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Your pregnancy calendar is divided into three trimesters. Each trimester consists of three months. We have talked about what happens in the first month of pregnancy in one of our previous posts. In this article, you will learn what happens in the second month of pregnancy.

This post will discuss what happens to the baby, what happens inside you and what happens to you. In addition, you will learn some key points on how to scale through the maternal hurdles associated with pregnancies. Pregnancy is a time of expectation and great feeling.

Knowing what is happening to you and your baby during this month will help you enjoy and appreciate any changes that will come now and months ahead. Each woman’s body responds to pregnancy in a different way. However, you need not worry; this guide will enlighten you on every information regarding your second month of pregnancy. 

So, what exactly happens in the second month of your pregnancy?

Week 5 of pregnancy 

In this week, the baby starts developing major body parts. At the beginning of this week, the embryo is still oval in appearance. Three days into the fifth week of your pregnancy, the embryo becomes longer and shaped like a pear. Furthermore, the embryo lengthens more into the shape of a slipper. By the end of the week, the embryo becomes visible to the naked eye. However, at this point, it might look like a miniature seahorse, but the head will be distinguishable from the body. A good ultra scan will give you some visuals.

Also, during this week, the embryo creates three layers from which all tissues and organs will develop from.

  1. Ectoderm Layer: This layer is responsible for the development of your baby’s skin, nails, and vital nervous system.
  2. Mesoderm layer: This layer is solely responsible for skeleton structure of your baby (cartilages, bones, and muscles).
  3. Endoderm layer: This layer creates the cells that join your baby’s organ 

Week 6 of pregnancy 

At the start of week six into your pregnancy, the embryo has totally become straight and in slipper shape. In this week, the embryo folds into a curled up formation. As the embryo folds up, it creates a head and tail distinction. The brain and spinal cords begin to form rapidly in this week, thereby causing the body to fold up. By the end of week six into your pregnancy, the embryo will measure about 6mm (about the width of your little fingernail). Do not worry, it gets bigger J

The fold up that begins at the top of the embryo thickens up to form the brain and by the end of this week, the neural tube is formed. The neural tube passes through a number of developmental processes to produce the nerves and tissues of the central nervous system. By the end of this week, the front of the brain-the forebrain- is now very visible in the head. During this time, the embryo is very curved, and the tail is now longer.

As this week progress, the formation of the head and neck becomes visible. The lenses of the eyes begin to form at this time. Little buds start to form at this week. These buds are what will develop into stomach, liver, and lungs.

Quick Concern For This Month


“About 30% of pregnant women experience vaginal bleeding at this month.

As the cervix continues to expand it causes bleeding”. 

Week 7 of pregnancy

In the seventh week of your pregnancy, the development of organs is minor as compared to the previous week. The embryo continues to grow in a curved formation.

In this week, the brain begins to develop rapidly, hence making the head grow faster and bigger. When this happens, the eyes, ears, nose and face also develop along with it. In addition to that, the leg and arm begin to form in a paddle-like shape. The unbiblical cord becomes visible, and the embryo might twitch its arms and trunk in the womb. Don’t worry; you won’t feel it yet.

The embryo will grow two sets of kidney during early development. These are ‘fake’ kidneys. By the time you get to around week seven, the embryo will form a third ‘real’ kidney. 

Week 8 of pregnancy

In this week, the back of the brain (the hindbrain) begins to form rapidly. As it forms, it gets bigger than the rest of the body and more curved down.

Furthermore, there is a rapid development around the upper limb. The wrist and the elbow become visible. A little bud at the end of the limbs begins to form. This is what will later transform into fingers. A few days later the sides of the head begin to swell to form the ear. At this point, the eyes would have formed a retinal pigment. This substance is what gives the eyes ability to distinguish between colors within the retina.

Due to the increase in the embryo, the abdomen will enlarge, giving you the swell that shows your neighbor how pregnant you are. The best thing about week eight is that you get to know the gender of your baby as the sex organ begins to develop: ovaries if it is a female and testes for a male. 

What Happens to You in the Second Month of Pregnancy

The first trimester of our pregnancy comes with many emotional and psychological challenges. You might begin to have increased mood swing. It is okay to have mood swing. You need to talk to your partner about your mood swing so as not to enter into arguments with him. You might have depression during this month. Try to talk to your doctor or any health provider if you discover that it is getting out of hand. Regardless of the mood swings and other emotional situations, being pregnant is an awesome thing that should flush your heart with glee.


Major development in your baby has taken form, and since this has happened, your risk of miscarriage decreases after this month. Your tummy begins to swell and pleasantries start coming in from friends and family. Cheers dear, the world is about to find out you are pregnant.

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