Updated: 5 August, 2019

Experiencing back pain during pregnancy is a common problem among pregnant women throughout the world. This is attested to by a report by American Pregnancy Association which says that between 50 and 70% pregnant women experience back pain at different stages of pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, how can you enjoy your pregnancy without having to contend with this pain? This post talks about effective ways to treat back pain during pregnancy.

5 Effective Ways to Treat Back Pain During Pregnancy: 

1. Consider prenatal massage

If the back ache is caused by muscle clenching, you can contact a certified therapist to ease the pain. The best prenatal message method is Swedish massage. It is a pain reliever with soothing effect.  As a precautionary measure, consult your doctor to confirm whether such massage is good for you. Don’t forget to verify whether the massage therapist is certified to avoid negative consequences.

2.  Physical therapy is a good way to treat back pain during pregnancy

Physical therapy is an effective way to put your back in the right shape and eliminate back pain. The therapy will manipulate your joints and muscles in addition to providing easy-to-do exercises for you. The therapy will teach you how to perform different movement activities like walking, bending, sitting, standing, and others without bearing on your back. If you combine the exercise with the manipulation of muscles and joints, you will carry out your daily activities successfully without putting any pressure on your back. That will completely help you get rid of the challenging back pain. 

3.   Take to swimming

This is another proven method to treat back pain during pregnancy. Swimming always tops the list of exercises that doctors recommend for pregnant women. When you swim, pressure is taken away from your spine as you become weightless in the water. As you paddle up and down the pool, your arms, muscles, back, and other parts will be decompressed and toned. This will make you feel relaxed both physically and emotionally. As the pregnancy develops, practice the breaststroke regularly. This will strengthen your back muscles and your chest, leading to relief from back pain. It is advisable you are hydrated while swimming, and any sign of dizziness is a signal that you should get out of the pool. 

4.   Wear a maternity belt

You can get this therapeutic belt from online stores and maternity stores which can help you treat back pain. It will serve as undergarment to give you the needed physical support by holding up your belly to prevent your lower back and pelvic girdle from too much pressure. It does this by substituting for your abdominal muscles, which may be under much stress from the load it bears. Doctors do recommend this belt for pregnant working women. It is noteworthy that the belt should not be used as the only preventive measure against back pain; rather, it should play a complementary role to other methods. 

5.   Wear the proper shoes

All the methods suggested above will amount to nothing if you don’t complement your maternity style with the right shoes. Wearing high-heeled shoes during pregnancy will aggravate your back pain instead of relieving you of pain. According to Dr. Rosser, an ob-gyn, wearing such shoes creates more pressure on your back by increasing your back curvature. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay off from high-heeled shoes during your pregnancy.


The dream of every pregnant woman is to enjoy the period of pregnancy as much as they can. You can achieve this by following through the effective Vital Health Tips discussed in this post. By doing that, you will put back pain at bay and enjoy a painless pregnancy.

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