Updated: 6 August, 2019

We will be looking at the top and effective weight loss tips you can use to lose weight within a week in this post.

Tired of weight loss programs that don’t work? I understand you really cannot wait to have that sexy and gorgeous body of yours back.

You have tried a couple things but you aren’t getting your desired results. You could have a thing or two things to pick from the tips shared in this post.

7 Top Tips to Reduce Weight in 7 Days:

1.   Have a quickie:   

Funny but true. Not that you need an excuse to hook up with your partner every 2am but the fact is, sex keeps you rocking and the more you are active on it, the more calories you’d burn. (up to 150 calories in less than an hour). Apart from the feel good neurotransmitters and endorphins pumped round your body during sex, it helps you rid out incessant food cravings and gives your muscle an extra push.

2.   Sleep 30 minutes more every night. 

 The extra hour can help refresh you and make you make better food choices for breakfast rather than a quick sugar fix breakfast. According to Esther Blum (author of Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous), more restful sleep boosts your metabolism and as you get more sleep (7 – 8 hours daily) you won’t feel lethargic or skip the gym.

3.   Don’t skip breakfast   When you skip breakfast, you increase your craving for quick snacks and chips. 

Have your breakfast before you hit out daily. This will minimize your chance of reaching for snacks and bread. A sandwich with natural pea butter and apple butter can do the trick in the morning. With this single tip for reducing weight, you can shed over 65 pounds.

4.   Quit the odd habits   ‘I quit smoking, and right way joined a gym and started working out with a personal trainer. 

There was no way I could exercise and feel healthy if I kept lighting up. I’ve already dropped 37 pounds.’ Says Leila Fathi, Memphis, TN. If you are serious about losing weight within a week, you need to quit smoking and minimize your alcohol consumption by 70%.

5.   Do more cardio -exercise Any exercise that gets your heart rate running up will help you burn calories and the more calories you burn the more weight you lose. 

Consider spinning, cardio kick boxing or boot camp work outs. This tip can help you reduce significant weight in a week. Doing these touch downs can help burn over 250 calories while giving you a sleeker look. According to Wendy Larkin, personal trainee at crunch’s gym in San Francisco, ‘having an interval of cardio session with slower activity can increase your body chance in fighting extra fat and help you reduce weight in 7 days.

6.   Cut down on the sugars to reduce weight in 7 days. 

Cut the carbs and lower your insulin and you will start to slide low on the calorie index. Sugars and Starches (carbohydrates) are foods that stimulate the secretion of insulin. When you cut down on starch and sugar contents, your kidney sheds more sodium and water which reduces bloat and unnecessary weight in the body. Removing sugars and starches from your meals will reduce your insulin level and make you lose a reasonable amount of pounds without starving yourself.

In place of carbs, go for protein and vegetables. Plenty of protein will help boost metabolism by 100 calories per day. High protein foods can help you tone down at the thought of food by 60%, and help reduce late night snacking. By reducing carbs and lowering your insulin levels, you change the hormonal routine in your body and trick your brain and body to ‘want’ to lose weight.

7.   Drink coffee an hour before working out Just a cup of coffee can make your exercise more productive. 

A pre – exercise cup of coffee with some milk will energize your workout. ‘you will burn more calories without realizing you’re pushing yourself harder’ explains Dr. Klauer of the University of Chicago. This tip is a one tip exception to the ‘drink mainly water rule’. Coffee is a healthy beverage that is quit loaded with antioxidants and other compounds.

On a final note, another effective way to lose weight without much work is using natural diet pills that help you lose weight without exercises. These slimming pills are meant to help you suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and help you burn fat faster.

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