6 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

6 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Updated: 6 August, 2019

Are there really lazy strategies to lose weight? You quip. You are about to find out.

Going through a ton of articles on the web, you might have read that for you to lose weight fast, you need to cut down on the carbs and engage in various exercises daily.

The real fact is that when it comes to losing weight, it all boils down to ‘calories’- how many you eat versus how many you burn at a particular time.  And with the help of diet pills, you can even lose weight faster.

For you to lose weight, you must create a sustainable large amount of calorie shortage. This allows you to lose fat instead of muscle thereby, keeping your energy and metabolism in check.

6 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight 

1.   Get 7-9 hours rest every night

Sleep is, for a lack of word, the laziest way to burn fat fast. Contrary to popular assumption, the more QUALITY sleep you have, the easier it is for you to control your hunger and the more energy you conserve to exercise. The absence of sleep can have quite a number of negative effect on you such as; muscle loss, weight gain, cravings, and poor body metabolism.

2.   Plan your food intake into your journal or an app:

Track your eating habit using some of these cool apps online or better still, use the good old way-journal. This little activity can be an eye opener for you. You will be able to calculate your calorie consumption. With proper management, you can control your weight and also lose weight fast.

Once you have an idea as to the quantity of calorie you eat per day, you can then create a calorie deficit. The best practice is to multiply your weight by 10 the subtract 200 calories from the target figure. Here is How to calculate your calorie burn. 

3.   Replace canned, processed food with whole food

One of the major cause of Obesity is the high consumption of processed foods. Foods like packaged cereal, donuts, fries to name a few, contains a lot of calories without even filling you up. Eating all these foods won’t quench the hunger still. Replace all processed foods with natural, whole foods like fish, lettuce, yams, and apples.

Eating natural, whole food will stabilize your energy level and help you maintain the calorie deficit. For every meal you take, try to include protein in it. A high protein meal helps you lose weight fast. Lean protein sources will help you quench hunger more, and you will still lose weight. 

4.   Drink your water and don’t stop

Drinking at least 8-12 cups of water per day is highly recommended if you want to lose weight. Water keeps your body hydrated and helps upsurge satiety. For the best result, try to drink a cup of water few minutes before eating. 

5.   Stick to a nutrition plan

You’ve calculated your calorie and compare it with your body weight, now it’s time to create a nutritional plan suitable for it and stick to it. When creating a nutritional plan, keep your goal in focus; eating foods that will help your body without adding too many calories to it. 

6.   Be patient, it takes a while

You can’t drop all the extra pounds overnight. It takes time. The truth is that this is a gradual process. Though you can lose 10 pounds in a day by dehydrating yourself but that is just losing water weight. On an optimistic note, you can lose 2% of your body weight per week simply following this process.

Bonus Tip:

Fat Burners

One of the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight is to use a fat burner. Fat burning pills boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories faster, thereby losing those extra pounds. When shopping for a fat burner, it is best to go with one with natural ingredients with minimal side effects, and can also serve as an effective appetite suppressant.

How to Lose Weight Overnight? Is It Possible?

The truth is, trying to lose weight overweight shows desperation and sadly, this is what many fake weight loss pills exploit, telling you about their magic pills that can help you lose 20-30 pounds overnight, and many people fall for these scams, and end up not losing a single pound.

If you are serious about losing weight then you need to be realistic about your expectations. Did you accumulate the unwanted fat in your belly, hip, thighs or neck in a single day? You sure didn’t!

You need to understand that there’s a process, and it could take some time to hit your goal of looking slimmer and sexier.

Are there pills that could help you lose weight in your sleep?

Yes, there are! There are diet pills that help you lose weight without exercise, and even while sleeping. These pills work round the clock: they suppress your appetite, cut your calorie intake, boost your energy, speed up your metabolism, and ultimately help you lose weight fast but not overnight. 

We hope you found this post valuable! If you did, please share.

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Chapter 1 – 6 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

Chapter 2 – How to Lose Weight Overnight?

Chapter 3 – Are there pills that could help you lose weight in your sleep?

7 Top Tips to reduce weight in 7 days

7 Top Tips to reduce weight in 7 days

Updated: 6 August, 2019

We will be looking at the top and effective weight loss tips you can use to lose weight within a week in this post.

Tired of weight loss programs that don’t work? I understand you really cannot wait to have that sexy and gorgeous body of yours back.

You have tried a couple things but you aren’t getting your desired results. You could have a thing or two things to pick from the tips shared in this post.

7 Top Tips to Reduce Weight in 7 Days:

1.   Have a quickie:   

Funny but true. Not that you need an excuse to hook up with your partner every 2am but the fact is, sex keeps you rocking and the more you are active on it, the more calories you’d burn. (up to 150 calories in less than an hour). Apart from the feel good neurotransmitters and endorphins pumped round your body during sex, it helps you rid out incessant food cravings and gives your muscle an extra push.

2.   Sleep 30 minutes more every night. 

 The extra hour can help refresh you and make you make better food choices for breakfast rather than a quick sugar fix breakfast. According to Esther Blum (author of Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous), more restful sleep boosts your metabolism and as you get more sleep (7 – 8 hours daily) you won’t feel lethargic or skip the gym.

3.   Don’t skip breakfast   When you skip breakfast, you increase your craving for quick snacks and chips. 

Have your breakfast before you hit out daily. This will minimize your chance of reaching for snacks and bread. A sandwich with natural pea butter and apple butter can do the trick in the morning. With this single tip for reducing weight, you can shed over 65 pounds.

4.   Quit the odd habits   ‘I quit smoking, and right way joined a gym and started working out with a personal trainer. 

There was no way I could exercise and feel healthy if I kept lighting up. I’ve already dropped 37 pounds.’ Says Leila Fathi, Memphis, TN. If you are serious about losing weight within a week, you need to quit smoking and minimize your alcohol consumption by 70%.

5.   Do more cardio -exercise Any exercise that gets your heart rate running up will help you burn calories and the more calories you burn the more weight you lose. 

Consider spinning, cardio kick boxing or boot camp work outs. This tip can help you reduce significant weight in a week. Doing these touch downs can help burn over 250 calories while giving you a sleeker look. According to Wendy Larkin, personal trainee at crunch’s gym in San Francisco, ‘having an interval of cardio session with slower activity can increase your body chance in fighting extra fat and help you reduce weight in 7 days.

6.   Cut down on the sugars to reduce weight in 7 days. 

Cut the carbs and lower your insulin and you will start to slide low on the calorie index. Sugars and Starches (carbohydrates) are foods that stimulate the secretion of insulin. When you cut down on starch and sugar contents, your kidney sheds more sodium and water which reduces bloat and unnecessary weight in the body. Removing sugars and starches from your meals will reduce your insulin level and make you lose a reasonable amount of pounds without starving yourself.

In place of carbs, go for protein and vegetables. Plenty of protein will help boost metabolism by 100 calories per day. High protein foods can help you tone down at the thought of food by 60%, and help reduce late night snacking. By reducing carbs and lowering your insulin levels, you change the hormonal routine in your body and trick your brain and body to ‘want’ to lose weight.

7.   Drink coffee an hour before working out Just a cup of coffee can make your exercise more productive. 

A pre – exercise cup of coffee with some milk will energize your workout. ‘you will burn more calories without realizing you’re pushing yourself harder’ explains Dr. Klauer of the University of Chicago. This tip is a one tip exception to the ‘drink mainly water rule’. Coffee is a healthy beverage that is quit loaded with antioxidants and other compounds.

On a final note, another effective way to lose weight without much work is using natural diet pills that help you lose weight without exercises. These slimming pills are meant to help you suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and help you burn fat faster.

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Chapter 1 – 7 Top Tips to Reduce Weight in 7 Days:

4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days

4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days

Updated: 6 August, 2019

Contributed by one of our writers at Vital Health.

When was the last time you went to the beach? Do you feel clumsy pulling off your shirt?

If the thought of removing your shirt off fills you with ‘not-so-confident’ aura then you need to pay close attention to this post as I’ll be showing you 4 effective ways to lose weight fast.

If you are serious about shedding those stubborn fat and regaining your confidence then you might to take this post seriously.

5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1.  Lose Weight With Diet Pills

Diet pills are one of the proven and effective ways to lose weight. They contain fat burning properties that can speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite. It is best to go for ones made with natural ingredients such as green tea extract, caffeine, nopal, and cayenne pepper.

2.   Lose Weight By Running

One of the quickest  and effective ways to lose weight fast is by burning those fats. And to do this, you need to run slowly. Regardless of what you might have heard, running fast is great for building strength and some muscle but not always great for losing weight fast. Harder gym routine will stress you out and still not burn out the fats.

Here are some quick tips to kick off:

  • Instead of going full time running, try 50m sprints focusing on your leg speed and pace
  • Run up and down a hill. Try to focus on keeping your back straight and your hips straight
  • Go for a quick run before having breakfast. Doing this will cause your body to use up the fats rather than carbs 

3.   Lose Weight By Swimming

According to Lorcan-Loughrey, getting in the pool often is a quick way to lose weight fast. If you are one of those that haven’t been a bid subscriber to fitness, swimming can be a great start for you. When you hit the pool, go to the lane designated for recreational or ‘slow’ purpose. No matter the amount of weight you are trying to shed, getting in the pool is a sure way to do and still be having fun. Swimming will adjust your cardiovascular and muscular index. These three swimming positions are set to help you lose weight fast.

  • Backstroking: keep one hand above the other and your whole body lying straight against the water. If done precisely, this technique can improve body flexibility in the upper body.
  • Breaststroke: This technique is a bit tough, but it will help pump your heart rate and improve blood flow.
  • Butterfly kick: While on our back and arms stretch out above your head, kick like a dolphin. This technique is a sure abdominal slow burner.

4.   Lose Weight In The Gym

This is one of the effective ways to lose weight fast you need to pay attention to. GYM workout keeps your metabolism working even after your workout. So you will be burning calories even after your workout as long as you eat right. Do a brutal circuit session for fat burning. Do a 30-second shift repeatedly.

  • After the warm up, start with a 5 minutes’ treadmill run at around 16Kmph. Round it up with a thorough stretch.
  • Do a press up by moving along a rope laid on the floor and then step away as you complete each round.
  • The medicine ball: pick and launch a medicine ball over your head to the floor
  • Row standing (TRX) Begin this session only when the rope is tight.
  • Finish up with the plank. Go for a 30-second lap and try to beat your previous time frame. 

5.   Lifting Weight

Barry Stalker talks about the quickest way to lose weight by burning over 500 calories in a 45-minute session. This technique will get your heart pumping in no time hence burning calories.

The rule is for you to make sure you don’t lift too much fast. This could cause an incorrect form. You can ask your trainer before proceeding.

see more

As a warm up, make sure you stretch out your muscle, arms, hip, and thighs. Get your body mobile and ready.

  • Do six to 10 lifts during work out for belly-burners.
  • Try and get your back length straight and your knees exactly aligned.
  • Bench press: this move is to press your back on the bench and draw your shoulder blades away.

If you implement the tips discussed in this post, you are sure going to lose weight. There are even more effective weight loss tips that can help you burn fat fast.


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Chapter 1 – 4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast

The Best Fast Weight Loss Program: Healthy Way to Lose Weight

The Best Fast Weight Loss Program: Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Updated: 6 August, 2019

This post was written by one of our writers here at Vital Health Recipes.

How does the idea of losing weight and still being able to eat every 3 hours if you wish sound? Interesting right?

You are about to find out how to do this with the weight loss program talked about in this post.

This quick weight loss program focuses on using the same things you are familiar with and adding a unique touch to it for optimum results. The primary components of this weight loss program are exercises and dieting.

Most weight loss programs have strenuous programs that increase your risk of chronic illness, but this is a look at something different.

The Best Weight Loss Program


From Monday through to Saturdays, engage in some aerobics such as slight jogging, walking up and down the stairs, bicycling or walking down the street for 30 minutes. Do this morning and evening when you are at your maximum capacity.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Do a quick mash-up of the following:

18 push- ups. Legs closed, arms straightened and flat back. Just like the military.

20 curls biceps with a few pounds in weight. Stand upright with your elbow clinched to your sides, bend your arms to lift the weight up your shoulder then lower. Repeat this step 20 times

Another 20 triceps with a couple of weights. Bend forward ( 90 degree ), lift and place the weight by your hips, extend your arm forth and back to your hips.

Quick Front and Side shoulder raise with up to 5 pounds weight. Keep your arms upright and lift the weight in front of you to shoulder height, then lower. Repeat this step 20 times for maximum impact.

Rear deltoid lift with few pound weight. With your feet clinched together, bend 90 degree while lifting the weight to your shoulder height then lower it. Repeat this step 20 times for maximum result. 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Do a quick mash-up of the following:

Do 20 squat ups. Stand straight with your shoulder apart, draw your waist forward and bend your knee until your thighs are aligned to the floor. Straighten up and repeat this step over again

Do a quick sit up on your legs separately while standing in front of a staircase or a bench. You can step onto a bench with a foot while lifting the other leg to your belly. Allow your knee cap to touch your belly button. Then step down and repeat.

Keep your upper body straighten squat down and rise up on your toes then squat down again. Repeat this process 15 times.

To do the bicycle position, lie on your back with your legs bent and fingers properly placed behind your thigh lift your supper body from your waist up and pedal. Do this by bringing your right and left leg up to your chest and down continuously.

20 lifting crunches. Lift your upper body up an inch and lower. Repeat this 

The meal Program

After your morning exercise on an empty stomach, eat your meal just an hour later. Then you can have your meal every three hours after then. Each meal should comprise protein, starchy carbohydrate and fiber (each the size of your fist) then bring it down with 8 glass of water. Don’t forget your multi-vitamins.

Food choices

Protein: Turkey is a good choice for protein. Chicken, fish, egg beans, low fat yogurt and torfu.

Starchy carbohydrates: Fiber cereal, peas, yams, oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes.

Fibre carbohydrates: Oranges, Broccoli, Tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, peaches and zucchini

On Sunday

You can rest today, go to the movies or sit and watch your favorite sitcom.

For faster results, you can combine this with fat burners as they will increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

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Chapter 1 – The Best Fast Weight Loss Program

Chapter 2 – Food choices


7 Recreational Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

7 Recreational Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

Updated: 5 August, 2019

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can lose weight fast and easy is through fun. You doubt that? Then you have  to read on as I’ll show you recreational ways to lose weight fast.

You really can lose weight doing the things you enjoy. Isn’t that great? Losing weight shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be as easy as eating your favorite cookie. 

7 Recreational Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Easy 

1.   What is your passion?

It is important that you find a passion or hobby you enjoy. Is it playing soccer, hunting, skateboarding, hiking, tennis, fishing or salsa dancing, etc.? To be able to lose weight fast and easy, you need to choose a hobby that is less sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle is linked to obesity while active hobbies help you burn calories fast and easy.

2.   Try stretching or foam roll

Being flexible is an intricate part of losing weight. Flexibility improves your muscle functionality, boost your metabolism and help your body burn calories. Foam rolling can help you attain this fit. It can help to burn more calories than just sitting on the couch. Keep a foam roller in your room so that you can easily stretch out and roll while watching your favorite TV show. With this method, you will eat your cake and still lose weight 

3.   Yoga is good

Adding yoga to your schedule once a week can work wonders in your body. Whether you follow a yoga class online or DVD, it is a sure way to lose weight and minimize stress. Yoga helps your mind to relax hence better food choices and great sleep session. With only 10- 20-minutes yoga flow, you will be on your way to shedding a reasonable amount of pounds. 

4.   Fitness class

Do you like competition? Are you motivated to work harder when others are around? Group fitness classes are a great way to get your motivation on. These classes allow you to challenge yourself and meet more active people. Try kickboxing group, fitness boot camps or salsa dancing. If you live in bigger cities, you can try out circus classes or train to become the next American Ninja. The hint is for you to find a class you like and participate actively in it.

5.   Try outdoor activities

There are a lot of outdoor activities and tons of benefit that comes from it- stress reduction, self-confidence, adherence, improved mood to mention a few. If you live near the beach, you can try out kayaking, paddleboard or surfing. If you live near mountains, then you can try hiking or rock climbing. For those that live in cities, recreational sports league would be something cool to try out. 

6.   Rest at least one day weekly

After working out, try and get a day off to rest. Your body recovers and gets stronger during rest. Rest helps to improve your body metabolism and help you to lose weight. I don’t mean sitting in the living room with popcorn in your mouth while watching TV all day. No that is not my definition of rest. Think of rest as a recovery time and try to be mobile a little. Walking and foam-rolling great ideas. 

7.   Turn house chores into a recreation

You need to increase your NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), a nice way of recounting any activity instead of eating and sleeping. Do the garden, Vacuum the floor, re-organize your bedroom and clean the kitchen. Increasing your daily movement around the house is a great way to lose weight fast and easy and still be having fun doing it.

Yes, losing weight doesn’t always have to be through rigorous workout routines or giving up your favorite foods, it can be fun and interesting. In fact, you can lose 7 pounds in 3 weeks without giving up carbs.

We hope you got value from this post. Let us know your thoughts.

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Chapter 1 – 7 Recreational Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Easy 

6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week Fast

6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week Fast

Updated: 5 August, 2019

This post was put together by one of our writers here at Vital Health.

Struggling to keep those extra pounds off? Then you really want to read this article on healthy ways to lose weight in a week.

You might have come across weird pills, rigorous exercise and bizarre supplement for losing weight but in this article, but in this post you’ll learn 6 simple and healthy tips to lose weight fast within a week without starving yourself.

The tips outlined in this post are simple but highly effective. If you put them into play now, by this time next week, you’ll look way lighter. 

6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week Fast

1.   Drink Water – Mainly water

The average adult consumes over 246 calories a day from soft drinks and soda. Sport drinks and soda might come in handy sometimes, but when you calculate the calories involved compared to your body index and meal plan, you will understand why they are pure waste. Other liquid drinks are high in Sodium, calories and carbohydrates, but water has zero carbs and little to no sodium making it a perfect choice. Water is good for digestion and helps upgrade your body metabolism. It assists with flushing out waste from the body too.

Try this: substitute all liquid intake with water this week and see the result.

Drink at least 17 ounces of water (around 2 glasses) and that will shoot up your metabolic rate for up to 30 percent. 

2.   Slow down on dairy

If you are looking for a fast way to shed a few pounds, then low-fat dairy products should be part of your daily meal. According to a report by Michael Zemel, M. D. director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the ‘Obesity Journal’, ‘calcium serves as a switch that tells your body to burn excess fat faster’. Aim for low-fat dairy servings rather than non-dairy meals as they are a non-stressful, healthy way to lose weight in a week. 

3.   Cut down on white bread and pasta

This one of the the effective and healthy ways to lose weight in a week. Carbohydrates can wreak havoc on your weight and leave you still hungry, thereby having you wanting more. They make you bloat around the stomach. Ban out all the white products like white rice, sandwich rolls, and noodles. And go for good old veggies as substitutes. Instead of going for the chicken sandwich, why not change it to chicken salad with deep natural vegetable produce? That’d greatly enhance your weight loss campaign. 

4.   Make slow food choices

Not being in a hurry to eat might be a good thing. Slowing down on the order will minimize your chance of going for chips and quick cake. Sticking to a pre-plan diet chart is a great way to have a second look at the food you take and the calories it adds up to your body.  If you are hankering for something to eat, then that probably isn’t hunger but craving. Sniff an apple or banana when you feel this carving. According to Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., (Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in the US), people who sniffed fruits frequently are less hungry and the more weight they lose. Sniffing these fruits tricks the brain into thinking that you are eating them. 

5.   Do a quick exercise daily

Apart from the effects it has on your muscle, sit-ups and squats are a sure way to convert fats into tightened abs and butts. Just the little technique of keeping your spine rigid with your shoulder back gives you a slimmer, more streamlined middle. Do more push-ups as they target your upper body while allowing the lungs to work out the excess fats.

The Center for Disease Control says that you can shed 10 pounds a year when you spend 10 minutes a day walking up and down the stairs. So instead of hitting the elevator button, take the stairs. 

6.   Positive confessions

It is a known fact that what you say becomes what you are. If you rely on the negative, how fat you are, how impossible it is for you to lose weight, then chances are you get stuck in the same hole you desperately want to get out from. Instead of the negative talks, make positive confessions about your situation and your goal: ‘I can burn calories and lose weight’, ‘I know I can modify my lifestyle for a better result’ repeat these statements, and you’d see the manifestation in no time

That’s it guys, those are proven and healthy ways to lose weight in a week.

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Chapter 1 – 6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week Fast 

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