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Rozerem also known as ramelteon is a sedative used in the treatment of insomnia or sleepless ness. Rozerem helps your system regulate your sleep-wake cycle.’ The good thing about this drug is that unlike many other sleep medications out there, it is not habit-forming. Rozerem helps you sleep faster to enjoy a long night rest as sleeping makes you mentally alert and gets your body functioning optimally.

Rozerem makes you sleep. Rather than calling your witch doctor’s hotline and paying 199 to hear what ancient spirits keep the sleep spirits away, Rozerem here is just a simple sedative that does the work of regulating your sleep-wake cycle. Put simply. It is a brand of ramelteon and ramelteon If your boss has kept you up working the late hours of the last few months and now you find it difficult going to sleep, as usual, Rozerem is like a default reset button to normalize your sleeping habits. It is smooth right?

Now, even in the case where insomnia that has to do with the difficulty in going to sleep, Rozerem is used to treat it.

What’s better? You don’t even have to be scared of being an addict. You know how the goodies like to keep us dependent all the time. Well, Rozerem is kind of a nice guy of drugs. Not like medications of similar use, Rozerem does not induce the forming of a habit.

Important Notes

Let’s now learn a couple of important facts concerning Rozerem and how they can best be taken, without the emergence of mishaps.

First and foremost, ensure you consult your doctor. You must seek the professional instructions of your doctor before using this or any other similar medication. You don’t want to go about looking like you have a rare disease whereas it’s ‘just’ a side effect.

While you’re at it with your doctor, there are certain conditions you should alert him to, such as; sleep apnea, liver disease, a breathing disorder such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mental illness, a history of depression, or suicidal thoughts.

In the case where you have been diagnosed with having a problem with your liver, or if you are already taking fluvoxamine (Luvox) which is an antidepressant, you should NOT take Rozerem or Ramelteon generally.

Our bodies have a funny way of working, but we don’t decide how it does. High-fat meals in the body make it difficult for it to absorb the drug. So for whatever reasons high-fat decided to form a beef with Rozerem you don’t want to be caught up in the middle so do NOT take Rozerem with or after such a meal.

This one is sought of interesting. After the use of Rozerem, some have been reported to drink, eat, make calls and even drive. The main part is that they usually have no later memories of these events. Now if this ever happens to you, nobody needs to explain why you should immediately quit the medication. You can decide with your doctor on another treatment.

Some Caution

Without a doubt, most persons for some reason or the other take drugs indiscriminately. Without a prescription, and even worse without a complete knowledge of the effects, dosage, recommended methodology for taking the drugs. To be clear, though there are no actual inconsequential medications, if there were, then you would find Rozerem among the top named sedatives.

When is Rozerem Best Taken?

Doctors advise that this medicine should be taken when about to sleep or rest. In order to prevent anything funny, you have to be sure you have at least 8 hours to dedicate to sleep before taking this medication. Taking this medication during your normal waking period will only help create the imbalance to your sleep-wake cycle you are trying to solve.

Rozerem And Its effects on Pregnancy, Breastfeeding

In a case whereby you and your spouse were working towards getting a baby or if perhaps you are pregnant already, ensure your doctor or medical professional is notified before commencing a dosage of Rozerem. It is at present not confirmed if unborn children are affected by the medicine and what effect this may be if indeed there is one. No one wants to take the risk anyway. Studies are yet to validate any adverse impact of the said medicine on breastfeeding if ramelteon is passed through into the milk export of nursing mothers is not known. Nonetheless, the safest thing to do is to inform your Doctor still before having a go at the sleep inducing medication.

Menstruation, Libido, and Related subjects.

Rozerem has been known to contribute in some way to alteration in the menstrual periods of women. Also, the desire for sex in men can be affected by the sedative, numbing its drive and intensity mildly. Fertility and the chance of conception are subjects also potentially affected by this medicine, important you know.

As a passing note, there is the censure on the intake of Rozerem. Medical professionals have set the eligibility to take this drug to be for 18 years old individuals and older. Approval has not been given to persons below the age of 18. The ban is to help curb the abuse of the medicine and to ensure full organ developments in them.

Rozerem Dosage

This is precisely how a tablet of Rozerem comes. It is round, pale orange-yellow and film-coated. On either side of it is printed RAM-8 and TAK. Each Rozerem tablet has a strength of 8mg.

Maybe so much will be said about the dosage for Rozerem, perhaps not, but if it is prescribed for you to take, this is the dosage; 8mg per day, 30 minutes before bed, and absolutely not with any high-fat meal. It is the mathematical formula for a good night I guess.

How Rozerem Should Be Taken

Doctors are your first instructors when it comes to how to take your drug, so do exactly as instructed.

Follow the directions provided on your prescription label and avoid taking your medication more, less or longer than recommended for you.

Rozerem is meant to be swallowed whole so avoid breaking, chewing or crushing the tablet.

It is important to keep your drug in a room void of moisture and heat. Store the medicine in a cool, dry place, always ensuring the bottle is bottle tightly closed whenever it is not in use.

If you have used Rozerem for up to 7 to 10 days without any improvement in your symptoms then it is best you contact a doctor. It is absolutely not advisable to continue medication after this period.

If you are an adult insomniac with your insomnia characterized by a difficulty to sleep, your dosage is 8mg per day and nothing more. It should be taken 30 minutes before going to bed and should not be taken with a high-fat meal. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to follow instructions as laid down by your doctor.

Just So You Know

There doesn’t appear any need for a dosing schedule for anyone since it is simply “take 30 minutes before bedtime”. But if you feel you missed a dose, please do NOT take an extra one to make up. Now that will be overdosing.

But if you do overdose, then you should seek emergency medical attention. Rozerem has a helpline which you can call at 1-800-222-1222.

Now, this is important. You should completely suspend your alcohol for whenever you are taking this medication. This reduces the possibility of the drug counteracting with your body system

Rozerem is capable of impairing your thinking and reaction. The truth is you don’t want to start acting bunkers on your sleep medication. That will be dark and in some instances, quite dangerous, especially if you drive or do anything that requires your full attention. Also, Rozerem which has no habit-forming tendencies may become addictive if taken with alcohol. We know how we like our booze.

Special Cases

If you are a patient with a severe hepatic impairment, then for the sake of your own health and well-being do NOT use Rozerem.

In a case where the hepatic impairment is moderate, then the use of Rozerem should be cautious. It is advised that your use of Rozerem should be carefully guided by a doctor.

If you are a patient with renal impairment, however, you are okay to take a normal dose of Rozerem. This one has no effects on you.

Rozerem Side Effects

Rozerem is made in a way that triggers you to sleep. This means that you should expect to experience such common effects as drowsiness, fatigue, and dizziness. So if you experience any of these, there is no need to run to the doctor. I mean, not immediately.

There, however, are the unwanted side effects of Rozerem. Since the drug is made with specific active ingredients, it is not unexpected that such effects may occur. You don’t get to have all these effects perhaps, but you should be sure to seek medical attention in case of an occurrence quickly.

If you have an extended case of dizziness, sleepiness or drowsiness, common as these side effects may be, it is only proper that you meet a healthcare professional.

The truth is that you have nothing to worry about. These effects are very common and only need some getting used to. You know how the body works. Within a while, you would have adjusted easily to it.

There are the more unattractive effects though. These are not that common, but when they occur, you should not be too scared or worried. It might just need some getting used to from your body. But in a case where they want to be stubborn, it is best to report them to your medical professional.

While on your Rozerem medication, these are the side effects that may occur, so it is only smart you pay attention to them. They include; body aches or pain, change in taste, chills, cough, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in moving, discouragement, ear congestion, fatigue, feeling sad or empty, fever, general feeling of discomfort or illness, irritability, joint pain, loss of appetite, loss of interest or pleasure, loss of taste, loss of voice, muscle aching or cramping, muscle pain or stiffness, nasal congestion, nausea, pain in joints, runny nose, shivering, sleeplessness, sneezing, sore throat, sweating, swollen joints, trouble concentrating, trouble sleeping, unable to sleep, unusual tiredness or weakness and vomiting.

When you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat, tongue or any other allergic reactions, please be sure to immediately contact your doctor.

Uncommon Side Effects

Some of the side effects listed before could prove to be quite bothersome. In certain cases, they could develop to unwanted levels. It is very important that no one makes a joke about these things because they could become dangerous.

In some cases of the use of ramelteon, hallucinations can occur. There is no fun in hallucinating and worse still, and you don’t want to go about doing things under such influence. If it gets to such a point, it is very important to quit the medication and immediately contact a medical practitioner.

Ramelteon is also capable of influencing behavioral changes. Nobody wants to go coo-coo, but incompatibility with the body could result in agitation and mania. Don’t get scared though if it happens. It is not madness. It is just a reaction advising you to quit the use of your ramelteon medication and quickly contact a medical professional.

There is also the possibility of engaging in certain behavioral patterns, normal as they seem but influenced under the medication. One could go sleep-driving: this one is like sleep-walking but behind the starring wheel and hopefully not in dangerous traffic, or one could go about making a meal, making a call, having sex but eventually having no memory of carrying out any such activity. Ramelteon has ingredients that make them hypnotics, you should know, but these are not common reactions anyway.

These extreme side effects from the use of ramelteon are recorded in such a low percentages and usually for predictable reasons. You can be assured that the chances of such an occurrence remain really minimal. What is important to note however is that, uncommon as these reactions may be, in the case of an incident it is not to be taken too lightly. All you have to do is quit medication and immediately contact your medical practitioner. You will be fine.

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