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 Fruits are a great source of nutrients and vitamins. There are certain fruits diabetics should eat to help lower their blood sugar. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), fruits are full of necessary fiber, minerals and should be an intricate part of a diabetes patient meal. If you are using the glycemic index (GI) to measure the effects of food in your blood sugar level, then you need to use the same tool for your fruits.

Fruits are good, but some fruits are not recommended due to their high latent sugar inhibitors. You need to stay away from fruits with added sugar syrups or canned fruits that contain preservatives. Those chemicals are not good for your health. Meanwhile, most fruits are a good choice when looking for a natural way to treat diabetes. So you can take those natural fruits and satisfy yourself and at the same time tackling your health issue. 

8 fruits Diabetics Should Eat to Lower Blood Sugar: 

1.   Berries

One of the fruits diabetics should eat to lower blood sugar are Berries contain antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins. Whether you prefer blueberries, strawberries or any berries, it is recommended that you eat them in full. Three-quarter of a cup of strawberries has up to 62 calories and 16grams (g) of carbohydrates. Berries can be smashed into plain non-fat yogurt and makes a great breakfast side dish. 

2.   Tart Cherries

Cherries are also a great source of antioxidant and vitamins. Cherries are great because it helps to boost immunity, keeping heart diseases at bay. When having cherries, go for fresh, frozen or dried ones. The canned ones contain preservatives and lots of added sugar which are harmful to your health. Tart Cherries have more anti-inflammatory compounds than most recommended fruits. The glycemic index (GI) in Cherries is low, minimizing your chance of getting added sugar into your blood. 

3.   Peaches for Potassium

Juicy peaches can help you in the fight against diabetes and should be integrated into your diet. Peaches contain Vitamins C and A, potassium, fiber, and you won’t ignore the fact that they are delicious when smashed into iced tea or eaten alone. (You can use it with low-fat butter with ginger for a quick fruit smoothie) 

4.   Apricots

One Apricot contains 4gm of carbohydrates and provides over 17 calories in the body. Apart from their rich source of fiber, four apricots combined contains over 70 % of Vitamin A RDI (a fruit good for the eye too) Try mixing sliced apricots into hot cereal or use it for some salad. 

5.   Apples for vitamins

An apple a day, they say, might keep the doctor away.  Apple is great fruit choice when looking for an effective fruit to help deal with diabetes. The outer skin of an apple contains antioxidant (don’t peel it!), and you will agree that apples are delicious to have. With 77 calories and 21g of carbohydrate, apples also contain fiber and vitamin C. 

6.   Oranges

Oranges are low in carbs and also have a lower glycemic index (GI). They are a great source of vitamin C. An orange contains 15gm of carbs and provides you with 62 calories. Also, oranges contain potassium just like the delicious peaches, helpful in keeping your blood pressure level steady. When looking for fruits effective in fighting against diabetes, oranges are one of the go-to fruits. In place of oranges, grapefruits are the next alternative. Take one orange and you’ve gotten the needed vitamin C for the day. 

7.   Pears for Vitamin K

For a delicious experience, slice up a pear into equal bits and use them in your next spinach salad. Pears are a great source of Vitamin K and should be added to your diabetes meal plan. Pears improve in texture and flavor after they are picked. This explains why they should be stored at room temperature until they are ripe and ready to be eaten.

8.   Kiwi

Kiwi is a low carbohydrate fruit also rich in fiber. They are a great source of Vitamin C and Fiber. Delicious Kiwi contains 13gm of Carbohydrates and 56 calories. Kiwi can be used in salad and when blending your smoothie. Interestingly, Kiwi is a year round fruit and can last in your refrigerator for up to four weeks 

There you have them, a list of 8 fruits diabetics should eat. These fruits have been tested and proven to be effective in the treatment of diabetes. Diabetes patients who take one or more of these fruits have seen significant improvement in their health.

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