was written by one of our writers here at Vital Health Recipes.

How does the idea of losing weight and still being able to eat every 3 hours if you wish sound? Interesting right?

You are about to find out how to do this with the weight loss program talked about in this post.

This quick weight loss program focuses on using the same things you are familiar with and adding a unique touch to it for optimum results. The primary components of this weight loss program are exercises and dieting.

Most weight loss programs have strenuous programs that increase your risk of chronic illness, but this is a look at something different.

The Best Weight Loss Program


From Monday through to Saturdays, engage in some aerobics such as slight jogging, walking up and down the stairs, bicycling or walking down the street for 30 minutes. Do this morning and evening when you are at your maximum capacity.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Do a quick mash-up of the following:

18 push- ups. Legs closed, arms straightened and flat back. Just like the military.

20 curls biceps with a few pounds in weight. Stand upright with your elbow clinched to your sides, bend your arms to lift the weight up your shoulder then lower. Repeat this step 20 times

Another 20 triceps with a couple of weights. Bend forward ( 90 degree ), lift and place the weight by your hips, extend your arm forth and back to your hips.

Quick Front and Side shoulder raise with up to 5 pounds weight. Keep your arms upright and lift the weight in front of you to shoulder height, then lower. Repeat this step 20 times for maximum impact.

Rear deltoid lift with few pound weight. With your feet clinched together, bend 90 degree while lifting the weight to your shoulder height then lower it. Repeat this step 20 times for maximum result. 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Do a quick mash-up of the following:

Do 20 squat ups. Stand straight with your shoulder apart, draw your waist forward and bend your knee until your thighs are aligned to the floor. Straighten up and repeat this step over again

Do a quick sit up on your legs separately while standing in front of a staircase or a bench. You can step onto a bench with a foot while lifting the other leg to your belly. Allow your knee cap to touch your belly button. Then step down and repeat.

Keep your upper body straighten squat down and rise up on your toes then squat down again. Repeat this process 15 times.

To do the bicycle position, lie on your back with your legs bent and fingers properly placed behind your thigh lift your supper body from your waist up and pedal. Do this by bringing your right and left leg up to your chest and down continuously.

20 lifting crunches. Lift your upper body up an inch and lower. Repeat this 

The meal Program

After your morning exercise on an empty stomach, eat your meal just an hour later. Then you can have your meal every three hours after then. Each meal should comprise protein, starchy carbohydrate and fiber (each the size of your fist) then bring it down with 8 glass of water. Don’t forget your multi-vitamins.

Food choices

Protein: Turkey is a good choice for protein. Chicken, fish, egg beans, low fat yogurt and torfu.

Starchy carbohydrates: Fiber cereal, peas, yams, oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes.

Fibre carbohydrates: Oranges, Broccoli, Tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, peaches and zucchini

On Sunday

You can rest today, go to the movies or sit and watch your favorite sitcom.

For faster results, you can combine this with fat burners as they will increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

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Chapter 1 – The Best Fast Weight Loss Program

Chapter 2 – Food choices


5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Teeth Daily

5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Teeth Daily

Updated: 5 August, 2019

People do say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but when you take a closer look at their smile, you can determine the content of their soul. A shining white tooth makes a good first impression as compared to a sudden mouth odor that’s why we’ll be talking about 5 ways to take good care of your teeth daily. In this article, you will learn proven tips on how to take care of your teeth. You will also learn the benefits of taking care of your teeth.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ‘Oral health is more than just healthy teeth or shining teeth. It encompasses an integral part of our general well-being.’

5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Teeth Daily


1.   Brush at least twice daily

Brush for at least 2 minutes per session. According to the American Dental Association, this will keep your teeth in good shape. When brushing, go for the soft bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste. This will wash out residue particles and clean your mouth of bacteria causing cavities. Don’t brush too hard and don’t drink soda or any sports drink while brushing.

2.   Brush in the morning

In the morning, the mouth is filled with food particles and bacteria. Not forgetting that it is 96 degrees warm and wet. If you do not brush in the morning, it calcifies or hardens to form what is called plaque, calculus or tartar. Not only do these bacteria cause gum discomfort, but they can also as well cause bad breath hence it is highly recommended you don’t skip brushing in the morning.

3.   Hey, don’t over brush it

It is possible to overdo it. A lot of people don’t realize that brushing their teeth with a lot of force can do more harm than good. If you have seen ‘friends’, then you will agree that it is possible to overdo dental care. If you brush more than 3 times a day for up to four minutes during each session, this can wear down your gum layer causing serious complications.

When your tooth enamel is weak, it exposes these tiny holes in your teeth that lead to nerve endings. When triggered extensively, it causes sores and pains. A lot of Adults suffer from pains resulting from over brushing their teeth. Don’t turbo charge. The best way to do it is to brush your teeth like you are polishing an eggshell. If you brush your teeth as if it is a rock then, you apply too much pressure. 

4.   Floss your teeth

Flossing destroy particles that brushing misses. It helps remove plaque and prevents tartar. If you want to avoid scraping at your next dental checkup, then do more flossing. I know you will be asking, ‘which come first, flossing or brushing?’ Well, it doesn’t matter. As long as you do both daily, you will be fine. 

5.   Stay far away from soda

When you sip soda every day, you are on your way to tooth decay. There is an ongoing campaign, warning people to stay clear of soft drinks and soda. Not just sugar soda but also diet soda. Once the acid in soda eats through the enamel, it creates cavities. To avoid erodes in the structure of your teeth, limit or stop the consumption of soda and related soft drinks. Take good care of your health.

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Chapter 1 – 5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Teeth Daily

7 Practical Ways to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

7 Practical Ways to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Updated: 5 August, 2019

A better, good oral hygiene begins every morning and ends in the evening if you stick to a consistent oral routine. In addition to regular dental check up, maintaining good oral hygiene help keep your teeth strong and even your overall health. You will feel confident, look awesome and create a memorable first impression. It is easy to maintain good oral hygiene if you understand the basic dental education and a thorough knowledge of what should be done and what shouldn’t be done (long term and short term)

 7 Ways to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene 

1.   Eat Right

A good diet plays a huge role in your dental health. Drinking lots of water will keep your mouth properly hydrated and clean. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol because they can stain your teeth or in severe cases, rot your teeth. Chocolates and hard candies can wear out your enamel, thereby causing crack and chip if you are not careful. Eat plenty fruits, vegetable, and lean protein. Apart from the overwhelming benefits found in fruits, they also have a high water content which is good for your teeth and general health. 

2.   Brush and Brushing

Your brush type and specification determine your overall oral hygiene. With so many varieties of toothbrushes available in the store, there is no excuse why you should not have a good toothbrush. When travelling, you can make use of ‘travel toothbrush’. These brushes are designed to fold up or are small enough to fit into your pocket. When using ordinary brushes, make sure that the bristles are dried before putting them into their container.

Allowing them to dry will help keep bacteria from growing in the toothbrush. In case you use an electric toothbrush, make sure it is properly charged so that it won’t disappoint when you probably need it. It is highly recommended that you brush at least twice daily. When brushing, try to place the bristle 45 degree to your gum and brush the outer surface of your teeth using a front and back, up and down motion. Make sure to brush your tongue and the upper side of your mouth for a better result. 

3.   Increase the flow of saliva

If you are a sweet tooth type, then a sugar-free gum is a good alternative to sugary snacks and gums. Chewing sugar-free gum helps the flow of saliva in your mouth which is essential in cleaning food particles out of your mouth. When food remnant remains dormant in your mouth for a long period, it attracts bacteria which are harmful to your health and teeth.

4.   Mouthwash and Flossing

Flossing can also help in your daily oral hygiene routine. However, like brushing, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Flossing helps remove germs from where toothbrush normally won’t reach. Wrap about a fist floss in your hand then unroll a fresh line of floss for every tooth and keep it against the teeth to break apart every plaque in your tooth while keeping your gum and oral health in good condition. While mouthwash is good, it is not a substitute to brushing and flossing. Mouthwash is the quick remedy you need but not an actual remedy to brushing and treating your mouth against germs. 

5.   Green tea

Unlike other forms of tea, green tea does not stain your teeth. Green tea can help fight bacteria efficiently even before they form bacteria. The next time you want to enjoy a cup of tea, think about your oral health and go for green tea. It contains antioxidants which help to fight cavities. 

6.   Easy to use WISP

Wisp is a great cleaning tool especially if you are in an area with no available water. A wisp is a liquid filled brush that releases a tiny watery burst as you brush. The good thing about wisp is that you do not need water to have clean, fresh breath. You also don’t need to apply toothpaste on the wisp. The cleaning solution in the wisp helps do the job 

7.   Visit your dentist

In conclusion, regular checkup is vital in maintaining good oral hygiene. According to the University of Dental Medicine in Boston, roughly 50% of adults in America do not visit a dentist due to dental phobia, finance or sheer negligence. Don’t be among the 50%. The American Dental Association recommends that you pay your dentist some visit (twice a year). Visiting your dentist for check up will help discover hidden gum diseases, cancer or cavities 

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Chapter 1 – 7 Practical Ways to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene 

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