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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

What’s about the pregnancy due date calculator? If you are a pregnant woman, you are probably interested in when you are due for delivery. You are not alone as millions of first time pregnant women across the globe also want to have a clue about when their babies are due. You may have been making

What Happens at Four Months of Pregnancy

Are you a pregnant woman curious about what happens when you are four months pregnant? Then you have found the right resource that will educate you on what happens at four months pregnant. In this article, I talk about the basic symptoms, changes, and situations every healthy pregnant woman experiences in the fourth month of

7 Causes of Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

  Experiencing abdominal pain during pregnancy may be your body’s reaction to the need to accommodate your baby during its growing stage. Some of the causes of this abdominal pain are minor, while some others should be taken seriously. It is important for you as an expectant mother to know the possible causes of this

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Labor

As an expectant mother, most especially fist-timers, I understand you have a lot of questions about labor and giving birth generally. You are eager to find out how it works so you can be better prepared psychologically. That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this article: 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Labor.   So,