Appetite suppression enhances weight loss in the body. There are effective and proven ways to suppress your appetite and reduce cravings. Here are 15 ways to suppress your appetite and reduce calorie intake:

15 Effective Ways to Suppress Appetite

  • Eat enough protein

Eating high-protein foods like turkey, beans, and salmon will increase feelings of fullness and make you eat less during meals.

  • Drink water before every meal

Drinking a large glass of water makes you feel fuller and less hungry after the meal (1)

  • Eat more high-fibre foods

Fibre does not break down like other meals, so it stays in the body for an extended period. It makes you feel fuller, making you less hungry throughout the day. Healthy fibre food includes almonds, vegetables, beans, whole grains etc.

  • Exercise before meals

Regular exercises suppress appetite. A particular study shows that aerobic exercises stimulate the satiety hormone (Peptide YY and GLP-1) which lasts for up to two-three hours. 

  • Mindful eating

Mindful eating is one of the ways that help you gain control over your eating habits. Mindful eating can also reduce your calorie intake. 

  • Get enough quality sleep

Getting enough quality sleep helps you to suppress hunger. It increases fullness hormones which will reduce your hunger levels throughout the day.

  • Eat protein-rich snacks

High-protein snacks increase the feelings of fullness and decrease total calorie intake after each meal. This will help to prevent you from overeating whenever you want to eat again. It does not add a ton of calories.

  • Take appetite control pills

Another effective way to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism is taking appetite control pills which will make you feel fuller and help you cut back on your calorie consumption.

  • Drink coffee

Coffee decreases your appetite levels. It contains caffeine which has a lot of benefits. It increases the release of Peptide YY which enhances a feeling of fullness. 

  • Increase your intake of Omega-3 Fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in foods such as chia seeds, walnuts and flax seeds fish oil, algae and algae oil. It increases serotonin levels which reduces your food cravings. It increases fullness hormones which makes you stay less hungry for an extended period. 

  • Spice up your meals

Spices such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric stimulate your metabolism and act as effective appetite suppressants

  • Eat ginger

Eating a considerable amount of ginger suppresses appetite and increases fullness. This is because of its stimulating effect on the digestive system. Taking ginger will help you burn more calories through exercise. 

  • Drink Yerba Mate tea

Yerba Mate tea comes from the Ilex paraguariensis plant. It reduces your appetite and improves your mood when combined with high-intensity work-outs.

  • Eat dark chocolate

The bitterness of dark chocolate will reduce your cravings. It contains stearic acid which slows down digestion. This increases feelings of fullness.  Dark chocolate contains compounds like catechins, flavanols, polyphenols. It reduces levels of ghrelin which stimulates hunger. Research shows that people ate less during the next meal after eating dark chocolate.

  • Take a dose of apple cider vinegar

A dose of apple cider vinegar improves digestion and makes your stomach full for a long period. It can control your food cravings for up to three hours.

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