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Are you a pregnant woman curious about what happens when you are four months pregnant?

Then you have found the right resource that will educate you on what happens at four months pregnant. In this article, I talk about the basic symptoms, changes, and situations every healthy pregnant woman experiences in the fourth month of their pregnancy

Women undergo several changes at every stage of pregnancy. Many of the changes and symptoms they encounter are peculiar to every healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy can be both confusing and mysterious. That is why first-timers are always eager to find out what happens to them at every stage of their pregnancy.

They don’t want to be left in the dark about their body and the state of their baby. They don’t want surprises. They want to be mentally and physically prepared for the changes that accompany every stage of their pregnancy. On the other hand, the whole process has become a routine for women who have given birth to one or more babies. They know what to expect at every stage and how to deal the emerging situations. 

Month Four of Your Pregnancy 

The fourth month of your pregnancy starts on week 13 and ends on week 16. This is one of the crucial months in every pregnancy. The 13th week in the fourth month of your pregnancy marks the beginning of the second trimester , considered by many as the fun part. This is the period when your baby experiences rapid growth in its formation. At this stage, your energy should get renewed while your breasts will remain bigger but less tender. There is nothing to panic about. It is an exciting month if you do the right things at the right time.

One of the exciting things that happen when you are four months pregnant is that your baby bump begins to show and becomes noticeable. This automatically makes you the center of attention anywhere you find yourself. People will begin to ask you if you are pregnant just to confirm their guesses about your protruded tummy. The foetus announces itself to the world in this month.

In general, your baby this month does several things such as stretching, swallowing, thumb-sucking and snoozing. Your baby is busy trying to put its new abilities to use. By the end of this month, your baby will measure about six to eight inches in terms of length and weigh about six ounces.

What Happens to Your Baby in the Fourth Month of Your Pregnancy:

Week 13

In the first week of the fourth month of your pregnancy, your baby is expected to weigh around 25g.

Secondly, the testes or ovaries, depending on the gender of your baby become fully developed inside their body while the genitals get formed outside. A penis or clitoris will begin to grow at the region where there was swelling between the legs.

Note: You won’t be able to know the gender of your baby if you go for an ultrasound scan at this stage.

Week 14

In the second week of the fourth month, week 14, your baby is about 85mm long from head to bottom.

At this stage, your baby starts to swallow little bits of amniotic fluid which go into the tummy. Interestingly, the kidneys begin work and the swallowed fluid goes back into the amniotic fluid in the form of urine. 

Week 15

In the third week of the fourth month, your baby begins to hear things. Your baby could hear muted sounds from the outside world as well as any form of sound or noise arising from your digestive system, as well as the sound of your heart and voice. At this stage, when you talk, your baby hears. You can communicate with it. Amazing, right?

In addition, the eyes of your baby become sensitive to light. Even though the eyes of your baby are close, they are capable of recording a bright light outside of your tummy. 

Week 16

This is the last week of the fourth month. Your baby is about the size of an avocado and around 11.5cm long at this stage. The joints and limbs get fully formed, so don’t be surprised when you hear movements within your tummy.  The muscles of the baby’s face become active and responsive. Facial expressions also begin to appear. Please note that your baby cannot control these expressions yet.

At this stage too, your baby’s hands can reach each other. They can form a fist as well as hold each other when they touch. It is very likely that your baby would play with their umbilical cord as they get better at gripping.  How cute is that?

Your body’s changes at four months pregnant

If you have been battling with morning sickness in the previous months, things will begin to change for the better when you enter into your 13th week of pregnancy. In this month, your uterus gets wider, about the size of the head of cabbage.  There is a possibility to for an increased drive for sex because of increased blood flow to your pelvic area. What if you don’t experience an increased libido? There is nothing wrong with you. You are fine.

Notably, there is a high chance that you’d experience an increased drive for food during this month. Researchers have said that about 60 percent of your total pregnancy weight will be gained in this trimester.

Your feet may start swelling and become too big for the new pairs of nice shoes you recently bought. Worse, they may never return to their original size. That’s one of the sacrifices every pregnant woman pays.

You’ll see that a very small bump developing as your womb grows and moves upward. If you feel an increased urge to urinate more often than in the previous months, it is due to the fact that your womb was pressing down your bladder. You should experience a relief now. Endeavor to see your doctor if you experience any pain when you urinate. It is a normal thing to have urinary infections during pregnancy but they have to be treated quickly to reduce the risk of kidney infections. 

What You Should Eat When You are Four Months Pregnant

This very fourth month is when you should pay serious attention to your diet. Diet is an essential part of human lives. Your diet says a lot about you. There are certain foods every pregnant woman should include in their feeding timetable as well as others they need to completely stay away from during this month. It is important that you maintain a balanced diet right from this month till you give birth to your baby. A healthy feeding culture is of immense benefits to you and your baby. It would help provide the required nourishment to your baby to facilitate its growth.

What kind of food should you eat during your fourth month of pregnancy? You need foods rich in iron. Common sources of iron are chicken, meat, green leafy vegetables and legumes. It is important that you put sweets away from your diet during this period. Sweets can easily be replaced with more nutritious foods like fruit yogurt, dried fruits and unsalted nuts.

It is good that you are watching your weight but this is not the best time to skip meals. You need to eat at regular intervals, say every four hours to prevent severe heartburn, nausea and fatigue. It is highly recommended that you eat 5-6 light but healthy meals daily. Curious about how much weight you’ll gain? You’d have gained between 1.5 to 2 kilograms at the end of the fourth month. If you follow a consistent healthy feeding plan, there is nothing to be worried about as you won’t gain unhealthy weight.

What happens at four months pregnant are crucial to the safety of your baby and yourself. Thus, it is important that you pay attention to your body and your baby, and the way they react to these situations.

There it is, guys. We hope you found this post useful.

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