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Hang on dear; you are almost there. As your baby continues to grow, vital organs begin to get matured. Your baby is getting prepared to be born, he or she will begin to store fat and would have its head turned down in this month.

In this article, you will learn what happens inside you, your baby, your body changes, and necessary preparations you need to make as you prepare for the arrival of your baby and what to expect in the coming month. 

Week 31 of your pregnancy  

As your baby continues to grow, vital organs like the lungs and digestive tract become matured. Now that most of the major organs are functioning properly, your baby’s growth will shift towards perfecting these organs and developing muscle and fat. Baby’s weight will also increase and by the end of this week, your baby is supposed to weigh between 3 .1 to 3.5 pounds and about 11 inches in length.

Be music. This will be a good time to play those awesome songs you have in stock.

In addition, the eyes would have become responsive to light since the iris is fully developed.

Compared to your second trimester, you will become more tired now due to the increasing development inside you.  Your uterus is large enough and now fills most part of your abdomen. You have probably gained about 25 pounds by now.

Make sure you pay attention to signals in your body and try to rest when needed. Exercise is still an important activity during this time. You can try walking, stretching or swimming. 

Week 32 of your pregnancy 

From this week, your baby sleeps most of the time. Since the uterus is becoming a small place for the baby to swim, you will notice less movement. Though the baby still tries to move there will not be enough room for the baby to flex.

By now,

If your baby is a boy, the testicles will start moving from the groin down to the scrotum. If your baby is a girl, her clitoris is now prominent.

By the end of this week, your baby would weigh about 4 pounds and half of your weight increase will go to the baby.

Week 33 of your pregnancy 

By this week, your baby drinks about 1 pint of amniotic fluid daily and urinates the same amount daily. The baby will also practice breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid through its lungs.

Your baby’s lanugo is disappearing by now and being replaced by real hair.

You will continue to gain at least 1 pound every week. Try not to skip meals as you and your baby need the extra calories. 

Week 34 of your pregnancy 

At this stage, your baby has a 95 percent chance of survival if given birth to prematurely. Although the risk of complications is there but with hospital support, the baby has a high chance of survival.

In this week, your baby would have turned its head down in preparation for birth. The skull bones are still flexible and not yet fit to exit the birth canal.

The skin of your baby is becoming less wrinkled. You will start feeling slight contractions occasionally. Make sure you talk to your doctor whenever the contraction becomes severe. To combat infections, the baby would have developed antibodies covering the placenta. 

Four Important Things to Do in Preparation for Labor: 

  1. Secure Support: To decrease your chance for Oxytocin, induction, and C-section, it is that you seek the support of a trained Doula. Check out Dona International to help you locate a certified Doula in your area.
  2. Prepare for the big performance: Get some tricks up your sleeve. As your delivery date approaches, you can learn some effective technique to help you manage pain during labor. For a start; you can try hypnosis or heat changes.
  3. Be a water baby: if you have access to a bathtub, take a dive (not literary). Doing this constant will get you inclined to the warmth and weightlessness of your baby during labor.




What you need to eat now:

Calcium is very important in this stage of your pregnancy because the baby will need a lot of it to make and harden its bone. You need a lot of calcium and minerals to compliment the one your baby is using for growth.

You need at least 1, 500 mg of calcium daily. The below sources of calcium can give you a boost;

·  1 cup of plain low-fat yogurt: this gives you 415 mg

·  3 canned sardines: 325 mg

·  8 ounces of fruit yogurt (low fat): 300 to 350 mg

·  8 ounces non-fat pure milk: 297 mg.

·  8 ounces of Soy Milk: 300 mg

·  6 ounces of orange juice (calcium-fortified): 260 mg

·  1.5 ounces of mozzarella-cheese: 330 mg

You are almost there. This is the time you need to stay strong and focused. Take enough rest and don’t forget the joy that comes from giving birth. You started the journey bubbling, this story is about to end with happiness and sound health. You can do it!

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