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Wondering if they are really effective ways to get rid of your vagina odor fast? This post shows you how to, just read on. So one afternoon you are in the bathroom, easing yourself or taking a quick dump. You notice a smell and wrinkle your nose in reaction.

“This place needs some cleaning up, I’ll do it tomorrow.”  You said to yourself as you cleaned up and left the bathroom. And then later that evening, you take a quick shower, dab on your favorite perfume and head out to that rendezvous with your boo. It is a pleasant night and you guys decide to crash together… your place or his… it doesn’t matter. 

Then comes the part where you both are kissing and making out. The mood is set; the temperature is high and y’all really getting there. You go all the way and halfway perhaps all the way through with the beautifully ecstatic act, that awful smell finds its way up your nostrils again. This time, it’s stronger and something thou cannot ignore. You stop dead in your pleasure.

“Is that me?” you ask without asking.  The answer seems elusive. But you know that if you can smell it, your partner most likely can smell it too. Trouble! The last thing you want pooping on your romantic party is the smell coming from your panties. It is becoming worrisome.

If this is you, it is not the end of the world. For every problem, there is a logical explanation and thankfully, a solution. So here are the basic things you need to know about that unpleasant vagina odor that had been bothering you. 

There are several causes of vagina odor such as douching, heat, tight pants, dirt, STDs, and good old fashioned lack of hygiene. It however can be treated in a wide range of ways, from medical to local and DIY. 

15 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Vagina Odor Fast: 

1.   Avoid silk underwears: 

Silky underwears prevent the free flow of air in and out of the vagina and pubic area, thus resulting in heat. In order to get rid of vagina odor, you will need to stop generating heat around the vagina area and to do this; you need to give up the silk panties and tight leather pants and shorts. 

2.   Bath with yoghurt:  

Yoghurt contains some of the good bacteria that are healthy for the vagina. One of the causes of bad odor in the vagina is the upset of the normal PH of the vagina. Washing up with non-sweetened yoghurt a couple of times a day will restore the vagina to its normal PH and kill the bad bacteria. 

3.   Wash up with vinegar:  

Apple cider vinegar is also good for restoring the vagina to its normal healthy acidic nature. Bathing with or washing the vagina area with vinegar will help get rid of the foul smell causing bacteria and restore the vagina to its normal odorless state. 

4.   Soak up in baking powder: 

Another surprising way to get rid of vagina odor, and any odor really is to pour a good quantity of backing soda in a bath filled with water and just slip in there and have a bubble bath. Baking soda contains ingredients that have the ability to help get rid of bacteria and restore the vagina to its normal state. After the soda bath, a cold shower will set you on a path of recovery. 

5.   Make a garlic vagina cream: 

This might sound a little “eeeewww” but garlic is very rich in antibacterial properties. Make a paste out of an average sized clove of garlic and rub it on the walls of the vagina. Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes and then take a cold bath. This helps get rid of the smell-causing bacteria. 

6.   Fruits and vegetables:  

Increasing your intake of foods rich in vitamins will help build your body immunity and therefore help you kill the bad bacteria before they even get a chance to make your vagina smell. So while treating yourself for the odor, citrus might also is a good choice. 

7.   Eat Indian gooseberry: 

Eating Indian gooseberry, also known as the amla fruit can help purify the blood and prevent bacteria such as leucorrhoea and any other infection. It thus can help keep the smell at bay. 

8.   Tea tree oil: 

Tea tree oil does wonders to get rid of vagina odor by killing more or less every bad bacterium it comes in contact with. Soaking a tampon or cotton ball in water diluted tree tea oil and sticking it in the vagina will get rid of the infection and thus the smell fast. 

9.   Neem water/oil: 

This is a very effective way of getting rid of vagina odor. Boil neem leaves and use the strained water to wash the vagina a couple of times and then rub neem oil over the vagina. 

10.   Be careful when wiping: 

A lot of people are not careful with their bodies enough. Remember to wipe from the front to the back and not from the back to the front during post bathroom clean up. This prevents dirt from entering the vagina; this is an escape from the pangs of a smelly vagina. 

11.   Change your tampon: 

For God’s sake, the tampon is meant to be changed. Don’t leave it in there for more than four to six hours. Change your pad and rinse before each pad/tampon renewal. 

12.   You are what you eat: 

Eat healthy and you will have a better chance at being healthy. Avoid excessive sugar and carbonated drinks and meals. Drink plenty of water too.

13.   Bath after your work out: 

Workout sweat should not be left to sit on the body for long. One way to get rid of vagina odor is by stopping the bad habit that caused it. Take a shower after your workout and the cycle leading to the smelly underbody can be broken. 

14.   Avoid chemicals and perfumes: 

Using perfumes will get rid of the smell temporarily. But the smell will be back stronger because the perfume would have irritated the vagina, causing the infection to spread and thus the smell to grow stronger. 

15.   Get tested and treated: 

STIs are very huge contributors to the foul-smelling nature of bacteria. If your vaginas odor is accompanied by itching and irritation, (and even if it isn’t) it would be a good idea to get tested for STIs and subsequently treated if you have any. Once the STIs have been treated, you will have gotten rid of the smell. 

There you have them, 15 practical tips to treat vagina odor. All you need to do is integrate these tips into your daily routines and you’ll be bidding farewell to that ugly, unpleasant and disturbing vagina odor.

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