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The feeling of becoming a mother is so exciting, especially when you are ready. Being a mother is a phase every woman should cherish for the rest of their lives. After realizing that in few months you will be a mother, in all the excitement, sometimes you experience other feelings. There are mixed emotions, fear, happiness, anxiety and even panic. The moment she has the baby in her arms, she is just too happy and starts crying, tears of joy. 

In this post, I talk about 12 early signs and symptoms of pregnancy every woman should know:

After conception, certain changes occur in the woman’s body. There are hormonal and physical changes. These physical changes can be called tell-tale signs. It is very important for a woman to know her body so she can know when there are changes. These signs are not the same in every woman; it is not even the same in every pregnancy. The most common sign is missing periods but there are lots of signs you should pay attention to that can indicate pregnancy. 

These are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy you should look out for: 

1.   Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is a very common symptom. It is commonly known as missing period. If you miss your period or it is irregular or less than the normal days, you need to visit the doctor to find out about your pregnancy status or do a quick home test with a pregnancy test strip or pregnancy kit. Amenorrhea can also be a result of stress and aging. 

2.   Swollen Breast 

This occurs when the body comes in terms with the pregnancy. Hormonal changes take place in the body during pregnancy, this is responsible for tender and swollen breast. The breast size increases as it gets close to the due date.

Some women start milking during the third trimester, a while before the child is born. The first milk produced by the mother is called colostrums. It is thick and yellowish and it contains anti-bodies that protect newborns from infection. 

3.   Nausea 

This occurs in the first trimester. It is an unpleasant sensation in the stomach that is usually accompanied by the urge to vomit. It occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall, then changes in your body starts taking place.

It is not difficult but it is discomforting. The height of feeling ranges from woman to woman. It is the combination of both nausea and vomiting that constitutes morning sickness. It is not necessarily in the morning. It can occur at any of the time and sometimes all through the day. Some women do not experience this. 

4.   Fatigue

It is due to the increase in body metabolism. A new life which is called the fetus is growing within. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, you feel tired all through the day. If you feel this way, you should go for a pregnancy test. 

5.   Backache 

The sudden changes in your hormones cause many alterations in your body. When the fetus starts growing in your body, it causes backache due to the pressure of the baby’s head. It occurs in the first few weeks of conception.

6.   Headache 

Soon-to-be moms may experience headache along with other pregnancy symptoms. It is important to note that you are experiencing this symptom with some other signs of pregnancy. If you experience this daily, you need to check with your physician to know if everything is fine. Headache is not an essential pregnancy symptom. Such ailment might be a part of some other health issues. 

7.   Frequent Urination 

The increase in the severity and frequency of your urination is a sign that you may be pregnant. This is not the same in all women. The unborn baby pushes down on the bladder, urethra and pelvic floor muscles and this pressure leads to the frequent need to urinate or leakage of urine. Frequent urination can be a sign for pregnancy. 

8.   Skin Irritation 

Linea nigra is a dark line, running to the pubic hair line right from the belly button. Melasma are patches of darker skin usually around the cheeks, forehead and nose during pregnancy. As the belly expand to fit in increasing size of the fetus, there will be itching around the belly. As the woman grows bigger around the butt, tummy, thighs, breasts and arms, there can be development of stretch marks. 

9.   Craving certain Foods 

This still comes down to body metabolism. Before pregnancy, when you eat, it caters for just the individual’s body but after pregnancy, the nutrients are shared between the mother and the fetus creating need to consume more. Some women develop strong need for certain foods. This is caused by some hormones. This also occurs during menstruation. It can be a sign of physiological and biological needs. Some can be psychological. It varies in women. It can be stronger and more pronounced in some women. 

10.   Darkening of Areolas 

During pregnancy, the area around the nipples grows darker due to hormones. This area is called the areola. It remains that way through the pregnancy period. 

11.   Secretion of Oil

Body type differs. When there is an increase in body metabolism, some people undergo certain changes in their skin, leading to an increased sebum production. During this phase, the skin starts to secret oil which results in pimples breakout, some people have acne. It can be a sign of pregnancy but it is not certain until it combines with other symptoms. 

12.   Behavioral Change 

Due to hormonal changes, stress, headache, backache, fatigue, some women undergo psychological changes where they experience irritation quite frequently, get annoyed easily and the likes.

If you are experiencing the above mentioned symptoms but still not certain you are pregnant. You must visit the hospital immediately to conduct a test to find out if you are pregnant. You can also go to the nearest pharmacy store and buy a pregnancy test strip or kits and do the test yourself. It is not a difficult process.

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