10 Practical Ways to Deal with Irregular Menstrual Cycle

irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular menstrual cycle can be a true pain in the neck when you are trying to plan ahead for some event or travel. All of a sudden, it pops into your mind that you cannot be sure when your period will come. These sorts of experiences make it such a pain for the ladies who have problems with their cycles. A lot of young women experience irregular cycles in the first two years of their first menstrual period. But after this period, the cycle is expected to settle down into a more predictable cycle and when this doesn’t happen, it is a cause for worry.


What is normal differs from one woman to another, but one thing that remains fixed is the discomfort of having an unpredictable cycle. It is therefore with this in mind that so many women make efforts to regularize their cycle. If you fall into this category of women or you know someone who does, today is your luck day as here are a few tips to reign in the wild menstrual horse and make it behave.

How to Deal with Irregular Menstrual Cycle


1.   Avoid sudden weight loss: if you are overweight and trying to lose weight, it might help to know that using products that cause sudden weight loss is not a good idea. The weight loss process should be gradual so that your body can have time to adjust to its new weight.


2.   Eat healthy food: diet is a very important factor when I come to how our body functions generally. Eating junks that are rich in hormones can cause your cycle to be irregular. Try homemade meals more often and eat healthy. Replace the iced creams with been tea and the extra thick steak with extra lean beef and watch your body bounce into a healthier routine.


3.   Exercise: sports are good for your health and general body fitness. But endurance sports such as marathons and treks might not be ideal. They might be putting took much stress on your body thereby causing a lack of decorum in the functioning of your body. If you are involved in these endurance activities, you might want to reconsider and replace the hard core endurance sports with aerobics to keep fit.


4.   Stress: stress on your mind can also be causing your menstrual cycle to be irregular. Stress hormones have impacts on the other hormones in the body and if you are under stress, it might be the reason for your menstrual cycle’s erratic behavior. Find a place to rest, take a trip and relax your body and mind. Hopefully your body will take the cue and go back to normal.


5.   Green pawpaw: green papaya works as a strong emmenagogue and therefore is good for the control of the menstrual cycle. It is particularly good for delayed periods. However, once you get your period, you should stop the papaya and wait till the period is over before continuing it. Regular consumption of this fruit will hello to crest a routine for your period.


6.   Grapes: drinking grape juice moderately will hello your menstrual period to regularize over a period of time. Grape can also be eaten raw and even though it is not to be taken in excess, it is highly helpful for putting your visitor on a time table.


7.   Banyan tree roots: the roots of the banyan tree have been used for centuries in the treatment of irregular menstrual cycle and infertility. Boil fresh banyan tree roots in water for about ten or fifteen minutes, you can add some milk to taste and take it twice daily.


8.   Stay away from hormonal contraceptives such as “the pill” as they tamper with the normal functioning of your hormones. Instead, you could use condoms and other barricade contraceptives. Hormonal contraceptives work by increasing certain hormones in the body and thus causing an imbalance between the increased hormones and the other hormones in the body. This can result in irregular menstrual cycle.


9.   Quit smoking: smoking is bad for your health, this is no news. Basically, smoking turns everything upside down and makes a lot of thing malfunction in your body. If you are a smoker and your cycle is irregular then you better start a therapy on yourself by getting clean and staying away from nicotine by all means. Caffeine is also something you might want to cut down on. When consumed in large quantities, caffeine disrupts your sleeping patterns and causes hormonal imbalance in the body.


10.   Omega-3 fatty acids: when it comes to the general health of your reproductive life, omega-3 is a big plus. It hello to enhance circulation and hormonal balance. Once hormonal balance is achieved, then your menstrual cycle will fall in place. It is therefore important to eat food such as fish and salmon. You could also take supplements.

You could also add proteins such as cottage cheese and nuts such as peanuts cashew nuts to your meals. These will help regularize your hormones and thus your menstrual cycle.

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