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Pimples are little papules that often appear on the face, back and mid-section. They can range from painless little irritants to very painful puss filled sacks that appear on the face and back. They sometimes cause scaring and might multiply and seem to be never ending. Even though they are not linked to any serious or life threatening illness or diseases, they are widely disliked and many people would pay a lot to have them go away. 

Here you go:                   

15 Natural ways to Get Rid of Pimples

1.   Lemon juice: 

Squeeze out some lemon juice and apply on the affected area. The citrus will act on the germs in the pores and kill them and will start a healing process in the skin. Then wash off with water and moisturize the place. Repeat this at least once daily and result should be unmistakable in weeks. 

2.   Honey: 

Clean the face with a mild soap and then apply honey on it with a clean cotton ball. Honey has been known for its antibacterial properties and when applied to the skin, it stops all harmful microbial activities and enhances the restoration and healing process. 

3.   Toothpaste: 

Toothpaste can be very effective when used on water pimples. It clears the pores and delivers an attack on the microbes that have caused the pimples. To use, clean the face up and apply the toothpaste to it. Wait for it to dry off and then wash it off thoroughly with water. Repeating this over a couple of days will help get rid of water pimples fast. 

4.   Steaming: 

Steaming the face with hot water has also been found to be very effective against pimples and blackheads. Simply put some hot water in a bucket and put your face over the steam. Keep it there for as long as you can before removing your face. Wipe it with a clean handkerchief and then repeat the process. After doing this for a week or some you should begin to see differences. 

5.   Tea tree oil: 

This is especially good for acne, stretch marks and pimples too. It battles micro-organisms that cause harm to the skin and besides, it helps heal the skin of the scars left by pimples.

Apply the tea tree oil all over the affected area and wash it off with water fifteen minutes later 

6.   Cucumber: 

This can be used in two ways. Either you blend it and add the paste to the affected area, or just drop slices of cucumber on the face. Either ways, cucumber does a great job of getting rid of pimples by infusing the skin with its rich vitamin contents. The skin is rejuvenated and forced to start a healing process immediately. 

7.   Aloe Vera: 

Aloe Vera is useful for a wide range of health and skin problems. One of such is pimples. Aloe Vera can be added to honey, lemon, cucumber and even tea tree oil to get a nice mask for the face. The pimples will vanish after just a few use of aloe on the face and in its place will be a fresh well moisturized face. 

8.   Apple cider vinegar:  

This is a powerful anti-microbial essence and when it is applied to the skin, it immediately launches a “fix it” campaign where it gets rid of harmful microbes and then rejuvenates the skin. In its wake, you will have a glowing, infection-free skin and when combined with lemon juice and honey, it leaves an astonishingly flawless skin. Don’t overuse it however because moisture is needed on the skin and it might drain out the moisture when used with lemon. Just dab it on the affected area and wash off after fifteen minutes. 

9.   Papaya: 

Papaya has high vitamins concentration and is very active against pimples and acne. Just peel some papaya and blend it into a fine paste. Then apply it to the affected area and let it dry off. Once it is dry, you can was it off and repeat the treatment twenty four hours later. The pimples will be gone fast. 

10.  Yoghurt: 

Just like apple cider vinegar, yoghurt also has strong anti-microbial properties and when used on the skin it can help get rid of the pimples by killing the bacteria on the skin. For best results, blend yoghurt with lemon juice and honey and rub the combination on the face. Let it sit for ten minutes and then wash off. Do this twice daily for two weeks and you will be surprised at the results. 

11.   Olive oil: 

This oil is known for its richness in vitamin E. when used on the skin, it helps the skin to heal quickly and prevents scaring. Just take a bit of it and rub it into the skin until it has been fully absorbed.  Then place a heating pad on the spot or a warm towel. Dab the excess oil off without rubbing and repeat the process in 24 hours. The pimples should be gone in a week. 

12.   Baking soda: 

Mix some baking soda with lemon juice and apply over the affected parts, wait till it dries off and wash it of ten minutes later. The baking soda will help the face rid of microbes and start the healing process. You could apply olive oil to the face afterwards for moisture. 

13.   Garlic:  

Garlic is a strong anti-microbial and antibiotic plant. It is also rich in some vitamins. It has cell rejuvenation and antibacterial properties that make it a darling to the skin. Blend the garlic cloves up and apply the paste onto the face. Wash off after fifteen minutes and repeat after twenty four hours. In a few weeks, changes should be visible. 

14.   Water: 

Drinking a lot of water helps the body get rid of toxins. It also allows for hydration on the skin and clears the pores every human looking to have good skin should drink at least two liters of water per day. Drinking water therefore is a good way to reduce and get rid of pimples over a long period of time. It is a routine that is easy to keep up with. 

15.   Ice:

What ice does basically is to fight the pores, removing oil and dirt and increasing blood circulation to the affected area. By doing this, the ice has disposed of the dirt, the oil and has started cell rejuvenation through the increased blood flow. Ice can be used in the crushed form or ice cubes. It should be placed on the affected area and after a while the face should be washed off. This will get rid of budding pimples overnight.

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