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Hi there. This is one of our most recent posts here on Vital Health Recipes on how you can get rid of mouth odor.

What are you doing to get rid of  your bad breath ? We all love to look good. Some of us even spend so much money and time on taking care of our skin, shape, color, wears etc. when we appear in public and people drool over our appearance, we feel elated and the self-esteem needle shoots up just a little. Now imagine that after you have been lavishly complimented by someone. you are about to thank the person and perhaps return some compliments when you remember that in order to do this, you have to open your mouth and opening your mouth is not an attractive prospect because …

Wait for it…


The mouth doesn’t smell nice!

it is an awful feeling especially when you know that people notice that smell coming off of your mouth and they seem to just say hello and move on. They can’t wait to get away from the smell of bad breath!

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath can be caused by a lot of things such as infections, diet, and lifestyle, hygiene, eating habits, medications and even serious health problems. The good news however is that bad breaths can be discarded. Here are some remedies that will help chase the monster out of your mouth for good and restore self-confidence to be yourself anywhere, anytime. 

1.   Baking soda: 

Brushing your teeth with baking soda twice in a week will keep the bacteria causing the mouth odor at bay. It is not good to kill all the bacteria because we need them for the digestion of protein.  However, these bacteria can overgrow and multiply beyond the needed amount. Baking soda will help keep them in check. 

2.   Carb fruits and crunchy veggies: 

This is another effective way to get rid of bad breath fast. Since the odor causing bacteria thrive on proteins, eating fruits such as carrots and apples may help do two major things. The first is to get rid of protein leftovers hanging around your teeth, the second is put some sweet taste and smell in the mouth instead of the odor of decomposing proteins. 

3.   Flossing:  

Some dentition could be so tightly fixed that food items hang between the teeth. If these food items are not removed, they could start to decompose in the mouth and cause the mouth to smell. To fix this problem, floss regularly and make sure that your mouth is not harboring any decaying foods. 

4.   Mouth rinse: 

Develop a habit of rinsing your mouth with alcohol free rinses that contain zinc if you are serious about getting rid of bad breath. It helps keep the bacteria at bay and promote fresh breath through the zinc, ultimately helping you get rid of mouth odor.

5.   Stimulate: 

One of the reasons bacteria growth increases in the mouth is dryness of the mouth. If you know that your mouth has a tendency to get dry you can stimulate saliva production by chewing sugar free gum rich in xylitol. 

6.   Brush your teeth: 

The teeth and mouth can gather and harbor bacteria. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily will reduce the activities of bacteria in the body and help the mouth stay fresh for longer. The tongue has a tendency to harbor these bacteria more than any other part of the mouth, remember to brush the whiteness away from your tongue and extend the toothbrush to the back of the tongue. After each brushing session your tongue should be light pink and not whitish. 

7.   Quit smoking:  

Well, everyone knows that smoking is bad for the human health. But few know that smoking is especially bad for the dental of health. The inhalation of smoke causes a lot of havoc. You want to get rid of bad breath? Quit smoking and start a healthy journey of hygiene and you might be able to get rid of bad breath. 

8.   Medications:  

Avoid medications that cause dryness in the mouth except you absolutely need them. Some medications cause moth to smell after consumption. Some of these are antidepressants, antibiotics, and even some pain killers.

9.   Eliminate:  

Milk and other dairy products might be causing you to have bad breath. A lot of people are lactose intolerant without even knowing it. Unlike in some people who react severely against dairy products, some have mild inconspicuous reaction such as bad breath. If you fall into this category, then you have to stay away from dairy products. 

10.   Breath through your nose: 

if you have a snoring problem, it might be important for your dental health to solve it. Snoring makes you breathe through your mouth and this is unhealthy because it causes your mouth to get dry. As I have said earlier, dry mouth causes bad breath. 

11.   Water: 

Another way to prevent dry mouth and get rid of toxins is to drink a lot of water. Water is the best antioxidant and keeps the body well moisturized. The mouth will be freer with water and it will get rid of thick saliva and dry mouth which might be causing mouth odor. 

12.   Tea:  

Green teas and black teas have a good concentration of polyphenols which helps you to get rid of oral bacteria and sulfur compounds that cause mouth odor 

13.   Vitamins 

Vitamins and dietary supplements will help eliminate excess toxins and mucus. You can look out for vitamins C, D, E and K. 

14.   Avoid 

Avoid using dental products that contain alcohol and lauryl sulphate. These ingredients cause mouth dryness by inhibiting saliva production. The end result of this is bad breath. 

It would help if you developed a habit of chewing parsley. It helps to keep the breath fresh and eliminate thick saliva. 

15.   Biter cola: 

As funny as it sounds, chewing bitter cola helps a lot when you are trying to get rid of unpleasant smells from your mouth. If you can get past the taste you might be on the way to a better dental health by chewing bitter cola once in a while. 

Tooth decay is a major cause of mouth odor. So, regardless of what you do, if there is a decaying tooth in your mouth the mouth will still smell. So if you feel pain in your teeth and have mouth odor too, you are better off seeing a dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will either stop the decay if it is still salvageable, or pull out the tooth.  Either ways, you would have gotten rid of mouth odor for good.

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