PhenQ Review: How I Lost 7 Pounds in 3 Weeks Without Giving up Carbs

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Hey there, welcome to my PhenQ review here on Vital Health Recipes. I’m Elizabeth,  a mother of 3. I want to share my weight loss journey with you.

How I was able to lose 7 pounds within 3 weeks, and I eventually lost about 37 pounds 4 after months.

If you have been struggling to lose weight to get back to your sexy shape so you can rock bikinis once again, I want you to hang on and pay close attention to my personal story.

Now, before I talk about how I was able to lose that much weight in a short time, I want you to know what I used to look like. Perhaps your story is similar to mine?

PhenQ Review: A Brief Story of What I used to Look Like

When I was in College straight down to my days in the Uni, I looked slim and super hot.

Let’s just say I had the body of a model. Oh my God! I was so in love with my body and shape.

I looked so gorgeous and amazing. I literally rocked every party and hangout I attended.

I loved to go swimming during weekends. It was all fun until I got married and started having kids.

The truth is, when I got married to my hubby it was still all fun and wild.

We did a lot of crazy stuff together and we both loved it. I think I loved it more. Lol

Plot Twist: How I Lost my Gorgeous and Slim Body

But then everything changed when I got pregnant with my first child, Holie.

I looked so puffed up and all. I felt so heavy.

I really didn’t like myself. I was really worried but my friends told me not to be too hard on myself.

That everything will get back to normal after childbirth and I sort of believed them.

Well, did I get back to my old self after I gave birth to Holie? Hell no!

Post Partum was one of the hardest moments of my life.

I had a bulging tummy that wouldn’t go down. Swollen face, flabby arms, you name it.

I was disgusted by the way I looked.  

Desperation Sets In

 I was so desperate to get back my old self, you know what I mean?

That super hot, slim and sexy goddess. I tried different programs and diets but I couldn’t just get the weight off.

To be honest, I did lose some weight but I wasn’t anywhere near where I used to be.

Then at some point, I stopped trying. I just gave up.   Then, I took in again.

I had completely lost the plot when I gave back to Stan. I was extremely gutted.

I had become bigger and fatter. And it seemed like I needed to start all over again. ‘No, not again.’

I said to myself. I gave up. I just continued to pile up more calories.

I just concluded within myself that this is what marriage and motherhood does to us women.

I tried so hard to accept this as my reality but I couldn’t just. I hated myself every single day.

No more going to beaches and pools. There were days I would go to my photo album to look at my old self.

I cried everytime I did that and it made me hate myself more.

By the time I gave birth to our last child(the one in the picture above), I stepped on the scale and found out I had added an extra 60 pounds.

I looked so miserable and depressed. You can I was wearing a shade. My self-esteem had taken a blow.

PhenQ Review: My Experience

How My Hope Got Reignited


However, the whole story changed one evening, it was in 2016 when I was watching music video on 


There was this video about a 50 year old mom talking about how a product named PhenQ helped her lose weight.

I was initially dismissive of it but she sounded so sure and confident of what she was saying.

She was really excited about the product. I became more interested when I saw her ‘Before and After’ pictures.

OMG! It was astonishing. It was simply unbelievable.

She lost 85 pounds in 10 months! That was the Turning Point for me. It was the motivation I needed to do something about my situation.

I said to myself, if that woman could do it, I sure can, too.   Another extra push I got was her age.

She was 50, way older than I was. I was only 38. I knew I got no excuses not to try again this time.

I spoke to my husband about it and he was in on it.

I still had my doubts though but I just said I would give PhenQ a try.

I visited their site and I found even more pictures and testimonies of moms just like myself who were doing amazingly well with the product.

PhenQ testimonies

I was beginning to ‘think’ this might be the real deal when I saw a piece of information that cleared my doubts. They were offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Not a lot of companies can offer that. So, I said to myself, what’s there to lose?

If I try it and don’t like it, I’d simply send it back and have my money.

I went ahead to to dig out more information about PhenQ.

I wanted to be sure the pictures on the site were not fake.

I found these comments:

I also found these Before and After Pictures:

I went ahead to buy 3 bottles package and got an extra 1 for free.

It was cheap compared to other programs I had tried in the past.

How Did It Go?

Well, I have never looked back since then. It’s been awesome!

I lost 7 pounds within the first 3 weeks. I was stunned.

I just went straight to order extra bottles because I knew they could be out of stock anytime.

Selfish but smart of me, ha ha. I had lost about 37 pounds after 4 months of using PhenQ.

8 months down the line, I had lost 70 pounds. Now I feel confident and relaxed.

I feel light. I feel comfortable hanging out with my friends now, and they always ask me how I did it.

Honestly, I feel bright and alive again. I’m super proud of my body now.

I love what I see when I look in the mirror.

The Big Question

Question mark

Do I think it’s going to work for you? I wouldn’t know. It either works or it doesn’t.

If it does, you’ll keep buying it until you hit your goal just like me!

If doesn’t, just send it back under their return policy, that was what I was going to do.

Good thing, I didn’t have to. What are you really going to lose other than those extra pounds?

Wouldn’t you love to rock a bikini without being self-conscious about your body?

Want your husband to treasure you and be super-crazy about you just like he was when you just met?

Getting in shape alone will skyrocket your confidence and self-esteem by over 300 percent.

You have a chance to achieve these results at zero risk. If after 60 Days you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can get 100% refund.