Video: 7 Weight Loss Tips That Are Truly Science-Based

weight-loss tips


Dietitian Joe Leech in this video talks about 7 weight loss tips that are actually backed by science you should consider if you are trying to lose weight and get real results.

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They are:

  1. Avoid foods that are high in sugars and starches as they contain too much calories and will slow down your metabolism.


  1. Drink water before and after each meal. Drinking sufficient water keeps you hydrated and full, meaning you consume fewer calories.



  1. Keep healthy foods around in case you are hungry so you can eat them instead of consuming unhealthy ones.


  1. Use smaller plates as this has been shown to help people consume fewer calories.



  1. Lift weights or engage in body exercises to speed up your metabolism and helps you look fit.


  1. Get Good sleep. Getting regular night sleep has been proven to facilitate weight loss.


  1. Eat Healthy foods that nourish your whole body.


These are the 7 science-based and proven ways to actually lose weight.

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