The Super-Quick Weight Loss Program You Need to Lose Weight

The Super-Quick Weight Loss Program You Need to Lose Weight
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There is something better than starving yourself all day while you engage in rigorous exercises. With the quick weight loss program outlined in this guide, you will be able to eat every three hours if you wish and still have to watch your favorite sitcom on Sundays. I know you desire to look and feel better, improve your body metabolism, have more energy thereby increasing your self-esteem. I know you want all these to be permanent too.


This quick weight loss program combines honed tips from countless of positive results from people who have relied on it to lose weight. The program offers a holistic view to weight loss programs. It guarantees a comprehensive weight management routine for long-term success.


This is a list of healthy quick weight program that is poised to give you that awesome look you ever desire without stressing the hell out of you.


This quick weight loss program focuses on using the same things you are familiar with and adding a unique touch to it for optimum results. The primary components of this weight loss program are exercise and dieting. Most weight loss program have strenuous programs that increase your risk of chronic illness, but this is a look at something different.



From Monday through to Saturdays, engage in some aerobics such as slight jogging, walking up and down the stairs, bicycling or walking down the street for 30 minutes. Do this morning and evening when you are at your maximum capacity.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Do a quick mash-up of the following:

  • 18 push- ups. Legs closed, arms straightened and flat back. Just like the military.
  • 20 curls biceps with a few pounds in weight. Stand upright with your elbow clinched to your sides, bend your arms to lift the weight up your shoulder then lower. Repeat this step 20 times
  • Another 20 triceps with a couple of weights. Bend forward ( 90 degree ), lift and place the weight by your hips, extend your arm forth and back to your hips.
  • Quick Front and Side shoulder raise with up to 5 pounds weight. Keep your arms upright and lift the weight in front of you to shoulder height, then lower. Repeat this step 20 times for maximum impact.
  • Rear deltoid lift with few pound weight. With your feet clinched together, bend 90 degree while lifting the weight to your shoulder height then lower it. Repeat this step 20 times for maximum result.


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Do a quick mash-up of the following:
  • Do 20 squat ups. Stand straight with your shoulder apart, draw your waist forward and bend your knee until your thighs are aligned to the floor. Straighten up and repeat this step over again
  • Do a quick sit up on your legs separately while standing in front of a staircase or a bench. You can step onto a bench with a foot while lifting the other leg to your belly. Allow your knee cap to touch your belly button. Then step down and repeat.
  • Keep your upper body straighten squat down and rise up on your toes then squat down again. Repeat this process 15 times.
  • To do the bicycle position, lie on your back with your legs bent and fingers properly placed behind your thigh lift your supper body from your waist up and pedal. Do this by bringing your right and left leg up to your chest and down continuously.
  • 20 lifting crunches. Lift your upper body up an inch and lower. Repeat this


The meal Program


After your morning exercise on an empty stomach, eat your meal just an hour later. Then you can have your meal every three hours after then. Each meal should compose of protein, starchy carbohydrate and fiber (each the size of your fist) then bring it down with 8 glass of water. Don’t forget your multi-vitamins.


Food choices

  • Protein: Turkey is a good choice for protein. Chicken, fish, egg beans, low fat yogurt and torfu.
  • Starchy carbohydrates: Fiber cereal, peas, yams, oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes.
  • Fibre carbohydrates: Oranges, Broccoli, Tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers, peaches and zucchini


On Sunday

You can rest today, go to the movies or sit and watch your favorite sitcom.



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