4 Pills To Get Hard Fast That Boost Libido In 2020

4 Pills To Get Hard Fast That Boost Libido In 2020

Updated: 01 January, 2020

If you are interested in learning about pills to get hard fast because you are struggling with weak erection or things are awkward in the bedroom then you need to pay close attention to this article. I’m about to reveal to you some of the best erection pills and libido enhancers without side effects.

New Update:

Based on my personal experience, having tried many male enhancement pills. What I consider the most effective sex pill for longer and harder erections that works fast is Male Extra.

You can get it directly from the official website.

Now, let’s continue…

There are different over the counter erection pills out there on the market. Viagra, Sildenafil, Cialis, and Levitra some of the male enhancement pills that make you stay hard longer. There is no denying the fact that these popular hard on pills available work. They give good results but the major problem with them is the negative side effects that could potentially hurt your health.

Some of the side effects associated with these popular erection pills such as Viagra are:

An embarrassing erection that will not go away, you could potentially be hard for up to 6 hours. That’s a very big problem.

Loss of vision

Hearing impairment

Severe headache

Heart palpitation


High Blood Pressure

And others.

When I desperately wanted to bring an end to my bedroom embarrassment and wanted to learn how to get harder erections, I went searching and I decided to give Viagra a shot. Trust me, I hated myself for even trying it out. I honestly wish I hadn’t. It made me feel so uncomfortable because it felt so weird and uneasy.

Viagra turned me into a robot. I didn’t feel any connection with my girl, and you’d agree with me that there is a level of emotional connection that needs to be in place when you are having sex for it to be truly pleasurable.

It was a self-induced punishment. I trashed the box the following morning and vowed never to try it or any similar sex pills again.

I wasn’t satisfied with my situation so I kept on searching for pills that can help me get hard fast that didn’t have any of those horrible side effects Viagra gave me.

I took me a lot of reading and research before I finally came across something as effective as Viagra but with zero side effects. I have to admit these stay hard pills with no side effects don’t work exactly as Viagra does. They are not going to make you hard for long hours but are super effective and make you enjoy mind-blowing sex without dizziness, headaches and heart palpitation associated with Viagra.

One unique thing about these over the counter ed supplements is that they help you to overcome weak erection and erectile dysfunction over time so you don’t need to take them when you want to have sex. Taking these pills will make you naturally horny and get hard easily without even trying.

Ingredients Contained in Best Erection Pills

Some of the best male enhancement pills that work and can be gotten over the counter are made with some natural ingredients that make them super effective and fast acting. Some of them include:


L-Arginine is an amino acid available in foods such as fish, red meat, soybean, and peanut. It boosts nitric oxide in your body which promotes blood flow which will help you get bigger and harder erections.


Another vital amino acid that reduces the levels of Histamine the body. Having too much Histamine in your body makes you cum faster. This ingredient lowers it, making you to last longer in bed. This gives control over your ejaculation.


Another ingredient found in these over the counter ed pills without side effects is Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for healthy testosterone production. It boosts testosterone and sperm count, thereby giving you a higher sex drive and healthy sperm.


This is a type of mushroom that can be found in the Himalayas. It is known for boosting oxygen in the blood which results in an improved blood flow, faster erection and stamina.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba extract if from the leaves of a native tree in China. It increases blood flow to the genitals and brain. These two factors are essential for having strong erections.

The above listed natural ingredients are what make the best hard on pills work effectively and safe for use.

Best Pills To Get Hard Fast

#1. Male Extra

male extra bottles


If you are looking a male enhancement pill that works without side effects, Male Extra is my number recommended supplement. It is one of the popular brands of male enhancement pills available OTC today.

This sex pill boosts your stamina in the bedroom and helps you to get stronger and long lasting erections.

Male Extra combines a blend of natural ingredients make sex fun for you, help you hit your partner at the right spot and end each session with intense orgasm.

Read my full Male Extra Review


Get it directly from the official website.

2. Testogen Testosterone Booster

4 Pills To Get Hard Fast That Boost Libido In 2020 1 testogen bottle 239x300

If you are starting to notice in your testosterone levels due to fatigue, stress, age(especially if you are above 30) and some lifestyle changes, then it is time to do something about.

Low testosterone can kill your confidence and turn you into a shadow of yourself. It can grossly affect your sex life, making you have low sex drive and libido. This can make things awkward in the bedroom as you will struggle to satisfy your partner.

The good thing is, things don’t have to become that bad or embarrassing before you fix it. With a natural testosterone booster supplement like Testogen, you can increase your testosterone levels naturally and supercharge your sex life with ease.

Testogen is one of the most powerful and best testosterone boosters on the market today. It contains natural ingredients that are backed by clinical studies and have been deemed effective and safe.

The manufacturers offer a 100-day money back guarantee on all orders. So, you can literally try it risk-free.

You can order Testogen directly from the official website.


Read my full Testogen Review.


#3 Max Performer for Harder and Long Lasting Erections

max performer

This male enhancement pill is formulated with natural ingredients to help you enjoy harder, bigger, and long lasting erections with ease.

Max Performer has been shown to help men reawaken their sexual desire, boost libido and effectively takes care of erectile dysfunction. With Max Performer, you can supercharge your stamina, energy, and performance in the bedroom.

More importantly, this supplement will improve the strength and size of erections to hit it hard and right.

Some of the natural male enhancement ingredients contained in Max Performer Include:

Horny Goats Weed


Red Korean Ginseng 





Click here to read full Max Performer Review


#4 VigRX Plus Libido Boosters For Men

vigrx plus

VigRX Plus is a powerful and effective sexual enhancement supplement for men manufactured by Leading Edge Health.

This erection pill has undergone several clinical studies and has been proven to be effective and safe for use.

VigRX Plus gives you fast results, boosting your blood flow and stamina for longer sex. This is one of the pills that make you stay hard longer.

Click here to read full VigRX Plus Review


#5 Extenze Stay Hard Longer Pills

extenze pills

Coming last on the list is Extenze. This is a popular sex pill available over the counter and has been featured on the TV in the U.S.

This sex pill really works fast and delivers good results however, it contains an ingredient called Yohimbe that can cause side effects.

Although I didn’t experience any side effects while using it, I have friends who complained of side effects.

From my research, I discovered Yohimbe indeed has some associated side effects.

Extenze is the fastest working male enhancement pill on the list. So, this pill is great for guys who want really fast results without minding the side effects.

Click Here to Extenze Full Review


Final Verdict: What is my Number 1 Supplement?

I know there are many male enhancement pills available over the counter on the market today but the truth is many of them are bad for your health. I love using male enhancement pills but I’m always careful to select ones that contain no harmful ingredients and can work naturally.

Do you think it makes any sense to pop pills anytime you want to have sex? What if it is surprise visit, are you going to cancel or mess up?

I think the best thing is to be ready always, and that’s exactly what these pills to get hard fast without side effects do, you continue to take them and they build up in your system over time and you can have an erection anytime you want to have sex without fear or worry.

My number #1 recommended male enhancer is Male Extra. It gave me the best results. I was able to achieve harder and long lasting erections with intense orgasm.

You can get a special deal your purchase today, simply go to the official website by clicking the link below:

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1 – Overview

Chapter 2 – Ingredients Contained In Pills To Get Hard Fast

Chapter 3 – Male Extra For Sexual Stamina

Chapter 4 – Max Performer for Harder Erections

Chapter 5 – VigRX Plus Libido Booster

Chapter 6 – Extenze Erection Pills

Chapter  – Final Verdict: What is my Number 1 Supplement?

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally: Effective Tips to Follow

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally: Effective Tips to Follow

Updated: 24 April, 2020

One of the questions adult men often ask is how to last longer in bed, especially when they are not satisfied with their performance in bed. Now, I must admit, for several years, that was one of the frequent topics I researched on the internet.

 I didn’t just want to know how to last longer and get bigger and harder erections, I wanted a natural solution with no adverse side effects.

I was moving from one blog to another, reading different articles on how I could deal with erectile dysfunction.

I desperately wanted to find a solution to my weak erection and premature ejaculation problems as it was causing me a lot of embarrassment in the bedroom.

Oh, yea. Like you most likely have done: I read a ton of articles giving tips on how to get bigger and harder erections.

The sad and painful part is that I tried the tips and techniques but didn’t get any results.

They in fact made my sex life more awkward and boring.

If you are wondering why a lot of the ‘top tips’ you have read online haven’t worked,

This is your answer: most of them are outdated and rehashed junks put out by people with practically zero experience about male sexual health problems.

So, good luck trying to improve your sex life with their advice.

The most qualified person to talk about how to last longer in bed that you should listen to is a qualified medical practitioner or someone who’s suffered from weak erection in the past.

I’m not proud about but I have to be honest with you: I was struggling to keep my shit together in the bedroom for many years, and got cheated on.

My experience has taught me a lot of lessons. I have tried, tested and experimented with many things before I finally found what worked.

Now, I’m going to share with you the exact things I did to beat weak erection and began to get long lasting and harder erections with ease.

Can you last 20 minutes in bed?



How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Foreplay is crucial

This is one of the biggest mistakes men make in the bedroom: they rip shirts apart and go straight to penetration. Needless to say, it is a bad way of making love. I, too was guilty of this. Until I discovered  foreplay is one of the keys to lasting longer in bed.

Usually, I was always eager to just get down there and dig but I always messed up as I wouldn’t last long.

Having sex without foreplay is taking your penis from 0-100. That’s putting too much pressure on the dick, and it’ll mostly get soft within a minute or two.

Let’s for a moment forget about lasting longer in bed, you may never satisfy your partner going for their pussy immediately you get hard. Why? Because sex is more psychological than physical.

So, yea before you penetrate, ensure you kiss, suck the titties and eat the damn pussy.

Foreplay helps you overcome the initial pressure that overshadows you when you are about to have sex.

Anxiety is one of the major causes of premature ejaculation, engaging in foreplay will help you calm your nerves and deal with anxiety.

Take it slowly

I know it is tempting to want to go fast at the beginning but don’t.

Going fast at the start of sex builds up tension in you and could make you cum too soon.

I was always in a hurry so I just go super fast only to end up spilling after a few seconds, leaving my partner unsatisfied and irritated.

It is best to start slowly and follow a rhythm then allow things to take shape from there.

Except you are having a quickie, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t take things slowly and calmly at the start.

You can pound fast and faster after a few minutes into the sex.

If you follow this simple tip you’ll start lasting longer during sex. 

Distract Yourself

One of the reasons guys find it difficult to last long in bed is because they over-concentrate while having sex.

If you want to last longer in bed, you need to learn to distract yourself so you don’t get too consumed in the pleasure, making you cum quicker than you’d like.

Just think about something else apart from sex during the early moments, this will help you take control of your thrusts.


I have read people talk about masturbating as a viable technique to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed.

The truth is, it was one of those things I tried a few years back when I was struggling with premature ejaculation.

It left me with more problems: It made my erections weak and soft. There were times my dick would literally go flaccid in the middle of sex.


How to Get Bigger and Harder Erections Using Male Enhancement Pills

I wanted more than just lasting a few minutes, I wanted my sex life to have the ‘wow’ effect.

That led me into reading and researching about how to get harder and longer erections.

After a lot of digging, I stumbled on some best male enhancement pills.

They are pills to get hard fast that enhance your sexual health and performance.

Male enhancement pills are effective in dealing with erectile dysfunction, weak erection, low libido/sex drive and premature ejaculation.

These sex pills can transform your sex life and help you get your ex-girlfriend back if you guys have a chance of fucking. She’d literally want to get back with you because of the mind-blowing sex, no kidding!

However, I need to let you know there are several scams and fake sex pills out there,

Many of them have horrible side effects that could hurt your health

And if you aren’t careful you could end up wasting your time and money on thin air.

I have to admit it took me some testing to finally get a few that give outstanding results. 

So, what pills make you last longer in bed?

There are certain sex pills that have been formulated to serve as sex enhancer for men to help them revitalise their sex life.

What Male Enhancement Supplement Gave me the Best Result?

My best and number 1# male enhancement pill is called Male Extra.

It has been available online since 2009. Solid and credible company.

Male extra boosted my sex drive and stamina. Plus it gave me hard rock and longer erections.

They offer a Worldwide Free Shipping.

Male Extra comes with a-60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This means it is 100% risk-free as you can request for a refund if you don’t like it after using. Although I’m confident you will fall in love with it.

Male Extra is made with natural herbs and fruits such as L-Methionine, L-Arginine, Pomegranate Extract and MSM.

Want to learn more? Check out my Full Male Extra Review

Testosterone Boosters

If you are a man over thirty and you are beginning to notice a decrease in your testosterone levels and strength, then you might want to consider taking some best testosterone boosters to regain your agility and stay active. These testosterone supplements supply your body with the depleted nutrients so you can power through your workouts and bedroom activities.

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1 – Overview

Chapter 2 – Simple Tips To Last Longer

Chapter 3 – How to Get Bigger, Harder and Long Lasting Erections

Best Male Enhancement Pills For Length And Girth

Best Male Enhancement Pills For Length And Girth

Updated: 27 April, 2020

Why do you want to learn about the best male enhancement pills for length and girth?

Has your partner been complaining about your size? And you are worried because you scared she might go back to her ex. And you are going to be so lonely and your life would be miserable?

New Update:

Just want to get down striaght to what works? Find it below:

Based on new research and overwhelming positive customers’ feedback, the most effective male enhancement pill to get Harder and Long Lasting Erections fast on the market is Male Extra.

You can get it directly from the official website.

Continue reading to learn more…

But you don’t want any of those bad stuff to happen so you are desperately looking for a solution to fix things, hence your search for natural solution.

Listen to me, I have an idea of how you feel because I have walked in your shoes in the past. It seemed like the walls were closing in on me.

I tried different male enhancement pills in a bid to make my penis bigger and enjoy harder and long-lasting erections but I was met with disappointment at every single try. I was frustrated.

I kept moving from one garbage to another without any significant results. I tried some male enhancement creams, too.

It got to a time when I asked: do male enhancement pills actually work? Because I couldn’t just seem to get one to work for me. The market is flooded with fake sex pills do nothing. Some of them are even made with harmful ingredients that could negatively impact one’s health.

Moment of Truth:

There is no one single magic pill that’ll increase the length and girth of your penis. So, if you come across any cream or pill that promises that, you should be wary as this could cause a disproportionate growth of your penis, some could even make your penis shrink, making it smaller than what you currently have and are trying to make longer.

So, what is the best way to boost your libido and increase the size of your penis?

You need two things:

1.  A Penis Extender

If you want to increase the size of your penis permanently, you need to use a penis extender. A penis extender is a non-invasive device that uses traction to stretch your penis, thereby increasing its length. Penis extenders are natural and cheaper alternatives to surgery. Many men, including myself are continually turning to cock extenders to get their gains. There are many penis stretchers in the market, a lot of them are low quality devices that can cause you injuries. So, you have to be careful and go for a device backed by clinical studies.

2.  Best Male Enhancement Pills For Length And Girth

Another thing you need to get the best results is to complement using a penis extender with male enhancement pills. These are sex pills that increase blood flow to your penis, boost your testosterone and sex drive, helping you gain harder, bigger, and long-lasting erections faster and easily.

They also give you control over your ejaculation, helping you solve the problem of premature ejaculation. Male enhancement pills help you enjoy mind-blowing sex with your partner, effectively solving the problem of weak erection.

When you combine an effective male enhancement pill with a top quality penis extender, you can expect amazing results. That’s a surefire way to increase the size of your penis, gain hard rock erections and enjoy intense orgasm each time you have sex.

My #1 rated male enhancement pill for harder and long lasting erections, increased stamina in bed, that also works as an effective libido booster is Male Extra.

Male Extra is a blend of natural ingredients that contains zero side effects and delivers outstanding results. It saved my relationship from crashing and it can help you regain your confidence in the bedroom.

You can order directly from the official website.


Click here to read my full Male Extra Review.


There you have it, guys, the best male enhancement pills for length and girth. The stuff I have talked about in this post are a product of my personal experience after experimenting with different sexual enhancement products and got sorely disappointed several times. These are the things that I have found to work effectively. And the most exciting thing is you can try them at zero risk, each product has a money back guarantee. So, if for any reason you try them and don’t like the results you get, you can send them back and request for a refund. So, you literally have nothing to lose here. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first, too. But I decided to give them a shot because I really wanted to change my situation. I wasn’t happy with what I had. I’m thankful I tried them. The results have been amazing. That’s exactly why I decided to share my experience publicly, if there’s anyone going through a similar situation, I hope my article guides you to make the right choice. There, that’s all you need to know about these sex pills. You too can transform your sex life starting from today, click here to learn more

Table Of Contents

clickable navigation Chapter 1 – Overview Chapter 2 – Penis Extenders Chapter 3 – Male Enhancement Pills  Chapter 4 – Conclusion
4 Pills To Get Hard Fast That Boost Libido In 2020

Male Extra Review: My Personal Experience After 1 Month

Updated: 25 August, 2019

Hi there. Welcome to my male extra review where I bare it all out and give my honest opinion.

What Exactly Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is one of the best and most effective natural male enhancement supplement in the market, with a unique blend of natural herbs and fruits. This sex pill has been in the market since 2011, and it is formulated to help men rediscover their confidence, giving them bigger and harder erections.

How Can Male Extra Help You?

If you are not a fan of long story and just want to get the facts straight up, here is a quick break down of what Male Extra can do your sex life:

  • Boosting your libido
  • Increase your sexual pleasure
  • Improve your stamina levels
  • Gain better control of your ejaculations
  • Quick Erections
  • Experience more intense, bigger ejaculations
  •  Supercharge your sexual performance
  • Help you maintain a healthy prostate.

All these sound amazing, right? Well, we thought it was incredible until we did an extensive research and found out it works great and has helped thousands of men across the globe. You can go here to see exactly how Male Extra works!

If you would like to get full information about this product, please watch and read this unbiased Male Extra Review from one of its users.

Click here to get a Special Deal on Male Extra

As I write this Male Extra review, my past flashed through my mind like lightening. So, I’m going to share my little story with you.

Imagine losing your girlfriend to their ex because they hit them harder and better?

I have been through this shit many times so I can tell you it’s better imagined than experienced.

For years, I couldn’t keep a relationship not because I wasn’t cute or nice or caring

But I was horrible in the bedroom. I couldn’t sustain an erection for long,

sad looking man

There were times I would become flaccid in the middle of intense sex.

It made me feel terrible about myself. It literally killed my self-esteem.

Then at some point, I became scared of having sex because I knew I would mess up.

This horrible situation made me hate what I actually love doing.

I Was Desperate for a Solution

Don’t even think I didn’t try to fix it.

I tried different pills but many of the male enhancement pills out there have side effects that could negatively impart my health.

So, I was cautious as I didn’t want to jeopardize my health.

Well, I finally found an effective natural solution to my weak erection problem

Not until I met my fiancé, Suzy…

We love each other so much.

I’m crazy about her and the fear of losing her made me take things more seriously.

My erections were soft and getting weaker, so things were really awkward in the bedroom.

She wasn’t really complaining but I could feel her disappointment and knew that the situation made her sad.

I didn’t want to ruin this beautiful thing we have going so I knew I needed to do something about it.

I Started Researching Online

a guy researching online

Got busy on my PC, researching and reading about different ways to get Bigger and Harder erection.

Combed through several blogs, read a lot of reviews on different products before I found one that caught my attention and met my basic requirement: All-Natural with no side effects.

I found Male Extra and it ticks all the important boxes.

Male Extra Reviews: What are people saying it?

I saw a lot of positive reviews from people who were having fabulous results using the product, many have experienced tremendous success with the enhancement of their sexual performance:

feedback customer feedback male extra customer reviews

So, I went ahead to buy 4 bottles.

I ordered 4 bottles because I read somewhere that it takes a while before you start seeing results as the natural ingredients need to build up in your system so I didn’t want to run out without giving it a good try.

Click here to get a Special Deal on Male Extra

How to Use Male Extra

male extra pills

I had it sent to my work address because I didn’t want my fiancé to know about it just yet so I wouldn’t raise her expectations.

It arrived within the week, Thursday morning in a plain packaged box. I loved the fact that my privacy was respected. Don’t want anybody making faces. LOL!

Then, I started taking Male Extra pills that very day it arrived. I took my first pill that morning. The directions say take 3 pills per day.

You can take them all at once but I decided to spread it out: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Male Extra doesn’t give you instant erection. I wouldn’t buy it if it did because I know it would be harmful to my health.

It is more of a vitamin stuff that you take regularly before you start seeing changes, at least that’s what I read.

Do Male Extra Pills Work?

As I promised you at the beginning of the male extra review to say nothing but the truth….

In all honesty, I didn’t notice any changes the first 3 weeks of taking Male Extra and I was starting to get worried.

But around the 4th   week or so I started feeling more energetic and sharper. I began to feel more alive.

This was cool but I honestly didn’t buy Male Extra because of this, it was for my erection problems.

Honest Male Extra Review:Beginning of Something Sensational

1 week later the story changed. I woke up one morning with an erection, not just an ordinary erection though.

My Penis looked Much harder and Bigger!

I was stunned and super excited that I woke up my fiancé and we had an amazing sex.

It was Hot, Intense and full of Passion.

Been 7 months now. I have never looked back. It always gets better!

Now I enjoy a rock solid erection and make my Suzy moan in delight, ending each session with intense orgasm.

The good thing is I don’t have to bother about side effects as Male Extra is made with natural ingredients with zero side effects.

If you want to bring an end to your bedroom embarrassment, and would like to start getting Bigger, Harder, and Long Lasting Erections with intense orgasm. Having mind-blowing sex with your partner,

Where to Buy Male Extra and How to Get the Cheapest Deal?

The best and most secure place to buy Male Extra is to buy directly from the Official Website.

Why? Buying on Amazon and other online stores doesn’t guarantee getting the best quality as there are several fake and sub-standard products out there.

When you order Male Extra you can choose from 3 different packages:

1 Month Supply – You get 1 bottle with this package. Each bottle contains 90 capsules and lasts for 30 days. The cost of the bottle is $64.95.

4 Months Supply – You get 4 bottles with this deal. You pay for 3 bottles and get one free. You also get a free Erection gel tube. This costs $197.95.

6 Months Supply – You get 6 bottles with this package. You pay for 4 bottles and get 2 free. You get 2 free Erection Gels. Total cost of this package is $249.90.

Plus, you also get free worldwide shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee on all orders.

Moving on in this male extra review, I want to talk about the main ingredients combined in Male Extra.

5 Vital Male Extra Ingredients Effective for Enhancing Men’s Sexual Health:

Pomegranate Extract


L-Arginine is a chemical building block called amino.

It is found in foods such as:  read meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products.

L-Arginine is converted into body as Nitric oxide which helps boost blood flow and releases growth hormone.

Thereby, helping you get bigger, harder and more long-lasting erections.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on Earth, popularly called ‘Natures Viagra’

P.Extract is an extract from the Pomegranate fruit, one of the effective and natural ingredients in male extra.

It’s proven to contain ant-inflammatory properties, reduce chances of prostate cancer, and increase blood flow.

This leads to more strength, bigger and stronger erections.


L-Methionine is an essential amino acid found in the body used to make proteins and peptides, found in meat, fish and dairy products.

It helps reduce the levels of Histamine in your body.

Histamine has been found to make men orgasm faster.

High levels of Histamine makes you orgasm much faster.

L-Methionine lowers the levels of Histamine in the body and helps you last longer in bed. It is one the ingredients found in the male extra penis pills.


Another ingredient I want to talk about in this male extra review is MSM is a mineral that’s an organic form of Sulphur.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is vital an enhanced cell and tissue health.

This leads to an improved cell health and the ability of your penis to hold more blood which is crucial for getting hard rock erections.


Zinc is an essential mineral required for the production of healthy testosterone.

It helps to increase testosterone levels and sperm count.

The result in a renewed sex drive, erection quality, and healthy sperm.

Final Thoughts on Male Extra

Male Extra tops the list of the male enhancement supplements I have used.

It is taking the number ONE spot.

Though it took some time before I started feeling its impacts but it was amazing when the results became evident.

It is super-effective, made with 100% natural ingredients.

The price is reasonable compared to other male enhancement supplements in the market.

All orders comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I recommend you take it for about 3-6 months for the best results.

You can take advantage of huge savings on the bigger packages.

If you want to start getting hard rock erections, enjoying mind-blowing sex with your partner with full and intense orgasm without the risk of any side effects then I highly recommend you give Male Extra pills a shot. It’s well worth it!

Fucking your girl right and regularly giving her orgasm will boost her respect for you by at least 500% and she’ll never think of dumping you or cheating on you!

It doesn’t get better than that! I hope my male extra review helps you make the right decision. 

Click here to get a Special Deal

Table Of Contents

clickable navigation

Chapter 1 – What Is Male Extra?

Chapter 2 – Male Extra Customer Reviews

Chapter 3 – How To Use Male Extra

Chapter 4 – Do Male Extra Pills Work?

Chapter 5 – Where To Buy Male Extra

Chapter 6 – Male Extra Ingredients

Chapter 7 – Final Verdict

Progentra Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Progentra Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Updated: 09 April, 2020

I know there are many progentra reviews out there but today I’ll be telling you my unbiased opinion, a product that has a lot of hype surrounding it as it is my habit to research different male enhancement products, telling you which ones are safe and the ones with severe side effects that you should avoid.

New Update:

Based on my personal experience, having tried many male enhancement pills. What I consider the most effective sex pill for longer and harder erections that works fast is Male Extra.

You can get it directly from the official website.

Now, let’s move on…

1.   What Is Progentra?

Progentra is a male enhancement supplement that claims to help men enlarge the size of their penis within a short time. It is hyped to contain a powerful and ‘revolutionary formula’ that effectively boosts sexual performance as well as penile expansion, thereby improving confidence in the bedroom.

Progentra is meant to be taken just before sex for it to function at an optimal level male enhancement pills that work fast are known  to enhance the thickness of your penis, boosting your libido, making you last longer and increasing your orgasm.

It is a popularly held view that having a bigger dick increases a man’s confidence. There are several surveys that claim a larger percentage of women consider size as an important factor that keeps them in a relationship.

The truth is women generally love it Bigger, Harder and Longer. I can confirm this because of the troubles I experienced in my past relationships due to the fact that I couldn’t keep my shit together in the bedroom. I was cheated on a lot of times. I shared the full story and how I overcame the problem here.

2.   Who Makes Progentra?

This supplement is said to be manufactured from Biolabs. The disturbing reality is that actual information about the people behind this company is unknown. I have tried to read and extensively research about the makers of the formula but information about them is scarce. Maybe it is intentional?

They however claim that Progentra is super effective and 100% safe, and has been reviewed by different scientists. Amazing! But why are they hiding if is this is true?

They have a toll-free number: 1-800-909-5441 where you can reach them if you want to make enquiries. You can also reach out to them via the contact form on their website.

3.   Who Is Progentra For?

According to the information available, Progentra male enhancement pills was manufactured to cater to men struggling to do things right in the bedroom due to the size of their penis or low libido

The manufacturers make a rather audacious statement that progentra will increase your penis size as well as boost your sex drive and energy levels.

4.   How Does Progentra Work?

According to some of the paid progentra reviews out there, progentra is popularly referred to as a “syner-boost formula” containing 11 powerful male sexual enhancement ingredients known as vasodilators which boost the growth of the penis as well as increasing blood flow to the region which ultimately enhances the growth of the tissues around your male reproductive organ.

Additionally, in my research I discovered that Progentra contains PDE-5 inhibitors and aphrodisiacs which are known to make the penis more sensitive and boosting of libido, potentially making you last longer.

Some of the PDE-5 inhibitors and aphrodisiacs are released to your blood stream slowly and keep your body tight and ready for sex for the next 24 hours after taking it.

The vasodilator ingredients boost the circulation of blood to your penis, giving you harder and longer erections which the manufacturers claim will bring about a permanent enlargement of your penis.

5.   Progentra Ingredients

progentra ingredients

While I was reading about progentra reviews, during my research, I dug deep to find out the ingredients contained in this product. Based on the available information, these are the major ingredients progentra is said to be made with:

L-Arginine – is found in proteinous foods such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. It promotes blood flow to every important organ in the body through its production of nitric oxide. L-Arginine improves heart functions and helps treat people with blocked arteries. It also boosts testosterone levels for enhanced sexual performance.

Muira Puama – is an effective aphrodisiac that boosts libido to peak points, helping you gain an erection super-fast.

Maca Root – is effective in dealing with depression. Helps improve your memory and increase focus. It boosts energy levels and is known to help men with cases of erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris – This one of the popular ingredients in some of the best testosterone boosters on the market. And testosterone levels is linked male sexual health. Additionally, Tribulus Terrestris increases the energy levels which enhances your libido, leading to an improved sex life.

Butea Superba – improves heart health. It promotes fertility and prevents erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali – does the job of a natural libido booster and promotes bone health.

6.   Progentra Side Effects

progentra side effects

This is where I have a big problem with this product. People who have used this supplement have complained of varying degree of side effects. The truth is none of these male sexual enhancement pills give permanent results.

What this means is that you’ll need to continue to take them to sustain your results. Thus, it is important to go for the safest ones with zero side effects and no risk to your health.

Bad news is, progentra has negative side effects.

Again, this supplement is not suitable to people who are dealing with any of the following health issues:

  • Angina
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hypertension

Also very important to note that some of the ingredients contained in this product can trigger allergic reactions such as hives, rashes or itching.

Want to try something different?

Click to Learn More about an Alternative with Zero Side Effects.

7.   How to Use Progentra

For an improved sexual performance, take 1 pill about 30 minutes before sex.

If you need it for penis enlargement, you are advised to take 2 pills in the morning every day on an empty stomach.

Regardless of what you need this pill for, please don’t abuse it. You shouldn’t take more than 3 pills within a 24-hour duration.

8.   Progentra Reviews: What are past users saying?

So, what are people saying about this supplement online? What exactly are customers saying about this product?

I decided to look around to find real customers’ reviews not some paid reviews, to determine what experiences users are having with the pill.

Not looking good, I must say:

real progentra reviews progentra customer review progentra customer reviews

There are too many negative progentra reviews on different online stores that I have visited.

Users are complaining that the product doesn’t work for them. Some said they have been taking it for months with no visible results. They consider it a waste of their time and money.

Only a handful said it improved their sexual performance but in no did it increase their penis size. They didn’t experience any growth or enlargement.

Many of them are going to get a refund.

Go Here to Read about My Favorite Alternative

9.   Where To Buy Progentra?

If you are interested in this supplement, you can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Or visit eBay, Amazon, and other online stores.

10.  Progentra Price

A bottle of progentra goes for $69.99. There are discounts on larger packages.

As you can see, it isn’t really a cheap product.

11.   Progentra Before and After Pictures

I actually visited different forums and websites to see if I can get any before and after pictures to validate their claim of penis enlargement, unfortunately, I found none.

What does that tell you?

12.   Does Progentra Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Do I think Progentra is a scam? Does it really work? Well, I’m not a fan of labelling products a scam. My job is to provide you with as much information as you need to form an informed opinion.

But based on the available information to me during my research, the potential side effects plus different negative reviews I have read from users, progentra isn’t what I’d take or recommend to my friends.

13.   Progentra Review: Should You Buy It?

After sifting through the different customer reviews plus my independent research, this is my honest opinion.

I don’t recommend progentra pills.

I’m a big fan of male enhancement supplements made with natural ingredients with no side effects, and unfortunately, Progentra doesn’t meet the requirements.

My number 1 recommendation when it comes to sex pills harder and long lasting erection is  Male Extra. This supplement is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains zero side effects. Male Extra helped me overcome my perennial bedroom embarrassment. It is what I continue to use even as I write this post.

You can get a special deal on Male Extra when you buy from the official website right away.

male extra bottles


Click Here to find out why Male Extra is my Number #1 Choice

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1 – What Is Progentra?

Chapter 2 – Who Makes Progentra?

Chapter 3 – Progentra Ingredients

Chapter 4 – How to Use Progentra

Chapter 5 – Final Thoughts


Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter

Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter

Updated: 01 January, 2020

What are male enhancement pills over the counter?

Male enhancement pills over the counter are male libido supplements that are referred to as non-prescription pills you can buy from any online or offline stores without a prescription.

These male enhancement pills are an effective and safe treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Or men who aren’t satisfied with their performance in the bedroom, and want to get bigger and harder erections so they can enjoy longer and mind-blowing sex with their partner.

How Effective and Safe are Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter?

They are effective and safe for use.

But I have to admit that there are a lot of garbage and ineffective supplements in the market today. And it can be very difficult to know what works from what doesn’t. I personally was a victim of several male enhancement pills scams when I was trying to deal with my weak erection and low libido problems.

I tried many products without getting any results. It was really a frustrating experience for me because I kept hoping the next supplement would work but always ended up being disappointed.

warning sign

From my experience, I’d strongly advise against buying sex pills from Walmart, eBay, Amazon and other online stores as many of the products are either ineffective or simply don’t work. Oh, you are probably here because you have bought a couple without getting your desired results.

You also should be wary of male enhancement pictures on the internet as I can confidently tell you 98% of them are fake. Don’t fall for them.

3 Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter in 2020

After many years of trying and wasting money on different sex pills, I found a few supplements that gave me good results and helped me achieve bigger and longer erections, reviving my sex life and saving my relationship.

So I thought it would be nice to share what has worked for me since I know there are a lot of guys out there who want a solution to their erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Or some who simply want to take their game a notch higher.

#1 Male Extra— Best Sex Pills and libido supplement

male extra bottles

First, I’ll be talking about Male Extra

Male Extra is one of the effective pills to get hard fast which has been available online since 2009.

It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited.

Male Extra is the best sex pill for men. It is my #1 male enhancement pills over the counter for stamina and harder erections.  It is the most effective male enhancement pill I have used. It gave me the best results.

Male Extra is a shoulder above the rest:

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients with zero side effects.
  • Effective for Bigger and Stronger Erections.
  • It increases sexual stamina and boosts libido.
  • Helps to deal with premature ejaculation.
  • Long lasting sex with intense orgasm.

Other Benefits:

  • Every order comes with FREE Global shipping.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee on purchases.
  • You get FREE bottles when you buy the bigger packages.
  • I recommend using it for 3 months for best results.

You can check out my full Male Extra Review

Or visit the official website by clicking the link below

Click Here to Get a Special Deal on Male Extra

#2 VigRX Plus

vigrx plus box

Next, I’ll be talking about VigRX Plus.

This is another supplement that gave me good results and has helped a lot of men revive their sex life.

VigRX Plus is produced and sold by Leading Edge Health.

This libido booster has been on the market for over 17 years now. Really? YEA!

The original formula was VigRX, VigRX plus is a new and improved version with even more potent ingredients for best results.

This supplement works really well and gives fast results.

With VigRX Plus, you are going to start having solid erections without even trying.

Some of the powerful natural ingredients contained in the product are:

They offer FREE for orders within the US and each order comes with a 67-day money back guarantee.

It isn’t the cheapest sex pill on the market but it delivers premium results.

You can enjoy huge discounts when you jump on the bigger packages.

For full information on this supplement, Read my VigRX Plus Review

Or visit the official website by clicking on the link below.

Click Here to Get a Special Deal

Rated #3 – Extenze

extenze ingredients

The third supplement I’ll talking about is Extenze.

Extenze is a very popular male enhancement pill that has been featured on TV and magazines in the U.S.

Extenze is a super-effective libido supplement that has been proven to work really fast.

The only reason it’s coming third on the list is because it contains an ingredient called Yohimbe which can side effects.

Extenze is best for men who want to get the fastest result not minding the side effects.

You can buy Extenze from different online stores but during my research, I stumbled on a site that offers a full 60-day money back guarantee.

So, you can try at absolutely zero risks.

You can check out my Extenze Review 

or visit the official website: www.BuyExtenze.com

Final Verdict

Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter 2 final thoughts 300x200

So there guys, those are my 3 best male enhancement pills over the counter that give harder and long lasting erections.

Over the years, I have tried and tested male enhancement supplements from different brands. I have been a victim of free trial scams that continue to rebill you every damn month.

And I have suffered severe side effects from using some supplements.

I finally found these fast-acting supplements which I consider to be the best in the market today.

Male Extra is my #1 rated supplement.

Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter 3 buy male extra

Male Extra gave me the best results and provided fireworks for my sex life.

It is a blend of natural ingredients with no side effects. In fact, I still use Male Extra till this moment.

This is one supplement I’m confident I’ll continue to use for many years.

Click Here to Discover Why Male Extra is my #1

Find out other insightful posts on VitalHealth

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1 – How Effective are Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter?

Chapter 2 – Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter in 2020

Chapter 3 – Male Extra

Chapter 4 – VigRX Plus

Chapter 5 – Extenze

Chapter 6 – Final Verdict

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