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My name is Elizabeth, I used to be a hair loss sufferer. Today, I’d like to share my hair loss story with you and how I was able to stop my hair from thinning and regrew my hair back. I hope you find my story helpful as this is a health priority issue for a lot of women.

My hair loss started about 15 months ago. Before my hair loss, my hair was long, thick, soft and shiny. I really loved it as it made me more beautiful. But then I woke up on a Saturday morning and noticed my hair started shedding. I didn’t take it serious at first but my hair continued to fall all through the new week. It was at that point I became really scared and confused at the same time.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I had no clear explanation to why my hair was falling off. In no time, my hair also started thinning out. I was seeing my hair everywhere every damn day. I was utterly broken and devastated. Within a few months, I had lost about 40% of my hair. It got so horrible that I was always looking to hide my thinned areas with fiber sprays and root powders.

You are probably wondering if I didn’t visit a dermatologist. Well, don’t we all do? I sure did at some point. I went to have my iron levels and thyroid checked, and everything looked fine. I was really disturbed and I kept thinking about the possible cause of my hair loss. I read on some blogs that stress causes hair loss but I didn’t think I was doing anything I wasn’t already doing before, so I waved that off.

I became anti-social. I stopped attending parties and hangouts. There were days I didn’t want to step out of my house. I would sit by myself and cry my lungs out. Then, one day it hit me that I had been on a birth control pill. That could be it! I wasn’t sure though. So, I totally stopped taking it. My hair actually stopped falling off but I had lost a large chunk of my hair before I realized this.

So, I desperately began to search for a solution. I needed my hair back asap because my hair loss was affecting my relationship. My husband was surrounded by young women with full and long hair. And he seemed really distracted, which was a real worry for me. So I needed to act fast.

I bought several hair loss supplements with no real results. The sad truth is that, many of the women hair growth products out there are hyped garbage. It wasn’t a pleasant experience as I kept wasting money on fake products. Then one I day, I hit what I call gold, it was the game changer. Within a few weeks of using this product, I started seeing noticeable changes in my hair. It had completely stopped thinning. I honestly first thought I was in a dreamland. I couldn’t believe it. It was simply amazing! I’m really excited to share this with you.

Another interesting thing about my new found love is that, it’s made with 100% natural ingredients, which means it has no side effects. We all know many of these drugs made with chemicals have side effects that could have a far reaching impact on one’s health. So, to find a product that effectively prevents hair loss and regrows hair, with zero side effects was mind-blowing.

The product is called Provillus Hair Regrowth Supplement for Women.

I’m recommending this product because it hasn’t only worked for me but for several other women in different parts of the world. It has helped a lot women regain their crown and self-confidence by stopping hair loss and regrowing their hair back.

I have taken several steps forward to research more about this product so I can offer you more helpful information that’ll help you decide whether this product is for you or not. By the end of this piece, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

The Best Natural Hair Regrowth Product for Women

What exactly is Provillus?

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Provillus is a hair loss made from a combination of minerals and vitamins that assure you of getting your hair back to its normal length and strength within a reasonable timeframe. Founded in 2002, the company has carved a niche for itself in the Health and Beauty industry. The company promises to provide effective and safe products that assist their consumers to supplement their lives. The promise to improve their lives of their consumers gave birth to this powerful hair-loss reversal product: Provillus. 

Best Natural Hair Regrowth Product: Provillus’ Natural Components

The effective product’s strength lies in the power of its components. Some of the natural components behind its efficacy include:

1.   Biotin

Biotin can be found in a good number of enzymes. These enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and some other substances in the body. Biotin deficiency can lead to an array of problems such as hair thinning, depression, loss of hair colour, and exhaustion. They also play a significant role in the growth of a healthy skin, hair, and nails. By providing your body with the right quantity of biotin, Provillus supports the revitalization of your scalp and thus promotes the rejuvenation of your hair.

2.   Vitamin B6

Vitamin B is another important component of Provillus. This vitamin is needed in the body to boost metabolism, support the body’s immune system, and for brain development. If your vitamin B intake is far below the recommended level, you will experience a swollen tongue, depression, cracked lips, a weak immune system, depression, and receding hair.

However, its presence in your body is essential for hair growth and proper hair health as well. By boosting the metabolism of proteins, and especially those found in new hair follicles, it helps in the prevention of the weakening of these follicles and thereby prevents hair loss.

3.   Magnesium

Your body depends on numerous cells to function properly. On the other hand, these cells can’t function effectively without the appropriate quantity of calcium. If your body has the right amount of magnesium, this will aid your calcium absorption and thus enable your cells to have the right quantity of calcium needed for cardiovascular system and skeletal structure support.

In addition to that, magnesium deficiency is the major cause of baldness in 87% of bald women around the globe. By working in alliance with calcium, magnesium supports the promotion of healthy hair growth. Thus, Provillus’ magnesium content is an assurance that your hair will receive the normal dose of this mineral that is needed for a healthy hair, an effective antidote to hair loss.

4.   Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a member of a group of drugs collectively known as vasolidators. Minoxidil 5% is a major component of Provillus. Wikipedia defines minoxidil as “an antihypertensive vasodilator medication and is used to treat hair loss. It is available as a generic medication and over the counter for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, a form of hair loss, in people. Interestingly, it is a component of Provillus.

 5.  Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA)

PABA is a chemical that is readily available in some foodstuffs and folic acid. Although it has various uses such as for infertility, sunburn prevention, for treating arthritis, its major use is for preventing receding hairline.

Generally, amino acids are crucial to your body’s ability to promote increased moisture, reduce wrinkles, and prevent grey hairs. They also slow down hair loss and thus boost your chances of growing strong and beautiful hair again.

One of the most important factors you should put into consideration before consuming a health product is the safety or otherwise of the product. How does Provillus fare in this regard?

It is important to note that Provillus offers more than your safety in the process of helping you get over your hair loss problem. The all-natural supplement contains minoxidil as the main ingredient. This ingredient’s safety for consumption guaranteed. It has been approved by the FDA for blocking DHT. This has proven over the years to be a proven way to combat receding hairline. This technique is also adept at encouraging new hair growth as well.

Provillus is considered by experts to be more potent than the anti-hair-loss products without this major ingredient. This makes it to be head and shoulder above its competitors. 

How does Provillus Work?

This product uses its natural ingredients to reactivate your hair’s natural process, starting from the root. Thus, it can successfully support the complete regrow of your hair follicles and increase your thinning hair volume and reverse the effect of the female pattern baldness.

As we age, some of the vital hormones that the hair needs for proper growth and health are no longer produced by the body. Without melatonin, estrogen, and some ceramides, you may experience hair thinning and falling out. Provillus ensures that these hormones are produced while using it. This supplies the hair follicles with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that trigger the growth of new hair and thus slow down and reverse hair loss.

Why Provillus is the best natural hair regrowth product

Although the health market is saturated with tons of hair-loss products that claim to be the ultimate solution to alopecia, none of these products can boast of Provillus’ efficacy. Provillus is outstanding due to the following:

1.   Natural ingredients

As previously mentioned, Provillus is manufactured from natural ingredients such as Biotin, Magnesium, PABA, and others. This is not a common practice among hair loss product manufacturers. Most similar products have artificial components and thus are not as natural as Provillus.

2.   No side effects

By the virtue of its natural components, is healthy and safe to use. This product assures users that they are not exposed to any potential side effects that are common to similar products. Hence, sufferers of alopecia, regardless of their ages, can use this product without entertaining any fear of possible side effects.

Where to Buy Provillus Safely and Cheaply?

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You really have to be careful when it comes to buying Provillus because there are several unauthorized vendors out there who are looking a few bucks by pushing substandard products. From our research and interaction with the manufacturers, the safest place to buy Provillus with a money back guarantee is the official website. If you want to see results, it’s best you buy from the right source.

Bonus:  I have a little arrangement with the manufacturers to give free bottles to loyal readers of this blog when they make purchases. It’s the least I can do to help as I really want to see you win this battle.

To qualify for this bonus, go here to buy your Provillus now.

Best natural hair regrowth product: Pros

The major factors in favor of this efficacious anti-hair-loss/hair regrowth product are:

  • It offers clinically proven results.
  • It will help you to reclaim your youthful look.
  • It will increase the volume of your hair.
  • It will make your hair look healthier.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • Comparatively cheaper than its competitors.
  • It is 100% natural.


There are no known or reported cons as it is 100% made from herbs. Zero side effects. Only that results vary in individuals as our bodies react to things differently.

With Provillus, you can turn the hair loss back and grow back your hair into the beautiful adornment it used to be before alopecia set in. With its long list of natural ingredients, you have an effective antidote to hair loss with huge benefit and a minor weakness.

If you use this product to treat hair loss, rest assured that you can regain your self-confidence, walk with your head held high, and confidently socialize once you have your hair fully grown back as is made of natural components with proven ability to regrow women’s hair, reverse signs of thinning, and hair loss, as well as support the revitalization of hair follicles.

How big of a health priority is your hair to you? To kick-start the process of naturally re-growing your hair and reversing hair loss, get your Provillus now at www.provillus.com.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this helpful. I’m also thankful to Vital Health Recipes for allowing me to share my story here.

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