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Guest Post Guidelines

  • Article Length: We accept informative and insightful articles. Each article should be a minimum of 750+ words. Articles below this length may not be published on our website.
  • Article Topic: Article Topic should be health related: diseases, fitness, weight management, diet and nutrition or general health (women and men’s health). Articles without any identifiable health benefit would be rejected.


  •  Author Bio And Link:  You are allowed to include a link to your website at end of your article within the author bio.


  •  Tone: Please write in simple, digestible, positive and compelling language. We do not accept unnecessarily verbose articles flooded with too many technical jargons.
  • Be Reader-centric: Please don’t attempt to IMPRESS. Write to EXPRESS your ideas in your own style. This would help readers to easily connect with you.


  • Readability: Readers are continually growing impatient. So, anything that appears too long and uninteresting may suffer from poor readership. Write in a scannable style: use headings, subheadings and bold fonts where necessary.


  • No irrelevant Links:  Every link to other resource within your article must be relevant and contribute to the overall meaning of your article. Irrelevant links would not be permitted.
  • Credit:  Please credit to individual work where necessary. This goes for image as well.
  • Image + Video: Please use images or videos to illustrate/enhance the ideas in your article. Images communicate easier and faster.
  • No Affiliate link: No affiliate/promotional links are allowed in any of the articles you submit to us.
  • Copyright: We hold a stern stance against intellectual stealing. We will never publish posts/articles found to have been copied from other blogs. We run a plagiarism check of every article submitted to us. We would know!


  • Comment: Please be prepared to respond to comments/questions that your articles may generate. This will advance the discourse with new insights evolving from the comments.


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