Updated: 3 August, 2019

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Imagine having to deal with insomnia despite all the stress you have gone through the day during your pregnancy. Just when you feel the need to catch a good sleep before the baby wakes up; you are faced with the stark reality of insomnia. How can you overcome this frustrating experience? Consider these useful tips:

8 Ways to Cope with Insomnia during Pregnancy 

1.  Don’t drink too much caffeine

If you are preparing to go to bed, resist the temptation to consume caffeine. Since caffeine is present in most beverages like tea, chocolate, and coffee, stay away from them a few hours before bedtime. Caffeine will keep you awake. 

2.   Reduce your water intake before bed

Sometimes, frequent urination at night may be responsible for your insomnia. To overcome that problem, limit your water intake to a few hours before going to bed. Stop drinking at least an hour before bedtime. 

3.   Drink plenty of water

While drinking water before bedtime can cause insomnia, drinking plenty of water during the day will prevent this sleeping problem. If you consume a large quantity of water, your body will be fully hydrated which may prevent leg cramps, another cause of insomnia. 

4.   Exercise is useful

Aside helping you to stay fit by shedding excess weight, about 30 minutes of exercise everyday can also be instrumental to getting good sleep at night. Exercise releases endorphins to improve your mood, while the sun, a good source of vitamin D will have the same effect on you. The combination of exercise and exposure to sun will reduce your vulnerability to anxiety and depression. When these two are out of the way, your pregnancy insomnia will become history. 

5.   Warm bath can help

Due to the rigor of the day, your body may desire a refreshing night rest. In order to wind down, go for a warm bath. This will make you feel refreshed and relaxed. In addition, having warm bath will remove the cause of your insomnia such as aches and pains. 

6.   Engage yourself in other activities

If insomnia pays you a visit, leave your bedroom and go to another room in the house where you can engage yourself in something else. You can read a book or find a way to keep yourself busy until you feel sleepy again. You can then return to your bedroom and try to sleep again. This is a proven antidote against insomnia. 

7.   Turn off all electronic devices in your home

If there is something that screens and electronic devices are good at, it is promoting sleeplessness. To enjoy good sleep, turn off your electronic devices about an hour before going to bed. To prevent unnecessary interruption, you can set your mobile devices into silent mode if you don’t want to turn them off completely. This will put you in good frame of mind that is conducive to restful sleep. 

8.   Get regular massage

Sometimes, your insomnia may be a product of anxiety or stress. Perhaps you can’t identify the culprit that deprives you of the much-needed sleep. If that’s your experience, a good massage is what you need. If you get a regular massage, it will help you relax your muscles and diffuse any tension that may cause your sleeplessness.


While insomnia will always like to rear its ugly head, you can overcome the problem by implementing these tested and proven techniques. Thus, you will get the restful sleep that will benefit you and your baby. Also important to note that this could also come with abdominal pain.

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