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Welcome to the final stage of your pregnancy. You are officially in the third and last trimester, the seventh month of pregnancy.

In this article, you will learn about the growing changes in your baby, how it affects you and what you need to do to keep up. As an addition, we have outlined some vital foods that you need to integrate into your diet to boost up your fiber level and Vitamins.

Week 27 of your pregnancy(Seventh Month of Pregnancy) 

Your baby’s hearing ability is fully developed during this week. As your baby reacts to sounds, the pulse will continue to increase too. Interestingly, your baby can now move in rhythm to music. Don’t forget to share your favorite music, chat, and even books with your unborn baby. From this week, your baby will be able to recognize your voice.

In this week, your baby can blink, open and close its eyes.

Your baby’s lung is still developing. Your baby will now have a brain pattern as that of a newborn. By the middle of this week, your baby would have developed a pattern of sleeping and waking.

At this point, you will be adding about 1 pound weekly. You will also feel the baby moving, flexing and kicking in the womb. Though you may feel rib pain due to the constant movement of your baby, be rest assured that the constant movement shows that your baby is in good health.

In some cases, you might experience indigestion, heartburn, and muscle stretches. Make sure you explain to your doctor whenever you visit.

By the end of this week, your baby would have doubled in size. If you give birth during this week, the chance of your baby’s survival is now at 80 percent. 

Week 28 of pregnancy 

At the beginning of this week, your baby’s brain waves will show rapid movement and eye movement during sleep. That is to say; your baby will be able to dream and store memories. The eyelids are opening during this week and within the first six months of life, your baby will be able to change the color of its eyes. Remember to keep the conversation going with your baby because he or she can recognize your voice.

During this week, your belly would have grown to about 7 cm, and your total weight should be around 18 to 24 pounds.

If your baby is born this week, it has 90 percent chance of survival. However, there might be some complications. 

Week 29 of pregnancy 

In this week, to accommodate the child’s brain, the head will start growing bigger. The brain is currently developing billions of neurons. The eyes in the socket can move, and your baby might be able to follow changes in light movement.

In this week, your baby will be able to taste as the taste bud is fully developed. Various scientific findings indicate that at this stage, your baby will be able to show a preference for certain tastes.

The baby is still head up and will change to a birthing position in the next few weeks. You will continue to feel the baby somersaulting like an Olympic athlete in the womb. As the weeks progress, the living condition in the womb will become cramped for the baby. The baby’s movement will increase due to that. The baby will keep doing a lot of kicking and stretching, and some of the baby’s movement may even take your breath away.

Your baby hears things better from the vibrations around, and can distinguish between real sounds and voices. Remember to always ‘teach’ your baby in the womb by divulging them to music, literature, or simply talking to them. At this stage, your baby’s eyes are almost blue and can distinguish bright sunlight or artificial light through the uterine. 

At the end of this week, your baby will measure about 28 cm (from crown to rump) and a total length of about 15 inches.

Week 30 of pregnancy 

Starting from this week, your baby begins to store iron, calcium, and phosphorus. For several months, the umbilical cord serves as a source of nourishment. Vital sustenance is transferred from your blood through the placenta to the baby. From this week, the baby’s bone marrow will become responsible for red blood cell production. These red blood cells will serve as a medium of transporting oxygen and waste from and to your baby.

By the end of this week, the baby will weigh about 3 pounds. Your baby will continue to grow fats and be able to control his or her temperature.

The hair on its head is getting thicker. The head and body are now like that of a newborn

7th Month of Pregnancy Diet: What Foods You should Eat in this Month 

As you begin your journey into your third trimester, you will need vitamin C, fibre, Vitamin B and K as they are really important. You need these vitamins for the health of you and your baby. At this stage, you need over 200 calories a day.

Some of the recommended foods are:

  1. Fruit: You need to take foods rich in Vitamin C. A quick Melon, Kiwi and Strawberry will do the magic. Vitamin C helps you to absorb iron from foods. This will keep your immune system in place
  2. Bean Chili: Use canned borlotti, cannellini or black-dotted beans to make a spicy chilli that’s full of thiamine, iron, and fibre. Make sure to add tomatoes for vitamin C.
  3. Seeds and Nuts: If seeds are not your thing, you can add mashed seed butter to your bread
  4. Avocado Salad: Avocados contain vitamin C needed for your baby’s development. It also contains vitamin E and fibre.

Now you’re in your third trimester, and you might be feeling a bit over the board pregnancy thing now because it’s taking a toll on your well-being. Tough it out–you can do it!

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