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BIOPERINE: Your Optimum BioEnhancer

The first thought of most people about Bioperine is why it is called a bio enhancer. While some people have experienced the bio enhancing effects of the supplement, some believed it’s another supplement in the industry looking to market itself. But it’s all a different story with Bioperine supplement.

Many medications in the pharmaceutical industry today don’t work because of various reasons, and hence are churned out on a daily basis. Some of the reason could be because of:

  •  Your body eliminating drugs from your system before their potency is absorbed into the body
  •   Your body’s resistance to medications leading to prolonged treatment of a disease
  • Increased cost of medications as they tend to not be as active as you thought
  •  Increased side effects from prolonged treatment by a medication

These are all what Bioperine helps you address, therefore allowing you to concentrate on your wellbeing, which is of utmost importance than any other things.

Let’s just say Bioperine is the selfless savior to all of your other medications. In this article, you will be seeing how this bio enhancer works and how it has been benefiting people for more than 20 years.


How Does Bioperine Work?

Bioperine works as that important supplement that ensures bioavailability of potent medications and food nutrients in your bloodstream, making them more available for action. Bioperine doesn’t increase the effectiveness of active substances in your foods or medications, so it’s not a bioefficacy supplement. But it makes such medications and nutrients more bioavailable so your body can effectively use them.

Bioperine is an extract obtained from black pepper fruits, and so contains as much as 95% of the extract. It is usually administered together with medications or food nutrients to increase the availability of the active substance in such food or drugs. When administered alone, it won’t have any active substance to enhance.

Therefore, Bioperine helps reduce the cost and dosage of your medication. Hence, it helps reduce resistance and side effects due to prolonged use of any medications. Bioperine helps bioavailability of vitamins, antioxidants like beta carotene and resveratrol, active substances like coenzyme 10 and curcumin, and food nutrients. It also works to increase the absorption of these nutrients by about 30%.


How Does It Do It?

Below are some mechanisms employed by Bioperine to help your body:

  •         Using Glucuronidation, it modulates your body’s metabolizing enzymes to prevent drug wastage and premature elimination
  •         It enhances bioavailability of active substance by modulating your body’s reflux mechanism
  •         Using the thermogenesis as a mechanism, it serves as a thermo nutrient that helps to improve drugs and food absorption

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bioperine?

Now that you know how Bioperine works in your body, below are some proven benefits of the supplement:

#1: It enhances nutrient absorption

The supplement makes sure that your body makes the most of the nutrients and medication that enter into your body. It also helps people with health conditions that cause malabsorption of nutrients.

#2: It promotes better body performance

When co-administered, Bioperine helps to reduce the rate of muscle damage due to exercise after a heavy workout. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular ingredients in top testosterone boosters

#3: It enhances metabolism

By using thermogenesis to increase energy production within the cells, Bioperine can help improve your body’s metabolism. The result of this is a regulated calorie/fat burn and hence promotes easy weight loss.

#4: It improves cognitive functions

The supplement is also beneficial to mental health. It increases the production of serotonin and dopamine when administered with curcumin. Therefore it is effective for people suffering from anxiety and depression, offering them the feel-good feeling they desire.

#5: Effective for building a stronger immune system

Bioperine helps improve the oversensitivity of a malfunctioning immune system. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps calm the system and thus reduces the risk of autoimmune diseases.

#6: It has cancer-fighting properties

When administered with some herbal medications, Bioperine has some active compounds that help suppress the growth of cancer cells, metastasis, and inflammation while also reducing the side effects of such medications.

#7: Improves blood sugar levels

When co-administered with curcuminoids, Bioperine helps to enhance its antidiabetic effect as it increases the production of adiponectin, which regulates blood sugar level. This hence has a beneficial effect on people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

A potential adverse effect of piperine, which is the active compound in Bioperine, is that enhances the absorption of drugs beyond the required level, and so reduces the metabolic activities of the liver. However, this varies for different individuals. So, it’s important you speak with your doctor so he can recommend the right dosage of the supplement. Not using the right dosage can also result in the following side effects:

  •         Nausea
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Stooling (black)
  •         Constipation
  •         Bronchospasms
  •         Skin rash
  •         Anaphylaxis
  •         Itching
  •         Swelling of the skin
  •         Redness of the skin
  •         Hives
  •         Sleep disorder
  •         Depression
  •         Over-excitement


Interactions with Other Substances

Some medications have moderate to severe interaction with Bio-perine and so speak to your doctor if you are on any medication before you use Bioperine. Some of such drugs include:

  •         Ascorbic acid/Bortezomib/Deferoxamine
  •         Folic acid/Hydantoins/Pyrimethamine
  •         Pyridoxine/Altretamine/Levodopa


What Is The Right Dosage?

The dosage recommendation for the supplement varies and so should be taken as prescribed by your physician. However, the common dose is about 5-10mg per serve daily. Bioperine effects can be felt about 15 minutes on a short term and about 3 hours on a long term after consumption. 

Bioperine supplement has been a really active supplement when it comes to enhancing the bioavailability of other medication and food nutrients. That is the reason it is referred to as a bio enhancer. For years, and in many cases, it has proven that name. However, when taking Bioperine, it is advisable you speak with your doctor for the right dosage in order to avoid some side effects associated with the supplement. 

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Chapter 2 – What Are The Health Benefits Of Bioperine?

Chapter 3 – Bioperine Side Effects


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