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Would you like to take your business to the next level? Are you looking at boosting your revenue and turning your brand into a global household name? You need to talk to our team of content creators and strategists.

If you are an individual, small/medium or large scale business owner, we’ll be more than happy to work closely with you to build a bankable brand and increase sales in your business.

These are the various ways you can engage our services:


1. Blog/Web Content Writing


Blogging, over the years has been proven to be an effective marketing channel for businesses. Blogging helps provide relevant contents about your brand or business to your audience. It positions your brand before people who are TRULY interested in your business and not some random people. It’s an effective way to continually feed them with the right information. Importantly, blogging helps you generate massive sales without spending a dime on traditional ads.

So, if you are looking grow your business via blogging, you need to be intentional about it. You need regular, Original and SEO-friendly blog posts specific to your niche/industry to drive up your traffic and turn random blog readers to customers and raving fans of your brand.

Talk to us, we’ll develop an effective content strategy that’ll be a game changer for your business and help you beat your competitors hands down.


2. eBook/eCourse Ghostwriting Services


eBooks are a great way to show yourself as an authority in your industry, build trust and followership. It’s a viable way to stay ahead of your competitors.

As a public speaker, it help you get high-paying speaking gigs as your it shoots up your value perception within the marketplace.

If you would like to become a self-published author, build your email list, or earn passive income, eBooks are a great a way to achieve any of these.

If you are looking for someone to trust to create a professional and top quality eBook/e-course with full copyrights issued to you at the completion of the project, look no further.

Contact us right away.


3.  Email/Newsletter Copywriting Services


It isn’t just enough to build a massive email list, how responsive are your subscribers?

Not as much as you’d like! If you aren’t getting a decent conversion from your newsletters. If your subscribers aren’t buying your products/services, you are simply wasting money.

Something is definitely wrong. Your copy is bad. And now is the right time to fix it.

Yes. The money is in the list. But you’d be so wrong taking that expression literally. People don’t join your email list and start buying your products/service. Turning email subscribers into raw cash is an art, that requires mastery. You have to be intentional and strategic about every newsletter you send out to them.

You need to build a connection with the people and treat them like friends.

If you need someone to help you turn your subscribers into an ATM, talk to us. We’ll help you create professional and attention-grabbing email campaign series that make your subscribers hungry about your product.

We can help you build a strong and productive relationship with your subscribers.

Get in touch, let’s create an effective strategy to grow your business.

Send us an email to use any of our services.

Please follow this format:

  1. Tell us briefly about the nature of your business.
  2. Tell us about your short and longterm goals for your business.
  3. Indicate which of our services you need.
  4. Tell us what your budget is.

Email us at vitalhealthrecipes4u@gmail.com

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