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Interested in learning how to get perfect breasts? Every woman has a pair of breasts, big or small, perky or saggy and anything in between. There is one thing all women want irrespective of age, size, gender, ethnicity, race, social class and occupation, Perfect breasts. I know you want it. There is nothing that reduces a woman’s self-esteem like having breasts that does not meet societal standards.

A woman’s breast changes her outlook. It gives fitting to any cloth she wears. It attracts people to her and boosts her self-confidence. The world has been taken over by the internet. Images that appear on social media (often doctored), set the standard for what a perfect breast should be. Breast surgery has become very common, with results being round, huge and firm breasts that don’t sag (though it sags eventually but that’s not what people want to hear).

 Perfect Breasts

What really is a perfect breast? Are there really breasts that can be termed perfect? In reality, people have different views on what a perfect breast should be. For some people large breasts are perfect. For others medium breasts that do not sag are perfect. Small breasts even hold lots of appeal for some people and to them small breasts are just perfect. People have different reasons for seeing a particular breast type as perfect. For example, some people believe that people with large breasts sweat a lot, under their breast (this might be true in some cases), and as a result smell badly. Other people might love large breasts even if they sag because they find it attractive. With all these opinions about perfect breasts (which can cause so much confusion and lead to serious arguments with everyone trying to prove their point), there is need to come to a meeting point with our ideas and set a realistic standard for perfect breasts.

Fortunately scientists have helped us settle this issue. According to an article published by the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, perfect breasts are 45% full on the upper side and 55% full on the lower side, below the nipple. They came to this conclusion after carrying out a study on more than 1300 people who cut across all race and religion with both genders present. The participants were asked to look at naked breasts pictures of different sizes and shapes. They were told to pick out the perfect breasts from these pictures. This was done to know which of the breasts males found attractive or held more appeal to the female participants.

Contrary to popular beliefs that surgically enhanced breasts are more attractive, most of the participants chose the natural looking breasts over the ones that were surgically improved. The most favored breast types were termed by the scientists as the 45:55 ratio breasts. Surgically enhanced breasts which are usually round due to silicon implants were the least preferred. The scientists that carried out this experiment stated emphatically that this research was purely for plastic surgery purposes. They just wanted to get public opinion on which breasts pattern will be more acceptable, so as to improve on the result of their breast reconstruction surgeries.

Breast Growth and Development

Some young girls start to develop breasts between the ages of 8-10 (early bloomers) while others develop theirs towards the end of their teenage years (late bloomers). Most girls start developing breasts between the ages of 10-12. Gene is the major factor at play in breast development. Your breast characteristics can come from both sides of your family, so genes from your dad’s side can affect what your breasts end up looking like too, says Maryjane Minkin, MD., Professor of obsterics and gyneacology.

The breasts has no muscle but is made up of fatty tissues surrounding the milk duct and milk glands. At the onset of breast development most girls have just body fats as breasts. With time these fats becomes real breasts, still made up largely of fat. It is therefore not surprising that weight loss has a direct impact on the breast. Excessive and sudden weight loss will cause severe loss of breast fat and will most likely make the breast sag.

Your breasts experience some changes when you are menstruating or pregnant. They get fuller. At pregnancy the changes on the breasts are more pronounced to prepare the breasts for nursing. Breast size has no effect on fertility. No matter your breast size and shape, nature will adequately equip you for breastfeeding (in case you choose to breastfeed your baby).

12 Practical Ways to Get Perfect Breasts

You cannot change your gene, yes. However there are practical ways to get perfect breasts. The 45:55 breast type chosen as perfect breasts after thorough scientific study might have been for cosmetic purposes but you can still groom your breast to at least look like it, irrespective of the size. The impact of the gene on the breast is huge and can give you breasts that are not very desirable. However, there are ways to improve your breasts. They include the following;

1.  Eat collagen rich meals: 

A healthy meal packed with collagen nourish and strengthen the body. Super fruits like oranges, carrot and pawpaw contain a good amount of collagen. Collagen firms and enhances the skin, giving it a strong and healthy look. If your body is flaccid, you are more likely to have a saggy breast. Take even more collagen if you have big breasts. Big breasts sag earlier than small ones. This is due to its weight and pull on the body. For people who started developing breast early and rapidly, their breast might sag before their twenties if their body is not firm. However, the extent of the sag can be controlled. A good meal rich in fruits and vegetables will keep the sag in check. The added benefit of taking collagen rich food is that they also contain antioxidants like beta-carotene. This chemical substance can be very beneficial to your health as it helps prevent breast cancer caused by free radicals.

2.  Correct your posture: 

The way you carry your body can distort the look of your breasts, making them look saggy. Make sure you walk upright at all times. Be conscious of your posture, don’t slouch or hunch your back especially when on your feet. You can tell a friend to always correct you when you do so. If you don’t walk upright your breasts will not stand as they should. With time it will adapt to your bad walking posture. This will give you an overall unpleasant look. Push your chest forward while walking (chest out but make it real). If you keep trying this you will definitely notice a change on your breasts. You might think your breasts look saggy whereas you are the one making them look so. 

 3.   Wear bras that fit: 

The bra you wear have a lasting impact on your breasts. Most people don’t wear the right bra (do you know your real bra size?). Go for a professional bra fitting to know your proper bra size. Make sure your bra pack your breasts well. If you have large breasts, ensure that the sides are packed by your bra. They should not pop out at the sides. ”Wearing incorrect bra can irreversibly stretch the fragile ligament of the breast leading to sagging”, says Dr. Joanna Scurr, a Lecturer of Biomechanics, Sports and Exercise. Bras help mold the breasts shape especially in their early years of development. If your breasts are growing rapidly and you do not support them with good bras they will sag easily. The weight of your breasts needs to be supported. A growing large breast experience constant gravitational pull. It is therefore necessary to support it. If your breasts are small, you should also wear good bra to help them form well. Always allocate time to go braless to enable free circulation of blood through the breasts. Click here to watch a video on bra fitting.

 4.  Engage in Breast Exercises: 

The breasts contain more of fat. It does not have muscles therefore exercises cannot increase your breasts. Loss of weight resulting from frequent exercise or dieting can make you lose some of your breast volume (this might sag your breasts). However there are exercises that can build the chest and pectoral muscle under the breast. If these chest muscles are well built up through effective exercises they will lift your breasts, making then look fuller and bigger. Since the breast is positioned on top of the chest, they will look lifted thus giving you a good look. You can try these exercises for your chest; chest presses, push up variations, arm circles, etc.

 5.  Try Cold and Warm Water Therapy: 

Splashing warm and cold water on your breasts alternatively after bath, can strengthen and tone them. Before you have your bath, get your ice ready. After having your bath the ice must have dissolved into cold water. Splash the cold water on your breasts followed by warm water. Do this for at least 2 minutes and dry off. Make this your daily routine and you will see your breasts improve. It will appear firmer and more rounded.

 6.  Wear Sports Bra During Sports: 

Your breasts bounce up, down, left and right when you engage in any form of sports. From mild sports like jogging to intense ones like sprint race, the breasts bounce the same way. This bounce takes its toll on the breasts, if they are not adequately supported. They might stretch the breasts ligaments and cause early sagging. If you engage in any form of sports, get a good sports bra for your activities. Let them be your investment, if you want your breasts to stay firm. Good sports bra will also prevent chest pain for women who engage in sports by supporting the breasts, especially if they are heavy.

 7.  Massage Your Breasts More Often: 

When you massage your breasts, the circulation of blood in and around them improves. The breast size can also increase as constant stimulation of the breasts produces prolactin, a reproductive hormone responsible for the growth of the breasts. Before you start this massage rub your palms together to generate heat. Then cup each breast with your warm palms and massage inwardly in a circular motion. You can try this twice a day for one moth if you desire a quick result, so be patient. Remember to take a break once your palms lose their warmth and re-warm them. A session of massage should last at least 2 minutes.

 8.  Try Yoga: 

If you think that yoga is just for meditation and mind relaxation, think again. Yoga can strengthen and firm body muscles, chest muscle is not an exception. We have established that the breast has no muscle but the chest does. Yoga enhances the breast by working the chest muscle and enhancing your posture. This way, you will be able to carry your breasts in the right way giving it a perfect look. Since yoga has no adverse effect or cause injury, you can engage in it as frequent as you want. If you don’t love yoga but desire perfect breasts, learn to love it. It is very beneficial both for your breast and mind.

 9.  Use sunscreen: 

Too much sun cause lots of damages to the skin. It dries up body moisture making the skin inelastic. If this happens to the skin of your breasts it will sag easily as it becomes weak with time. Besides perfect breasts, excess sun is also harmful to your breast health as it encourages the oxidation of free radicals which might lead to cancer. Get a good sunscreen and use it properly. If you must stay under the sun, ensure that you rub your sunscreen on all the exposed parts of your body.

10.  Limit the pressure on your breasts: 

If you are fond of sleeping on your breasts, please stop it. You are putting your body weight on your breasts. This pressure weakens the breast ligaments and stretch them causing lines of wrinkles to appear. This in turn creases your breasts and will eventually make them sag early. Learn to sleep less on your breasts and choose other comfortable sleeping positions. Also learn to give your breasts time to be free from bra hold. If you must wear push-ups, limit the time. They cause so much pressure on your breasts and prevent proper blood circulation.

 11.  Try breast enhancement pills and creams: 

If you desire bigger breasts you can always go for breasts enhancement pills and creams. You have to be careful when choosing any pill or cream. Most of them are just names and only few live up to their names. Do your investigation and find out which is best for you. Breast pills and creams contain substances that work like estrogen to increase your breasts. However, patience is needed on your part as it takes time and consistent use to see results. Check the ingredients of any pill and cream you are using, make sure you are not allergic to any of them. 

12.  Go for a breast surgery: 

Over the years breast surgery has gained much prominence as a way of getting perfect breasts. People who can afford it often opt for breast enlargements, lifts and reduction surgeries. If done by a professional, it is generally safe with very low risk (you will have to live with the scars though). If you have tried all the above mentioned ways to get perfect breasts and there is no improvement, try breast surgery (if you can afford it) to improve your breasts and give you your desired breasts. Make sure you go for a professional breast surgeon so you will not end up with worse breasts after surgery.

On a general note, breasts are as perfect as you see them. What you call perfect might not seem so to another. Whether large, medium or small, work on your breasts to prevent early sagging. Your breasts will eventually sag as you age, just don’t contribute to its early sagging. No matter how your breasts are, love them and love yourself.

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