10 Frequently Asked Questions About Labor

As an expectant mother, most especially fist-timers, I understand you have a lot of questions about labor and giving birth generally. You are eager to find out how it works so you can be better prepared psychologically. That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this article: 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Labor.   So,

A List of Important Vitamins for Pregnant Women

  Inculcating vitamins into your meal is a good diet habit especially when you are pregnant. Taking vitamins during pregnancy helps take care of any nutritional gaps in your diet. There are certain essential vitamins needed during pregnancy. These vitamins pose a great benefit to you and your baby. Vitamins are organic compound needed by

What Happens in Fifth Month of Pregnancy

As your bump begins to grow in size, so is your unborn baby growing. As you follow the progress of your baby’s development. You are now halfway through your pregnancy and almost through with your second trimester. In this fifth month of pregnancy, you will experience few pregnancy symptoms than in the first and third