4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days

effective ways to lose weight fast

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When was the last time you went to the beach? Do you feel clumsy pulling off your shirt?

If the thought of removing your shirt off fills you with ‘not-so-confident’ aura then you need to pay close attention to this post as I’ll be showing you 4 effective ways to lose weight fast.

If you are serious about shedding those stubborn fat and regaining your confidence then you might to take this post seriously.

4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast



One of the quickest  and effective ways to lose weight fast is by burning those fats. And to do this, you need to run slowly. Regardless of what you might have heard, running fast is great for building strength and some muscle but not always great for losing weight fast. Harder gym routine will stress you out and still not burn out the fats.

Here are some quick tips to kick off:

  • Instead of going full time running, try 50m sprints focusing on your leg speed and pace
  • Run up and down a hill. Try to focus on keeping your back straight and your hips straight
  • Go for a quick run before having breakfast. Doing this will cause your body to use up the fats rather than carbs



According to LorcanLoughrey, getting in the pool often is a quick way to lose weight fast. If you are one of those that haven’t been a bid subscriber to fitness, swimming can be a great start for you. When you hit the pool, go to the lane designated for recreational or ‘slow’ purpose. No matter the amount of weight you are trying to shed, getting in the pool is a sure way to do and still be having fun. Swimming will adjust your cardiovascular and muscular index. These three swimming positions are set to help you lose weight fast.

  • Backstroking: keep one hand above the other and your whole body lying straight against the water. If done precisely, this technique can improve body flexibility in the upper body.
  • Breaststroke: This technique is a bit tough, but it will help pump your heart rate and improve blood flow.
  • Butterfly kick: While on our back and arms stretch out above your head, kick like a dolphin. This technique is a sure abdominal slow burner.



This is one of the effective ways to lose weight fast you need to pay attention to. GYM workout keeps your metabolism working even after your workout. So you will be burning calories even after your workout as long as you eat right. Do a brutal circuit session for fat burning. Do a 30-second shift repeatedly.

  • After the warm up, start with a 5 minutes’ treadmill run at around 16Kmph. Round it up with a thorough stretch.
  • Do a press up by moving along a rope laid on the floor and then step away as you complete each round.
  • The medicine ball: pick and launch a medicine ball over your head to the floor
  • Row standing (TRX) Begin this session only when the rope is tight.
  • Finish up with the plank. Go for a 30-second lap and try to beat your previous time frame.



Barry Stalker talks about the quickest way to lose weight by burning over 500 calories in a 45-minute session. This technique will get your heart pumping in no time hence burning calories.

The rule is for you to make sure you don’t lift too much fast. This could cause an incorrect form. You can ask your trainer before proceeding.

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As a warm up, make sure you stretch out your muscle, arms, hip, and thighs. Get your body mobile and ready.

  • Do six to 10 lifts during work out for belly-burners.
  • Try and get your back length straight and your knees exactly aligned.
  • Bench press: this move is to press your back on the bench and draw your shoulder blades away.

If you implement the tips discussed in this post, you are sure going to lose weight fast.

There! Effective ways to lose weight fast that you should consider integrating into your routine.


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